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07 September 2000 Cyd Charisse vs Julie Newmar

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Posted by Simguy on Thursday, 07-Sep-00 08:53”29

Before: At nearly 6 perfectly proportioned feet, and possibly the best dancer to take up gloves since Charisse herself--Julie Newmar possessed physical tools never seen before, or perhaps even since in the FCBA. A master at using her height, and a self-confessed admirer of Cyd style--Newmar had toyed with her opposition leading up to this 1959 bout, but had rarely coaxed a name of Charisse’s reputation into the ring. The fight would be heavily scouted, with such luminaries as Marilyn Monroe, Ann-Margret and other potential opponents taking a keen interest in the young giantess. Julie in pink and white polka dot bikini of a heavy felt materials, Cyd in a one-piece spaghetti strap dance leotard.

During R1: Julie wasted no time in showing Cyd her wares. Long legs glided about the ring as Newmar circled effortlessly, forcing Cyd into a series of tactical retreats, Julie’s jab licked out across the space between fighters, easily finding Cyd’s forehead with a sharp smacking impact--Charisse’s counter right hands coming up well short as Julie kept her distance. It all came head in the final minute, Julie bringing her hook from the waist, lashing it upside the head to send Cyd stagger-stepping t her left--a drilling straight right hand spanked off Charisse’s forehead and Cyd wobbled meekly to her backside with a dazed expression. Beating the count, Charisse desperately covered up--Julie curled a heavy right hand to the pit of Cyd’s stomach, then whip-armed a lanky double left hook around Charisse’s guard, spilling Cyd to all fours at the bell. Julie turned on her heel, expressionless as she strutted back to her corner--while Charisse, wife-eyed and stunned was helped to her stool.

R2: Newmar walked to her foe with her hands low, stepped into another lancing straight right hand to the forehead, and once again Cyd’s legs betray7ed her, Stumbling, lolling out over her feet, Chairsse was helpless--Newmar stepping to her right, easily took aim and lashed a downward spiking right hand to the temple to drive Cyd to her knees for the 3 rd knockdown in as many minutes. Charisse stood, but was ashen-faced--her own magnificent legs shot and numb beneath her. For the following 2 minutes, a brave Cyd Charisse palmed up on Julie’s shoulders, brazenly slugging toe to toe in an attempt to crowd the long-armed seductress. Newmar matched ber blow for blow, tightening up her strokes, and looking well at home shoulder to shoulder with Cyd.

R3: Charisse continued to press up the middle, hoping to get underneath and smother the lanky brunette, but Newmar’s supple upper body and surprising ability to shorten her punches made the inside almost as dangerous for Cyd as the outside had been. Julie’s strength was apparent as she continually shoved and bullied Cyd into her heels, curling vicious uppercuts into the sternum of her foe, blocki9ng cyds sharp left hook andf counering a crisp left tight across the mouth that often left Charisse wobbly butt, and looking to clinch. After 3, Cyd looked badly beaten--already lumping up, and losing form after relentless punishment from the taller beauty.

R4: A glassy-eyed battered Cy Charisse wearily took center ring this round, lifting her mitts to her eyebrows while shuffling shakily to her left. Newmar with her hands at her stomach rumba’d effortlessly around her prey, touching her up with the jab, or mixing in the lead right to spank back Cyd’s sleepy face. Newmar fought as well backward as forward, and her combinations became more relaxed, more lethal, featuring a whip armed catspaw left hook she twirled from her hip, rising into Cyd’s jaw with a thudding crack every time it landed. At the bell, Charisse was starting to wander, fielding hard punches at distance from her comfortable foe and sent back to her corner half unconscious from the steady beating.

R5: Julie Newmar came out to opuyt an end to Cyd Charisse this round. Doubling up that scything left hand from down low, she swatted Cyd’s head to the side and drove her backwards. Newmar nimbly stepped forward, alternating lefts and rights to the face to drive in under Cyd’s left arm, catching the chin flush and sending an electric jolt down her raven haired foe, pounding a wide right hand to the jaw while holding the shoulder in her left, then propping Cyd up by her neck and shoulders for another heavy-handed stroke. After a minute of bludgeoning--the ref stepped in to rescue Cyd Charisse who had long since slipped into slumber. TKO5 Julie Newmar.

After: Savage day of reckoning for Cyd Charisse--and a near-death knell for Julie Newmar’s career as she would instantly become the most avoided fighter in boxing for the next several years. Strangely, there were no hard feelings after this bout--Cyd actually taking on a kind of informal mentorship of the ephemeral Newmar, recognizing a kind of passing of the torch between dancers as a result of this one-sided beating.

Reposted by Archer 11/30/11.

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