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16 June 2000 Sophie Marceau vs Denise Richards

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Posted by Simguy on Friday, 16-June-2000 17:26:25

Before: Marceau still hoping for the career defining Tia Carrere bout, can’t afford to look past Richards who swears she was caught cold by Fabiana Udenio in that first round blow out. Sophie slick as they come, the bigger, sweeter technician not anticipating any difficulties with Richards, but that’s why they fight the fights. Blue bikini Richards, white shoes and gloves. Black faux leather bikini for Sophie, laces between the cups, black shoes and gloves.

During R1: Marceau not her usual elusive self, stepping to Richards with the McKart jab dropped from the elbow, then slinging left hands as Denise counters with the straight up the middle. Fought at power punching distance, both girls missing, but Richards doing what damage there is, catching Sophie on the mouth, rocking the French girl back and stepping into the vacated space. Round to Denise.

R2: Denise getting bold, staying with Marceau and punching at the same time, straight right beats slightly looping left as Sophie continues to punch while pulling back, Marceau touching her opponent rather than punching through her. Richards less stylish, but she’s setting up well, getting off the hard right hand, and crashing her fist to the side of Sophie’s head. Marceau bailing out, stepping away and regrouping, but she’s getting outfought, Round to Richards.

R3: Marceau ignoring her corner, just wants to slug and the girls meet at center ring fgor more of the same. Sophie crossing D up, has her sputtering sideways from a cuffing lead right hook on the ear, and Marceau  tunes up, slinging the left to the ribs and across the jaw, banging back the other way with the clubbing right as Richards gets nailed. D backing up, arms out front, useless as Sophie bashes away with licking lefts and rights. Richards spilling along the ropes in deep trouble, Sophie stalking, stepping in with the bolo right hand uppercut and finishing off with the whip-action left hand on the mouth and RICHARDS GOES DOWN! Denise with blood at her lip, eyes swimming, can’t get off her knees and Sophie gives her a haughty glance before returning back to her corner. KO3 Sophie Marceau.

After: Marceau showing no respect walks Denise down, takes punches and gets her out of there with a destruct-and-destroy attitude. “I knew she could not take my punches,” purred a collected Marceau, “so there was no reason to box ‘er.” True enough, but Marceau’s brazen attitude could hurt her against the big bangers of the division.

Reposted by Archer 12/21/11.

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