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5 December 2011 Vanessa Hudgens vs Michelle Williams

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing/HISC on 12/5/2011, 9:33 pm


Michelle Williams (HISC) versus Vanessa Hudgens (Lookout Boxing)
(Apartment Wrestling)

Following their Halloween brawl, an offer for an apartment wrestling match was extended and accepted. Given the high level of animosity and interest between the two, executives managed to convince both stables to let them film it. A very lucrative licensing fee was put in place, with options for further installments if necessary in what has become one of the most intense rivalries in the FCBA.

Pre-Match Interview
(Michelle Williams)
Conducted by Claire Danes

The shot opens on Michelle Williams in what appears to be a dressing room, mirrors behind her, vanity lighting surrounding the reflective surfaces. The elfin blonde is clad in her familiar zebra print twist-tie top, though unlike her matches in the ring, tonight’s apartment house wrestling affair affords her the opportunity to wear the zebra-print bikini bottoms that go with the top. No footwear allowed tonight, so her tootsies wriggle into the soft carpeting of the ante chamber.

Behind the lens, a familiar voice introduces Mish matter-of-factly, her Wolfpack partner in crime Claire Danes listing some stats, Mishy’s impressive win-loss record and her Hall Of Fame status included.

“OK, we’ve got the preliminaries out of the way,” Danes continues, Michelle smirking knowing Claire isn’t exactly loving touting Mish’s high points. “The FCBA and Sony decided I’d be the best representative to do the pre-event interview for their ‘Stars in the Apartment House’ Fighting Series.

“And I’m going to make them happy for doing it, because I won’t run away from the tough questions. The obvious one is does this girl drive you crazy? She’s been a thorn in your paw for months and months and though you EDGED her in your last battle, she’s still causing you all kinds of headaches.”

“The headache part you’ve got right, Mish responds. “Her constant badgering is certainly enough to cause that, but that was simply motivation for me to reverse the curse and beat the snot out of the little brat.”

“Hold on,” Claire interrupts. “Let’s be fair, now. Hudgens, though she’s scared to face me, battered you around not ONCE but TWICE and, in fact, she knocked you out in one of those.”
Michelle, sour puss firmly in place, growls at Danes. “Is there a question in there somewhere?”
“I guess what I’m asking is, isn’t there a danger in facing down Hudgens in this environment? She’s the one that’s left you ‘jubblie-loose’. She’s got youth, but with experience in beating you at the same time. Isn’t this a huge mistake?”

A red-faced Mish, looking like she wants to jump over the lens and have a preliminary go with Claire, instead tries to calm herself.

“Is there some risk? Yes. But if anything, this is where I am going to step up and leave Vanessa writhing on the rug. I’m all about pressure and in this arena I can be right up in her jugs and junk, pressing her flat, bending arms and legs, gouging body parts until she just gives up. And you know I WILL do that, right?”

There’s no sound from behind the camera, an implicit ‘yes’ from Claire acknowledged with the slightest of grins from the blonde. Happy she’d quickly turned the tails on her interviewer.

“So…” Claire continues. “I guess we already know your strategy, such that is?”

“Just use everything that’s available to make Vanessa wish she’d never opened her mouth about me or printed those damn t-shirts. If it ends on the floor, a couch, a bed, if she’s rug-burned or bleeding or pleading with me to stop, it’s all good. Cause anyway it ends…” Michelle pushes her jubblies up even more by than the twist-tie already was by squeezing her arms in from the sides.

“The gurls are going to leave that Disney diva sleeping before her bedtime.”

“And do you think the result here will carry over to future results in the FCBA ring?” Claire asks.

“How can it not?” Mish answers forcefully. “She’s going to be dragged back to her dressing room, revived, and will immediately be thinking I don’t want any more of that. Sure, some time will go by and she’ll get to thinking maybe I can get her with the gloves on. But if we do ever get in the ring again after this, any confidence she had is gone and her skills aren’t big enough for her to recover without it. This is the last ‘game’ she’s playing with me. When I leave this apartment, it’s with her soul in my back pocket.”

Mish looks down at her skimpy bottoms.

“OK. Inside my twist-tie.”

Pre-Match Interview
(Vanessa Hudgens)
Conducted by Lindsay Lohan.

The camera takes a moment to focus, but when it does, the confident face of Vanessa Hudgens comes into view. The lighting of the room highlights her body, which is clad in a leopard print bikini top and a matching pair of bottoms to accompany it. Leaning back against the chair with one leg curled up close to her chest, the other draped over the edge of the chair to show off her toned legs. Smiling confidently over at the camera, though it displayed a momentary little twinge of irritation as a voice started speaking on the other side of the camera.

Lindsay Lohan started to speak, her fellow Lookout! Stable member introducing Vanessa Hudgens in a pretty jubilant tone. Lohan listed Hudgens statistics, her overall FCBA record, taking a moment to linger on her win-loss record, which she makes sure to note definitely falls short of Michelle Williams. Lohan goes over a few other items of interest before starting to talk with Vanessa, whose face remains impassive throughout Lohan's selective highlights of her career although her eyes flicker a bit angrily.

“Now, being a fellow and former Disney star and given my own history with Williams, the FCBA and Sony thought I would have a unique perspective on your upcoming fight. As you well know, this is a pre-fight interview for their upcoming series, 'Stars in the Apartment House' and they have selected me, because I am more than willing to share my own insight into your situation and ask you the questions necessary to get to your real thoughts. So, are you ready?”

And without waiting for an answer, Lohan presses on, “So, exactly why do you think you'll be able to win against Michelle Williams here? You've actually fallen quite a bit from your days of being Flyweight Champion, which..” as Lohan pretends to check her notes, “It doesn't look like you ever successfully defended. So, exactly - ”

“Let me just stop your right there, Lilo.” as Vanessa wags her finger for the camera, “First things first, let's remember that I was flyweight champion just earlier this year. Something, for the record, you've never accomplished.”

An angry shout comes from behind the camera, “I have too!”

A dismissive little wave of Hudgen's hand follows, “Years ago. Let's fast forward to the present, Linds. Not only was I flyweight champion this year, let's not forget who I defeated for that championship. Why don't you check your little notes for that. That would be Michelle Williams. Who I beat for the second time to win that title. I remember before the match, she was talking about how this will be the beatings against which all beatings would be measured. She was right, but not in the way she imagined, right?”

Lilo doesn't respond, obviously angry behind the camera, “So, if we could get back on point..”

“Just curious, have you ever beaten Mishy?” Nessa asked, absentmindedly twirling a lack of her hair around her fingertips.

“I'll ask the questions here, Pudg...” as Lindsay giggles, “Oops. Hudgens.”, enjoying the look of anger that flashes across Vanessa's face, “But, for the record, the answer to your question is yes. Now, you've beaten Mishy twice, but last time out, she beat you, didn't she?”

“Barely. Mish barely beat me. It was a total fluke.”

“But, she did beat you, didn't she? That little aura that she can't beat you. That's gone now. Both of you came in, knowing how high the stakes are and in fact, you came in on a two match losing streak to other fellow Disney stars, Brenda Song and Ashley Tisdale. And now, riding high on your three match losing streak, you engage in an tawdry Halloween brawl and decide that after she humiliates you in a party, you challenge her to an apartment-wrestling contest. Do I have that right?”

“No, as usual, you don't.” Vanessa responds coolly, her voice almost a hiss, “Let me put this in terms that you can understand. I'm to Michelle Williams what...”, pausing for a moment to tap thoughtfully on her chin as she smirks, “What Nina Dobrev is to you.”

Lohan can't supress a squeal at this statement as Hudgens continues, “Or maybe I should say Miley Cyrus? Which of those sounds more accurate?”

Lohan huffs furiously, a glare going over her shoulder at a Sony executive monitoring the interview, who just shrugs his shoulders as this wasn't what they expected, but certainly won't complain. Lohan fixes her angry gaze upon Nessa now as she coolly responds, “Neither.”

“So, now that you've lost to Mish and you've been exposed as not being the best that Disney has to offer, much less the flyweight division, the question remains, which you've never satisfactorily answered, doesn't this seem like a big mistake? The potential for embarrassment for you in particular is huge, don't you think?” as Lohan tries to refocus the interview.

“No matter what, it won't be as bad as losing to Hannah Montana.” Nessa responds with a smirk and Lindsay responds with a snarl.

For a moment there, it looks like the pre-match interview might took into a pre-match wrestling match as both of them look like they're about to lunge towards one another right that second. But then Vanessa's eyes narrow and she leans forward towards the camera, grinning as she responds to the question and gets back to the one topic that interests her at the moment – Michelle Williams.

“Of course there's some element for potential risk to me. But, Mishy really needs to take into consideration the fact that I am going to make my own Hall-of-Fame career on destroying her own reputation. Mishy barely beat me, but I've knocked her out. And tonight, I'm going to stretch her out. I'm going to break her down and leave her breathless on the carpet. I know Mish talks all about pressure, but she's the one who is going to feel me breathing down her neck and in her ear and all the while, telling her about how I'm going to conquer her again. The best part about it is she won't be able to do a damn thing to stop it.”

“And given the fact that your career paths are on very different arcs at the moment, do you think you can actually pull that off?” Lindsay says with a soft grin tugging on her lips, “Seriously?”

“There's no question in my mind. The one who should be having questions would be Mishy and whether she's truly met her match. Today, I'm going to give her an answer and that question will be a definite and resounding YES. The last thought in Mish's mind tonight before my jugs puts her out.” as Vanessa brings her hands behind her head, thrusting out her cleavage slightly in the tight leopard print bikini top, “is how much better I am than her.”

Pointing to the bikini top as if to emphasize her cleavage, “Notice my bikini is leopard print and if I know Mishy and trust me, I do, she's wearing that zebra-print outfit of hers. Zebras are prey for leopards though, because I'm a hunter and Mishy, she's just the prey. A zebra who is going to get run down, worn out, stretched out, sprawled out and in the end, I am going to use her up as I see fit. There is only one way this ends and that's taking a nap underneath me, where she belongs.”

Lindsay raises an eyebrow in obvious skepticism, “And do you thinks will actually translate into you winning in the FCBA against her?” as Lohan giggles, “Against anybody lately?”

Vanessa counters with a cool gaze and angry response, “Yes. Let me state that again for the record, yes. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not going through the best period in my career, but the important thing to remember is that even when I'm not at my best, my pretty good is still better than Mishy's best. I want her to understand that I'm better than her at a party, in the ring, in this apartment” as vanessa's finger stabs emphatically against the floor, “Wherever we meet, whenever we meet, whatever style we meet, I'm going to prove that I'm superior When this night is through, she won't be able to deny that. Ever, ever again.”

And with that, Vanessa pushes off of the chair and saunters off, effectively ending the interview. Lohan sits there with an angry look on her face and reaches over to shut the camera off.

To Be Continued - in Part 2


Part 2


Posted by HISC/Lookout! Boxing on 12/5/2011, 9:48 pm.



When the next camera catches Vanessa, it is when she is strutting confidently into the main room where the apartment wrestling match will take place or the “battle room” as they call it. Adjusting her tight ponytail behind her head and adjusting her top to show off her cleavage, a confident smirk across her lips. Positioning herself to pose for the cameras as she wiggles her toes in the plush carpet, looking over the room.

It's a spacious environment for wrestling, with cameras strategically placed all over the room. There is a great deal of vintage,interior lighting to make sure not a moment of the action will be obscured . There is a large four-corner California King-sized bed in one corner of the room, numerous pillows of various sizes and Eygptian style cotton sheets. Even to an untrained observer, it was clear the thread count was high and the sheets soft. There were leather couches placed against the other two walls, along with a table, cherry-stained and matching chairs surrounding it in yet another corner. A few paintings covered the wall, many of them replicas of famous paintings hanging in art museums the world over. It was clear that the organizers of said event had spared no expense in ensuring that this would be a room where a number of important battles and heated rivalries took place. And tonight, none would be more hotly contested than Hudgens-Williams.

Vanessa paced along the wall, admiring the surroundings and licks her lips in anticipation, determined and confident that these luxurious surroundings would be the site of Mishy's latest destruction.

The tawny-skinned Disney diva didn’t have to wait long, as Mish emerges, already poised for battle in case the little b###h tries a sneak attack. Finding Vanessa across the room, Michelle relaxes a bit but tenses once more when she sees what Hudgens is wearing.

“What the hell is that?” Mish asks, eyes flitting up and down the raven-haired beauty. “Don’t have a mind of your own? And shouldn’t you have a cow print, instead?”

Vanessa chuckles. “If the idea of me stalking you around this room doesn’t worry you, it should.”

Mish rolls her eyes and moves to the middle of the room. The blonde takes a gander at the confines and the various surfaces and ‘weapons’ available. Tying up Hudgens into a bow and placing her outside the door for garbage pick-up wouldn’t make for a long night, so she wanted to be sure she could hit all the highlights before it was through.

Vanessa, not wanting to be seen ceding anything to her fellow flyweight and bitter rival moves a few steps away. And while Mishy gazes around the ring, Nessa simply stares Williams up and down.

“Guess I don’t notice so much in the ring,” Vanessa says, “but for someone who is supposed to be a bully, you look a little soft.”

Michelle’s hazel peepers float to Hudgens’ eyes, Williams scoffing as shakes her head.

“You want to know why I’m going to enjoy this SO much, Disney?” Michelle asks.

“Do tell,” Nessa responds, the mirth leaving her features, golden skin resplendent as her muscles tense, flawless abs seizing.

“Because this ‘soft’ body is going to break you down piece by piece and there’s not one thing you’ll be able to do about it. I’m going to gut you. I’m going make you wish your jugs were somewhere else and I’m going put you to bed early in whatever way I see fit.”

Hudgens nods, a grin reemerging, clearly not buying what Mish is selling, that is until Michelle surges forward, lifting a knee and DRIVING it into that flawless tummy. The dark-haired beauty grunts in as much surprise as pain, doubling over.

Mish corrals her in a side headlock and gives Nessa’s head a furious twisting, playing to the crowd as she does. “You can’t teach stupid,” she clowns to the attendees, but mainly pointing her verbal jab in the direction of the Lookout! contingent, “so it’s lucky for this girl, it comes naturally.”

-Chapter 1-

The ivory skinned Mish, dew already misting her body is sitting off the side of the bed. In her clutches is the right wrist of a wincing Hudgens, perfect pearlies clenched. The arm is stretched high to its limit, it and Vanessa’s head scissored tight by the Hall of Famer. Nessa’s head is placed daintily in Mishy’s lap, but the growing rosiness in Hudgens’ cheeks belies the pressure coursing through Mish’s thighs, the growl of a legend wronged by an ingénue fierce from the back of the throat of the elfin blonde.

Williams works the scissors lovingly, trying to see if she can squeeze what little brains Vanessa had out of her ears, Mishy adjusting her legs forward ever so slightly to clamp down more around Hudgens’ temple and jaw then her neck.

-Chapter 2-
Michelle still leading this dance and from the look on Hudgens’ face, she is not a bit pleased. The blonde bully has Nessa on her chest and belly soaking up shag. Mish stands above, a wrist of Vanessa in each grasped palm and between the shoulderblades of the ‘leopard’ is Michelle’s left tootsie.

Mish yanks back on both arms, drawing a chirp from Vanessa, Mish apparently wanting to remove the limbs from their sockets. As she tugs back, Vanessa’s head and bosom rises off the carpet, offering the disc purchaser a delightful view of enhanced blu-ray cleavage-y goodness.

“Are you starting to get it?” Michelle asks between grunts of effort, continuing to work the hell out of Nessa’s upper limbs. “Piece by piece. I said it. I meant it.”

-Chapter 3-
And it's definitely clear that Michelle is a woman of her word, determined to take Vanessa apart. From the amount of perspiration the two are displaying this early in the match, it's clear that one of the higher-ups have turned up the heat in this apartment for the benefit of the viewer as Vanessa's chest thrusts out slightly, rivulets of sweat slipping down her cleavage while Mich continues to stand over her in a surfboard position. Mish appears to grow bored with hearing the squeals of displeasure from Hudgens, going back down to the carpet. But, not before another savage yank of her arms which draws the loudest shout yet from Vanessa, her limbs flopping back to the carpet in pain. Mish lowers herself down onto Vanessa's back, tugging one of her immobile limbs up behind her back, ratcheting up pressure on her shoulder blades as another groan of discomfort escapes Vanessa's lips.

-Chapter 4-

The loud groans escaping from Vanessa's lips are cut off, however, replaced by gasps for air as Michelle slides one of her toned arms around Vanessa's tawny throat for a chokehold. Michelle leans down to whisper into Nessa's ear, “You lost the second you agreed to wrestle me. You know that, don't you?” Vanessa responds with a loud grunt and brings one of her sore forearms to reach for Michelle's hair, but her hand is simply batted away.

“Probably not” Mishy follows up with another sultry whisper, “You're pretty stupid if you really believe that whole 'Conqueror of Mishy' nonsense that you spout off. Can't hear any of it now though, of course, can we?”. Mish cinching up the chokehold tighter to choke off any response, playing to the cameras as she blows a kiss.

-Chapter 5-
Vanessa may have had her hand slapped away, but refuses to be denied. Michelle lies atop her rival, their tight bodies a definite striking contrast in both skin tone and control at the moment. Mish leans her head forward, blonde tresses framing her face as she reaches one hand up to cup Vanessa's face and whispers into her ear softly, “Now, does this body feel soft to you? Does it? “, giving Vanessa's head a shake back and forth as Williams smirks, “Didn't think so.”

Vanessa's eyes are filled with both panic but also a definite determination as well. Vanessa's free hand paws along the carpet, drifting down towards Mish's leg. Mish takes it as a sign of weakness, but is shown the error of her ways as Vanessa reaches back to sink her talons into William's thigh. Fingers digging into the meat of her thigh as Vanessa is rewarded by a squeal from Mishy. Mish reaching down to hopefully tug her hand off, but Vanessa holds on tight at the moment while Vanessa tries to take advantage of the momentary distraction to rock her rival off of her body.

-Chapter 6-

Uh oh. It’s time for Mishy’s fans to hit the Skip button as Hudgens has turned the tables, pressing Williams up against a wall and keeping her pinned their by the pressure of her taut and tawny frame. Michelle’s face is pinched in pain and shoved to the side by a forearm under her chin as Nessa pounds away with a bare knuckles into the soft flesh under the blonde’s ribs then draws groany chirps with slugs into her tummy, Vanessa using Mish’s navel as a bull’s eye. Michelle bleats and sags as Nessa thumps her fist in and out like a piston, digging each punch in a little deeper, the blonde throwing her hands out blindly in an attempt to stop the invading balled digits.

-Chapter 7-
You knew it had to happen, but not like this. Spread out on the rug next to a lamp that softly bathes the beauties in flattering luminosity, Vanessa sits in a crouch hovering over Michelle’s jubblies, facing down Mish’s squirming body and goes to town. Hudgens’ left arm wraps around the back of Mishy’s knees, having pulled the blonde’s legs up in a cradle, her right hand pinions Michelle’s right arm at the inside of the elbow and Nessa gets to riding, dropping her pert backside into Mishy’s bosom. The grunt echoes through an increasingly humid atmosphere. A beaming ‘Conqueror’ bounces up and delivers her booty again, flattening the zebra twist-tie and the jugs beneath. A close-up on Michelle’s face shows her hazel eyes bulging and her cheeks working like bellows as Nessa uses her rack like a trampoline. Another lens, from behind the top of Mishy’s head, catches the shapely leopard-spotted backside squashing cleavage time and time again.

-Chapter 8-
Things have slowed down, but the action is just as intense, Vanessa is glued in a full body pin, nose to nose, chest to chest, tummy to tummy on a wriggling, confused, and concerned Williams. Her legs immobilized by a pair of grapevines from Nessa’s shapely gams, Michelle has the stems incrementally extended toward an ever-widening ‘V’, the blonde adding some pained yips to her huffing breaths as her legs get stretched toward a set of splits. And as Nessa works her foe below, she grinds her torso into Mishy, using her mass to wear on her blonde elder, Hudgens whispering not-so-sweet nothings in Mish’s face, her stinging words and warm breath washing over the closed lids and flaring nostrils of the Hall of Famer.

-Chapter 9-
Nobody can quite hear what Vanessa is saying to Williams, but it's clear that the words are not to her liking. Not in the least as it's clear Michelle's face is contorting with rage. Vanessa either doesn't notice or doesn't care, maintaining that sweet, but smug smile as she pushes her foes' legs even wider, stretching her out. Vanessa then peels her toned body upwards as she gazes down into Mishy's face with a smirk, then dropping her body down. Vanessa's chest forces Mishy's to mushroom out to the side as the sound of their bare, taut abs slapping together goes off in the room like a gunshot, accompanied by a pained yelp from Mishy's lips. Vanessa just gazes down with a grin, arching those hips upwards again as Mish shakes her head back and forth, as if to ward off the impending assault on her abs.

-Chapter 10-

The sound of those pained squeals from Mishy's lips seems to only spur Vanessa on as she takes advantage of her rival's current state. Arching her hips upwards over and over, she continues to batter Mishy's belly with her own. Repeating the maneuver several times, drawing loud squeals at first which slowly gives way to tortured pants and moans from William's lips. This brings a smirk to play across Nessa's own lips as she licks them confidently and grinds her body down. Mishy's chest pancaking underneath Vanessa's, almost spilling out the sides of those zebra-patterned bikini tops, the fabric stretching. Vanessa grinds her slick abs down across Mishy's as she leans forward, listening to the labored breathing from Mish into her ear. Breathing hot into Michelle's ear as she grins, whispering so softly that the cameras can barely pick up, “Maybe that'll make you think twice before tummying up when you think about how my six-pack slapped yours silly, Mishy. Now, you were saying something about wishing MY jugs were someplace else, weren't you? I'd start your wishing, Mishy, because that time is now.”

-Chapter 11-
Vanessa takes a few more seconds to keep grinding down, just teasingly slapping her tummy down to make their navels kiss. Nessa taunts her rival even further by extending her tongue to flick against William's ear, drawing another angry groan from Michelle as she turns her head sideways away from her opponent. Vanessa laughs as she pushes her thighs outwards to spread her rival's hamstrings out painfully, then she leans forward to glide her abs upwards and shimmy over Mishy in complete control. Vanessa presses her tummy down into Mishy's chest, putting even more pressure on that zebra-striped twist top, releasing the grapevine as she spreads her legs out on either side for balance. Vanessa then arches forward, releasing one wrist as she grips Michelle's blonde tresses to guide her face back upwards as Vanessa tries to make her hated rival's face disappear into her cleavage. Mish gasps instantly before her rage-filled shouts are muffled, one hand reaching up to push at Nessa's shoulders as she bucks and twists furiously. Nessa works just as furiously to maintain her perch and smother, trying to get a tight seal with her chest.

-Chapter 12-
Mish fans happy to see another chapter is on the disc the way Chapter 11 starts. A greasy-faced Mish has managed to escape with only a first-degree case of juggshock. She’s on hands and knees crawling away from a grasping Hudgens, the leopard stalking her ivory-skinned prey. But unlike most zebras, Michelle tries to escape by scampering under a bed. Mish gets halfway under before Nessa snatches an ankle and pulls the yipping blonde out then grabs golden locks and hauls a rattled Williams up. But as she does, Michelle slips to the dark-haired Disneyite’s side and throws her by, tripping Vanessa and sending Hudgens spilling onto the bed. Showing her experience in apartment houses, Mish dives atop Vanessa’s back, grabs the raven locks and bounces Hudgens’ head into the mattress like a basketball. Mish wipes wet, matted, flaxen strands off her forehead with her free hand. “Important lesson,” she gasps. “Make sure you’ve got me before you start talking.”

-Chapter 13-
The fight seems to have bogged down into a battle on the sheets and it seems to be fitting Mish well as she has her legs snaked around Nessa’s midriff, one glossy gam pressing tightly into Hudgens’ lower back, the other into her tummy. Mish’s features pinch in effort as she has Vanessa struggling, dark eyes showing concern as she fruitlessly pries at the alabaster legs. The blonde sinks her fingers into Vanessa’s long dark locks and yanks at Hudgens drawing her back from the edge of the mattress. Another pulse elicits a soft groan from the raven-haired beauty. “I’m gonna gut you, then jug you, then I’m gonna be the one printing the t-shirts ‘Oscar winner; Destroyer of Nessa’.

-Chapter 14-
Mish's thighs extend outwards, ankles locked in front of Nessa's taut abs, drawing pained gasps from Nessa's lips. Ocassionally, Mishy will reach up to yank at Nessa's hair, fingers locked around the ponytail, yanking back to bring a loud yelp as Vanessa's face is starting to tinge a deep scarlet color. Vanessa's hands reach down, prying at her rival's crushing thighs as she ignores (or attempts to) the constant stream of taunting coming from Mish, who will keep whispering into Nessa's ear. The contents of the taunts can't always be determined, but by the wide and angry eyes of Vanessa, it's clear that they are just as volatile and hateful as always. The words “Destroyer of Nessa” can be heard though over the sound of Nessa's yelps and gasps once again as it's clear Vanessa hates the phrase and her current situation.

-Chapter 15-
Nessa's hands leaving Michelle's thighs, unable to pry them apart as she pushes with her palms and her feet backwards. It takes some time, but she continues to slowly move backwards once again. Mish realizes they're headed towards the edge of the mattress and as she tugs her rival away, Vanessa suddenly pushes backwards with a renewed shove of her tawny-skinned body. It''s Michelle's turn to have her eyes widen, with Vanessa's sudden shove threatening to topple them over the edge. Michelle's hands leaving the constant tugging of Vanessa's scalp as her arms flail, trying to maintain her perch on top of the bed but it's an effort in vain as Mish and Vanessa disappear over the edge of the bed, crashing to the floor in between the bed and the wall with a loud thud.

-Chapter 16-
It takes the camera a minute to pan around, catching the two of them as they wrestle around on the floor. The impact and collision of the descent to the floor forced Michelle to release her crushing scissors. Scrambling around on the floor as the two of them exchange slaps and roll around, even rolling around underneath the bed. After a moment, the action can be seen again as the two of them have rolled to the open space on the other side of the bed. Nessa has scrambled up on the bed while Michelle makes her way to her feet and it's Hudgens who has taken the initiative this time. As Michelle rises upwards, Vanessa snares her rival's golden tresses to pull her back down to her derriere near the edge of the bed. Facing away from Vanessa as she was trying to get up, Hudgens sits on the edge of the bed to extend her thighs and snare them around Mishy's head for a headscissors.

-Chapter 17-
Williams struggles to pry her rival's thighs apart this time, but finds it difficult with Hudgen's ankles locked in front of her face. Vanessa sits on the edge of the bed as Mish attempts to get her knees underneath her in order to push forward away from the scissors, but each time she tries, a sharp flexing of Nessa's thighs sends her descending back down to her butt. If that doesn't do the trick, a sharp tug of Michelle's hair forces her to fall back down as well. Vanessa keeps her thighs clamped on either side of her hated rival's head, framing her face between her thighs as Nessa leans backwards, both hands propping her upwards on the silky sheets as she keeps pumping her thighs around Michelle's head.

-Chapter 19-
It's clear that Mish has suffered in this hold as her face is a deep, deep shade of red. Vanessa is propping herself up one hand now, not needing to exert her full leverage to keep Mish seated on the floor. Nessa's other hand is running through Mishy's blonde tresses, just stroking her hair as she keeps pumping her thighs confidently as she gazes down at Mish coolly. “You know you're not an Oscar winner yet, don't you? You're an Oscar nominee, but you failed to win that coveted golden trophy.” Nessa's tone almost conversational as she just keeps squeezing and pulsing her thighs around William's head, grinning, “Just like they nominated you to take me down and guess what? As usual, you failed.”
The only response from Michelle is a muffled yelp between her rival's thighs and an almost imperceptible tap of Mish's palm against Nessa's powerful legs. It's almost unnoticeable or at the very least, Vanessa is pretending not to notice.


Part 3


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-Chapter 21-
The 'action' at this point has shifted over to one of the recliners in a nearby corner as Vanessa appears to be using this as a makeshift corner as she has secured two handfuls of Mishy's blonde locks, tugging upwards as she straddles Mishy's lap. Shimmying upwards to glide her abs across Michelle's face, tummying up as she keeps taunting the Oscar nominee. Executives in the nearby room have to keep Wolfpack members from charging into the room. Oddly enough, though, Claire Danes is just watching thoughtfully. Vanessa keeps grinding her abs back and forth across Michelle's face as Michelle keeps fighting back, shoving and sending some weakened forearms against Vanessa, but not enough to free herself. Vanessa takes no small amount of pleasure in informing Mish of how firm and flawless her six-pack abs are. Then, Nessa makes her feel it with a constant swivel of her tummy across Mishy's features.

-Chapter 23-

Apparently having tired of battering Mish's face with her belly, she's shimmied down to really sit on Mish's lap in the recliner, which creaks underneath their combined weight. An almost angelic smile appears across Vanessa's lips as she goes to curl her arms around her rival's head for a reverse sleeper, eager to tug William's slick face into Vanessa's cleavage.
Before she does, she gazes down into Mish's face, Williams gazing up with a dazed expression meeting Hudgen's cold glare.

“Don't forget, Mish, I told you this would happen. And from here on out, you're going to do exactly what I tell you to do. So, when I tell you to take jug, that's what you're going to do. So, take some jug, Mishy.”

Mishy has no choice at this point, but to comply. Yanking forward with a hard tug as she goes to secure a reverse sleeper, guiding Mish's face between her orbs.

-Chapter 25-
At some point, Mish fought back to send the two of them to the floor. It took a few extra minutes, but Vanessa has locked on the reverse sleeper to create a tight seal across her opponent's face. Mish's blonde hair splays across the floor around her head as she sprawls on her back, toned biceps curling around Mish's face to pull her in tightly into Nessa's heaving orbs. Mish's palms paw at Hudgen's abs, cupping her hips and pushing feebly, but there's no escape this time. Vanessa leans forward, just arching her hips upwards as she slaps her abs down into Mishy's jubblies and keeps grinding her chest from time to time, ensuring Mish's attempts to breathe are met with only more jug. Each way, Mish's face turns, she is forced to take more of Vanessa's cleavage.

“Behave for your conqueror and take some more jug like a good girl.” Nessa coos.

-Chapter 28-
Several smothers later, it's clear that Mish is a jug shocked veteran at this point. A dazed expression is plastered across her face and she can only breathe shallowly with her nose pressed up in between Vanessa's chest. A cruel smirk is on Vanessa's lips, however as she reaches for Mish's hair. “So, who has the better jugs, huh? If it's me, just go ahead and nod.” Unwillingly, moments later, Mishy does as her rival tugs her head up and down in a forced nod.

“That is SO sweet of you to say..” Vanessa says with a laugh, “And just while we're talking about it, don't I have the better body as well? It isn't soft at all, not like yours, right?” Another little tug of her hair and shake of her head has Mish unconsciously nodding her agreement with Vanessa's statements.

This puppeteer's act goes on and on like this for a while in a similar line of question before Vanessa slides down to smother her opponent once more, Michelle's face disappearing once again into Nessa's jugs.

-Chapter 30-

Vanessa is parading Mish around the room in a Walk of Shame. One arm wrapped around the waist of Mish to support her upright as her other hand pats against her tummy in condescending little slaps as she gives a little purr into William's ear, “I own these.” as she gives a hard squeeze with one forearm against Mish's scarlet slick abs, causing a grunt to emanate from her lips as she pitches forward slightly. Remaining upright in Nessa's grip as Vanessa continues her verbal and mental torture following the contest, just whispering repeatedly into Mishy's ear, “You are my property. Don't ever, ever forget that.” Tapping at Mishy's tummy and cupping her opponent's jugs occasionally, “All mine.”

-Chapter 32-

Mishy finishes her tour of the room as she opens the nearby door to a room full of shocked executives and Wolfpack members. Sending a dazed and humiliated Mish sprawling forward at the foot of the Wolfpack as Lookout! Boxing members step forward to protect their own. Some shoving occurs back and forth as Vanessa steps forward, pointing down to a defeated Michelle Williams, declaring loudly, “You can hold onto her until I want her again.” From there, more shoving for position between the two stables ensues. The DVD ends with a confident Vanessa Hudgens standing back, hands on her hips, surveying the damage she's caused with a smirk on her lips.

The bad blood between Vanessa Hudgens and Michelle Williams, already at a boiling point , officially goes nuclear. Michelle reportedly is irate just at the mere mention of Vanessa's name and tensions within the HISC Locker room are at an all-time high. Vanessa once again declares herself “Conqueror of Mishy” and following Michelle's suggestion, has t-shirts printed off to that effect with a still of Vanessa jugging out a dazed Mishy underneath. it. The initial printing of the shirt sells out as Vanessa plans a second batch within days. BLONDE! Magazine has a headline in their next issue “IS MICHELLE WILLIAMS OVER?” with an accompanying article. BRUNETTE! Magazine publishes a companion essay written by Vanessa Hudgens entitled “HOW I SMOTHERED OUT MISHY'S CAREER.” in the pages of their fine publication. Lookout! Boxing is declared persona non grata at HISC and Lookout! Boxing bans HISC members from their building. Even so, reports of an angry Michelle demanding a rematch surface in the post-match commentary on the DVD, which is one of the highest selling apartment-wrestling matches yet.






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