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Mitzi Gaynor

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Mitzi Gaynor
Personal Information
Birth Name
Francesca Marlene de Czyani  von Gerber
Birth Date September 4, 1931
Birth Place Chicago, Illniois
Nationality United States
Height 5 Ft 6 In
Occupation Actress/Singer/Dancer
FCBA (Retro) Record
Total Fights 21
Wins 9
Wins by KO 8
Losses 12
Draws 0

FCBA (Retro) Career Highlights




Weight Division







Titles Held


Major Rivals


FCBA (Retro) Fight History


(Ca. Late 1940's) (02/20/00) Def Esther Williams (KO3)

(Ca. 1950) (07/27/01) Def Doris Day (KO3)

(Ca. Early 1950's) (07/24/01) Def Betty Hutton (KO3)

(Ca. Early 1950's) (12/16/01) Lost to Bettie Page (UD10)

(Ca. 1950's) (4/21/00)  Lost to Marilyn Monroe (UD10)

(Ca, 1950's) ) (09/04/00) Def Susan Hayward (KO5)

(Ca. 1950's) (7/24/01) (I) Lost to Kim Novak ((KO4)

(Ca. 1950's) (1027/01) (II) Lost to Kim Novak (KO4)

(Ca. 1950's (10/16/02) (III) Def Kim Novak (1 Pt Dec)

(1956) (07/27/01) Lost to Ava Gardner (UD10)

(1957-58) (02/28/00) Lost to Rita Moreno (KO8)

(Ca. 1960's) (03/06/00) Lost to Ann-Margret  (UD10)

(Ca. 1960's) )6/27/00) Def Angie Dickinson (KO5)

(Ca.1960's) )4/01/01) Def Gina Lollobrigida (KO6)

(Ca. 1960's)  (Story by Tom) (07/04/00) Lost to Jocelyn Lane (UD10)

(Ca. 1960's) )5/26/01) Def Eartha Kitt (KO6)

(Ca. 1963) (07/16/00) Lost to Janet Leigh (UD10)

(Ca. 1964) (06/16/00) (by Tom) Lost to Abby Dalton (KO4

(Ca. 1964 (02/24/04)) Def Yvonne Craig (KO3)

(Ca. Mid 1960's) (By Simgrrl) Lost to Tina Turner (KO5)

(1977) (06/28/01) Lost to Raquel Welch (KO10)










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