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20 August 2001 Jennifer Capriati vs Serena Williams

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Posted by Simguy on 8/20/2001, 7:57 am

Before (Toronto, Canada). Finalists in the Canadian Open are given the opportunity to add to their winnings as promoters finally float some TV bucks for 2 of the beast fighters in all of women’s athletics. “I’d say it’s about time,” snipes Serena, who has been a vocal critic of all the air time given to Kournikova’s bouts, “I’m going to show the world what a real woman can do with these (holds up dukes).” Capriati no pushover, in fact--she’s owned Serena in sparring over the last couple of years and isn’t intimidated. Serena in pale blue Puma sports bra, yellow sprinters trunks, yellow shoes and gloves--Jen in red adidas terrycloth trunks, black sports bra, red gloves, black shoes.

During R1,2: All Serena, all the time--Capriati seems bedazzled by the speed and aggression of the muscular youngster. Williams affecting a Tyson look on approach, closing distance with her gloves at her lips, bobbing side to side, using that stubby little jab to get Capriati ropeside the CRUNCHING her way into that thick, pale midriff with vicious lefts and rights, Capriati grimacing, punching back, but she’s missing over the top as Serena  works in and out of the crouch, bobbing her head, coming up with a ripping dig to the ribs, then bobbing back down to load up the other hand. Masterful stuff from Williams--more just pure power.

R3: Jen gets a shutout back, starting to pre-empt Serena with the jab and countering with the right uppercut as Williams walks in. Jen-Jen fighting well in retreat, showing good skills for a big woman, taking advantage of Serena’s over-anxious need to harm.

R4: Williams back in control--she stampedes Jen to the ropes and goes to work with that shredding attack--yes it’s HARD punching, but it’s also quick-fisted combinations--gloves spanking loudly against the arms and body of Capriati as she covers up and grits her teeth. Serena munching her way into ribcage, but also pounding on Jen-Jen’s rounded shoulders and biceps--Williams patient, looking to reduce Fortress Capriati bit by bit, round by round.

R5: Blazing two-way action breaks out Capriati starts to stand her ground, force Williams into grudging retreat. Brilliant counter punching off the block from Jen--She’ll cover up, roll with Serena’s right, then come back with a tough dig under Williams’ heart or right hand uppercut to the chin--Williams is there for that punch, to break down and a beautiful right uppercut swivels Serena’s head with a crowd-pleasing loll. Serena, stumbles away from Jen, but Capriati gives chase, landing running straight lefts and rights to the side of the jaw and SERENA GOES DOWN! Williams on her hands and knees in a corner--looking helplessly for her mouthpiece. SOMEHOW Serena beats the count, but she is terribly hurt--gut check for Williams as she covers up and takes her beating ion the final moments. Glorious moments for Jen as she clubs haymaker hooks and right hands into her stupefied opponent, beating a groggy Serena from one foot to the other--Williams with her gloves at her lips, staring murkily back at her tormentress--she is RANSACKED at the bell.

R6: SHUTOUT WILLIAMS! Serena proves she’s more than just a gifted offensive fighter as she comes out hurt, wobbly, but determined to take back the night. Walking into Jen with clubbing overhand rights, clipping left hooks that land with plenty of forearm, Serena bashes Jen to the ropes and works Capriati over bell to bell. Jen clearly discouraged by her opponent’s heroics--she had expected to mop up this round and instead, she’s got to get back to work.

R7: hammer and tongs mid ring as Jen gets her shoulder into Serena--big women just trading wrecking ball bombs toe to toe, Jen keeping her forehead on Williams, using uppercuts from either hand, pulling Serena’s head down and walking Williams back--it’s good veteran treatment as the more explosive girl just can’t get off, Some punching after the bell prompts referee intervention.

R8: Serena’s all recovered, she’s got that side to side head movement going again, slipping Jen’s punches and sinking in rising shots up into the meaty ribcage of Capriati. Jen fades to the ropes, looking to clinch and obviously hurting, but Serena won’t have it, Williams squares up inside, using her head and forearms to shove Jen back, then ripping a gorgeous right hand across the abdomen, suddenly reloading and clipping the short right uppercut through the middle and JEN GOES OUT! Capriati blasted out on her feet--stands helpless for a moment as Serena continues to bash away then topples to her face as the crowd shouts in surprise. KO8 Serena Williams.

After: Serena gets it done with speed, power, and some heart as Capriati got her licks in, but couldn’t overcome the youngster’s physical gifts. Williams a more complete fighter at this stage than many give her credit for being--she has her susceptibilities, but you’ve got to be conscious to take advantage of them.

Reposted by Archer 12/11/11.

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