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20 November 2011 Amanda Righetti vs Rebecca Romijn

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Posted by simguy on 11/20/2011, 6:24 pm



VENUE: Upscale sports-bar; Flat Screens along the red-painted walls; black rafters and borders; comfy chairs and low lounge tables; Western quarter of the room holds 2 pool tables a few feet apart.

Righetti in white bikini per Bonzo's photo-ref; red hair in sweaty/clingy ringlets after lengthy exertion; Romjin in yellow bikini, hair in a shoulder length tousle (damp, matted with sweat). Becky's come in big: enough tummy, rump and shoulder to do the job.

Bar's been rented out for the evening: couple dozen friends and associates of both women cheering 'em on. Big Brooke Shields commentates snarkily throughout with a hand-held mic - her voice easily overheard by both fighters.

Righetti: laying on her back atop the left-hand pool table (her feet towards us, head towards the far wall)...she's in stupor, eyes closed, head lolling side to side as she tries to rally. Her left hip is snug with the rail: Rebecca stands on the floor just a smidge further to Amanda's left, admiring the job done so far.

Brooke: "Righetti hurting...trying to shake off the punishment...and Becky's going for the pin!"

Romijn: pulling Amanda's left leg up, roping both arms around it...that's all she's doing - standing with the secured leg to get the count on a used-up Amanda!

Brooke: "ONE!"

Becky: "YEP!" Tossing her head; feeling her oats.

Brooke: "TWO!"

Amanda moans, flinches her left shoulder up off the felt - her left arm reaching across her body to grab at air.

Becky snarls, throws the leg down, forms double axe-handle with her fists, lifts her arms in the air and PLOWS Amanda in the belly with the double-axe handle smash.

Brooke: "OH!"

Amanda: groaning, face pinched...she hugs her body, rolls onto her right side, showing a strong, glistening back to her foe.

Becky: enraged, keeping her fists together: she raises her arms and smashes down PAK! atop Amanda's brawny left hip; raises the arms - smashes Amanda PAK! on her left side ribs. Righetti just lying their fetal, big body sponging up the pounding like a side of beef.

Brooke: "Got one more in ya?"

Becky lifts her arms, drops the axe-handle smash into Amanda's lats PAK!

Romijn goes for a walk, bellowing: "Yeah!" Pounds the right hand atop her heart, face glaring with bully's rage.

Amanda slowly rolling to her back, eyelashes fluttering, arms still hugging her meaty body. As Becky's slow-strutting around the table, Rigs sits up, her legs dangling over the rail (the right-hand rail as we're looking at her).

Becky moves in from Amanda's left: left hand cups Righetti's right ear; short right to the chin rocks Amanda's head back, tilts her torso to her right as she puts her right hand on the table top for support. Becky's right fist has followed through to her chest, face all mean and stupid with brutality.

"Come on, baby..." Becky breathes, reaching the left to pull Amanda's head forward by the neck: short right forearm into the breasts has Righetti open-mouthed in shock. "BOOM!" Becky shouts, right fist at her chest again. "Rocked yer jubblies, Rigs!" Amanda sitting there, swooning, just blinking her eyes while her left hand rubs at her jugs.

Becky, clowning: she stoops, putting hands on the rail either side of Amanda's thick thighs, putting her right ear to Amanda's tits while looking over at us: "What's that, jubblies? You want to quit? Tell Amanda you guys're quitting? Tell her you just can't take any more Big Becky? Well okay, but I don't think she's processing too well right now!" Chuckles from the audience: snorts from Brooke on the mic.

"Jubblies" somebody sniggers Beavis and Butthead style.

Amanda's legs curl lightly around Becky's hips, pulling her into the rail.

Becky jams the right forearm into Righetti's jubblies, then the left, then the right, working in close until Amanda's brawny arms wrap around Becky's shoulders.

Blonde chin over redhead right shoulder as Romijn hugs around Amanda's ribs, tightening up. Righetti shimmies her legs to cinch up...she's around the hips: Becky's a little too tall to get a scissor sunk in deep, but Amanda's holding her in at least.

Clinch fight.

Girls panting and whimpering with effort and punishment.

Shoulders writhing as girls reach in under each other's arms for hugs, or wrap around heads for control. Both will wrap the left arm around offending head and punch a short right hand to cheek: not enough room for real damage, just chipping away on the other girl, keeping her frazzled.

Becky frowning after she's not free in a few minutes...Righetti's digging in, making a real issue of this. During Becky's hugs now, she's asking: "Give?"

Amanda can hear the hope in blonde voice, responding with a grunting "No" each time.

5 minutes in, Beck hugs Amanda up, tries to pull her off the rail: Righetti's hands slap down onto the rail to hold on, her scissor thrashing wildly - anything to deny the blonde.

Righetti starts to work in chin-control - left arm around Becky's shoulders while right palm pushes up under Beck's chin. At first, Becky writhes clear of this and goes on the counter-attack immediately, but after awhile...Amanda's holding chin-control longer and longer. When Becky's chin is pushed up and back, we hear her breath coming in laboured puffs.

Brooke's face: pissed. She starts ordering scotch from the tank-topped waitress.

Amanda slapping her ankles together as she grinds that scissor: even though it's not optimal, Becky's hands frequently push down on Amanda's thighs...blonde finally realizing this isn't a good spot.

Amanda keeps working: little shots on the cheap inside; hugging, tying up, constantly making Becky work and work. Girls fighting cheek to cheek - arms and backs straining.

10 minutes in the clinch - blonde's mouthbreathing, frowning, whining some. Becky pushing her hands down on Amanda's hips now, trying to get a little breathing room: Amanda roping her arms around Becky's shoulders, constantly crushing her closer.

12 minute mark, Becky gasps..."No..."

Amanda sinks in a hug to get Becky's hands off redhead hips: Becky's got to work hard again to writhe her arms down inside Amanda's grip and counter-hug that hated redhead ribcage.

Amanda quickly wraps up Becky's head in both arms, crushing her close: Becky groans, trying to wedge her left hand up into head-wrap, getting her arm in there to relieve the pressure...

Amanda's arms switch to arm-triangle with a sudden, beefy SLAP!

Crowd clapping, whistling. Brooke non-plussed, tongue pushing at her cheek, then: "Come on, Beck."

Righetti: left arm around behind Becky's head; left hand cupping brawny right bicep; back of Amanda's right hand pressing the back of Becky's head. Beck's left arm trapped in the hold, her left shoulder pushing on her throat: it's a tight spot. Becky's breath comes in whimpering pants, face purpling.

Amanda: left cheek pushing tight on Becky's trapped left arm, the girls' heads close together. Amanda barely raises her voice to ask: "Give?"

Nothing back from Becky: she's trying to power out of this. We hear her muffled "RRRRR!"

Amanda flexes/tightens: her shoulders and back work the hold; fingers of her left hand re-wrap on her full right bicep. She re-clamps the scissor: redhead legs now bullying blonde hips.

Becky's right hand reaches out to the side, then slaps into Amanda's left-side lats PAK! Pause...Becky's right hand reaches out to the side; PAK! into the lats - the fist landing flat-knuckle.

Amanda releases her scissor, shimmies herself forward: she's standing tummy to tummy, arm-triangle in place as she waddles Becky's butt into the rail of the right-side pool table.

Becky's right hand flat against Amanda's ribs. The we hear it: pik-pak...she's tapping: her right hand clammy against Amanda's sweat-tacky back.

Amanda: bright-but-weary smile, releasing the hold but staying right where she is, forcing eye contact as blonde lashes flutter. Satisfied, Righetti's left hand flicks damp hair behind her ear: she turns to her right, facing us, lifting hands in the air, grinning at Shields.

Brooke: ("whatever" face in place) "Winner by submission: Amanda Righetti." It's like she's announcing a plane flight; reading a phone book - hardly any expression other than contempt.

Becky: leaning butt-first into the rail, right hand massaging her throat, left hand on the table for support - she's just dazed, can't quite figure out where it all went wrong.

Amanda struts across the floor, right up to Brooke Shields. Shields stands straight: a mountain of brunette; hands at her sides.

Righetti: exhausted, sweaty, but still bright-eyed - locking gazes with Brooke as audience gathers 'round grinning.

Amanda: (still breathing hard) "I know you want some. The question is...are you gonna bark, little dog, or are you gonna bite?"

Brooke: slow to answer, then: "You wouldn't last two minutes. Not after Becky. Look at you."

Amanda: "Wow: thanks for lookin' out for me, Brooke. I'm here, in your face, and I'm telling you I don't like snark. Tummy up, or shut up, B. You follow?"

Brooke's eyes: "I'm going to destroy you." But she doesn't say a thing


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