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22 February 2008 Kelly Clarkson vs Eliza Dushku

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Posted by simguy on 2/22/2008, 6:28 pm.

Before: "With Dani gone, i think the whole division is waiting for me to step in and fill her shoes," says plucky Kelly in prefight. "I can bring that kind of heat, that kind of excitement in a fight, and I think the fans are hungry for that. What better way to showcase my pressure than going up against Eliza? If I beat her, everyone's gonna be saying 'Dani who?'" Dushku amused at the optimistic piping from Kelly. "Let's hold off on the coronation until Kelly's actually done something," Eliza says. "She's short - like Dani - I'll give her that. Everything else remains to be seen." Dushku in red leather bikini, black gloves. Kelly in purple bikini with tie-side bottoms, black gloves.

During R1: Kelly driving Eliza to ropes, plows a thumping right hand to Dushku's ribs, prompting a hasty clinch-and-spin from gasping Sheriff. Eliza resetting behind her jab, sidestepping and playing matadora the rest of the way, slowly imposes order on the riot as Kelly can't set her feet again.

R2: Ugly bruise alarmingly visible on Eliza's ribs beneath left breast - Sheriff wincing - is she actually having some difficulty breathing? Kelly hurtling forward again - Dushku sidestepping her. Eliza pivoting left around limber hooks - finding Clarkson's jaw easily. Kelly lowering her head, charging in straight lines - occasionally able to stampede Dushku to ropes and bury that right hand in those ribs. Elisa grimacing - clinching whenever Kelly does got position: Dushku not anxious to stand and swap. Late the round - Eliza with that elegant hook/pivot-left routine clouts Kelly clean, then drops a clapping right up the middle to chin, punching Clarkson's mouthpiece off her teeth. Kelly rung up, stumbling on her heels: Dushku hammering for respect in the second.

R3: Eliza managing Kelly's rushes - jabbing Clarkson on approach; pulling Clarkson's head down and sidestepping her; hooking and pivoting her - classy stuff. Stubborn Kelly getting labelled some stellar shots - Dushku's hook and right hand both dialed in on chin, scoring with frightening accuracy. Midway through - hook/pivot sets up another sporty right hand to mouth, punching Clarkson onto her heels: Eliza quick-resets, hops in a clean up hook and DROPS KELLY TO HER RUMP! Clarkson up quickly, chagrined, but starting to bust up as Dushku's clean punching accrues damage.

R4: Kelly drawing on unguessed reserves of fury, tackles Eliza to ropes, pounding Dushku's body and arms in a brutal frenzy. Dushku stunned, trying to tie up: Kelly's fighting through the clinches, refusing them. Eliza hunkers down, puts her shoulder into Kelly's chest: fight takes place on Kelly's terms for the first time tonight. Clarkson rambunctious - bodying Eliza to ropes, bumping and jostling - applying steady wash of bashing leather to the problem of Eliza's torso. Dushku gritting her teeth, rolling head shots, but absorbing the body blows: she's a little ragged at the bell as Clarkson pounds away for her first points.

R5: Eliza finding the left uppercut, picks Kelly up sweet; hooks her while she's blinking; pivots left. Clarkson put wobbly butt by the left-hand artistry - Dushku jabbing for distance, turns her girl, sucking the momentum out of Kelly's charge. Dushku's jab now starting to harm Kelly - pounding at her left eye, bloodying her nose: Eliza heatless as she steps around her girl, picking Clarkson apart. Straight right hands jot in on chin, pounding back Kelly's face: stocky legged blonde stamping around hurt, trying to get her weight forward, but it's not happening. Steady, coldblooded beatdown issues midring - Dushku sidestepping left, pivoting around her combinations - she systematically reduces Kelly to shellshocked rubble. Final minute - Clarkson open-mouthed, reactions slowing: she takes a drilling right hand on her mouth which spills her in stupor to ropes. Eliza's moving in, but ref's seen enough: he steps in, waves this thing off before Dushku can apply insurance. TKO5 - Eliza D.

After: Good day in the office for Dushku - feisty Clarkson proved a handful, even bruising the Sheriff's sturdy ribs - but Eliza just too professional tonight. "They definitely did the right thing in stopping it," Dushku declares in postfight. "I was having my way, really scoring well. That's the sort of beating I used to give Dani, so maybe Kelly IS the next Fishel!"

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