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22 February 2008 Christina Ricci vs Scarlett Johansson

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Posted by simguy on 2/22/2008, 6:37 am,


Before: "I'll dig it out of her," a confident Ricci beams in prefight. "Scarlett's soft - she's not built to go rounds with a Christina Ricci. I'm so pumped to be with new management and I'm thrilled to be in action right away. You look at the curvy/shorties in the 110 pound class - me, Hayden, Mish, Lacey, Jessica - and there's no reason why I can't hammer out a title this year. Scary Jo's gonna be my coming out party!" Johansson pert in response. "Management doesn't make a fight," Scarlett breezes, "it's the other way around. I'll give Ricci what she really needs, and hasn't had in a good long while: a beating. A Scarlett Johansson beating - something she can go home and sulk about for a while." Ricci in her Black Snake Moan togs - purple bra/white cotton panties; dirty blonde hair; small black gloves. Scarlett in regal blonde curls; crushed velvet midnight blue bra and panties with silver/grey lace trim; small white gloves. NOTE: Contracted weight for this fight is 113 - Johansson giving up a couple to make it, Ricci gaining a couple.

During R1: Johansson southpaw (right foot forward); Christina orthodox (left foot forward). Scarlett keeping her right foot outside of Chrissy's early - leaning in close, shooting the left hand down and in, chipping it against left side of Ricci's face. Scarlett able to double this lead left hand: Ricci jarred by the blows, hands are a little low. Chris responding with angry hooks to body - ticketing Scarlett's mouthwatering melons: Johansson jug-buffeted once or twice, but able to turn her right shoulder in to block Ricci's left. Down the stretch, Johansson smoothing to her right, chipping away the close-in lead lefts to chin - easing weight to left (back) foot to hack across the short right hook - taking Ricci high on her temple and hairline. Good first round for Scarlett - Ricci getting accustomed to sneaky southpaw looks and angles.

R2: Scarlett right foot outside Ricci's left - Johansson able to lean in close, chop that straight left to left side of Ricci's jaw, then pivot counterclockwise at Christina soaks. Ricci scowling - she's not seeing this punch, getting rung up the Johansson lead left, then nipped the right hook as Scarlett's pivoting to her right. Minute mark - Johansson fighting close-in off Ricci's left shoulder, turns the right hook into a clipping little right uppercut off the right foot - tasty punch short n' shrugging - Johansson doubles it just for kicks. Ricci fuming, a little rocked: Scarlett keeps weight on front (right) foot - twists torso-right to drop her left hand heavily to jug. Scarlett leaning in over Ricci's left shoulder - cheek to cheek with Chris: little shrugging, scrubbing action scores more left hands to jug, followed by a pesky little right uppercut, picking up Ricci's bra. Chris angered - swinging back wide: Johansson safe in the pocket, punches-with and hacks more silky left hands to chin, finally unhinging Ricci's knees. Chris stamping around wobbly-butt - Johansson hopping-with, maintaining angle of attack outside Chrissy's left shoulder: starting to become a crisis as Johansson's landing an intolerable percentage of her attempts. Round ends with Ricci beaten to ropes, looking disheveled, groggy: Scarlett treats herself to a ransacking ot Ricci's plump hooters - all short, shrugging right uppercuts and curling left hands across offending bra.

R3: Ricci stubborn - scuffed up and worked over, but undaunted: she comes out eyes blazing - bobbing her head for the first time and offering sincere battle midring. Johansson having to be quick about her business - leaning in to get that chipping lead left - leaning out to rip her right hook across - pivoting uptempo to her right. Ricci forcing Johansson to be crisp: Chrissy snarling, punching with venom to the body and head - wide swings there to be countered, but landing with thump and clap against Johansson's flanks and shoulders. Johansson maintaining her angle, but frequently disrupted - Ricci able to create momentary squared-up brawling scenarios in which both women pump away hup-hup to opposing racks. Crowd-pleasing stuff - Ricci combative - taking punches and urging Scarlett to throw more: Chrissy's coming forward at the bell.

R4: Ricci breaks through, has her way at long last. Johansson tackled to ropes and roughly pushed square: Ricci finally able to fight off taller blonde's chest, scrounging for points in that tummy, those ribs and jugs, and ringing triumphantly against skull at times. Johansson grumpy - getting bumped and slugged by a furious, stamping little hellion: Scarlett just defending the pocket, being as cute as possible by presenting either shoulder to Chrissy and rolling with Ricci's clobberings. job of work for Ricci to push Scarlett flat to ropes so the torso may be properly walloped: Johansson always seeking to close-up stance, shove a shoulder into Ricci's chest and crowd her. Good sensuous stuff - Johansson rarely clinching outright - preferring to slip and bump with her shoulders while moving her head. Ricci pouring on with vigour has her best round of the fight.

R5: Chrissy's made one mistake all night: allowing Scarlett to place her lead foot outside of Christina's. That's allowing Jo to lean in chip that lead left hand off jaw, and THAT'S setting up hooks and pivots that have Ricci compromised. Chris giving up hard, ringing touches to her head - all to often answer back a wide left hook which Scarlett can take on her right shoulder, then answer with another clean left chopped to chin. All starts to add up - Ricci stumbling, staring, longing to squirm inside and work, but getting turned/worked over midring instead. Half way through, Ricci's legs rebel, spilling her woozy to ropes: Johansson hops in jugs-a-jumpin', leaning in close to tuck her left hand flat to Christina's tummy. Ricci pitching forward groaning: Scarlett heartless as she shifts weight to left foot, pulling a pair of right hands across Ricci's exposed lower back. Scarlett shifts weight to her left, pushes up on Ricci's shoulders to straighten, then rakes a pair of snug right hooks across those jugs. Christina bleating in pain - she's being stacked and racked and doesn't want any it. Scarlett dialed in: Left uppercut picks up jug, bunching the meat; pair of right hooks tidies up, punishing rack with meaty CHUP-CHUP! Left uppercuts/right uppercuts continue as Ricci relaxes into ropes, head lolling, hands dropping and THE REF STEPS IN! TKO5 Scarlett Johansson.

After:Ricci stunned, weepy, but well-touched tonight: combination of Johansson's southpaw smooth and bantam fists proving a little too much for feisty Christina. :"She'll give the likes of Mish and Lacey hell," says a smug Scarlett in postfight. "But nobody would ever confuse those girls with Scarlett Johansson. I just worked my punches, used my angles, fought my fight, and really - she just never had a chance tonight. Plus, I thought I looked a lot better than she did. That's gotta be tough when you're getting your ass kicked by a girl who's not only the better fighter, but she's hotter than you too. Ouch - long night for Christina!"

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