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1 July 2000 Title Ch Sophie Marceau vs Gena Lee Nolin

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Maxim Welterweight Title

Posted by Simguy on Saturday, 01-July-200 00:37:26

Before: Sophie looking to put her stamp in  the Tia/Gena lee triangle--blonde poses unique challenges both in terms of her broken rhythm and unorthodox tactics. GLN often wild and undisciplined, but ability to punch from all angles has paid off against boxers in the past--Marceau can’t afford to get complacent. Sophie in black bikini laced up the front black bottoms, long ponytail-GLN in yellow sport bikini, black mesh to high neck.

During R1: GLN taking no chances, goes low pumping lefts and rights to back Marceau up in pained outraged. Sophie hurt early, sliding to her right and she gets nailed a lunging right hand on the side of the head midway that spills her to a corner. Nolin in hard with the left elbow and looping overhand right completes the savaging, leaving Marceau reeling after a vicious opening round.

R2: Marceau recovering nicely, hands cupping her face, giving Nolin the shoulder to punch at and pivoting around the blonde, nibbling with the cuffing right hook or clipping right uppercut followed with a quick clinch for a break.  Sophie answers the shutout if not the power this round--Nolin complains about the French girl’s holding.

R3: Marceau in control, flicking out the backhand jab from her guard, pivoting right and trying to step in with the slinging left on GLN’s face. Nolin clearly bothered by the southpaw’s subtle footwork and smooth combination punching, can’t get squared up to punch in giving away another shutout round.

R4: Nolin mixing it up--punches with Marceau, confident the French girl can’t hurt her, and scores early with a loping overhand right across the brow that has Sophie stepping in fence post holes. Marceau covering up, trying to slip GLN, but the blonde commits to pounding right uppercuts between the mitts to bust Sophie up, sending her to the ropes in disarray. Down the stretch, Nolin trying to finish, but Marceau still bending at the waist, bibs up and down to leave little counter lefts and rights on the blonde’s jaw in between big Nolin swings. Gena takes the round as Marceau survives.

R5: Marceau getting Gena to chase again, just dropping the right on the blonde’s chest or face, ducking the big right hand and countering with slinging lefts to Nolin’s taut tummy or ear. Nolin fighting close, using upper body movement tio make Nolin miss, and stepping right to make Gena reach with the power shot.

R6: Nolin missing early, finally goes to a clinch, putting everything into a right hand on the break that clearly stuns Sophie. Marceau backing away with a glazed expression gets run to the ropes as Gena sails in, and a big right on the early nearly drubs the French girl to her knees. Nolin palming up on Sophie’s shoulders, swipes lefts and rights across the brunette’s face, often folding Marceau into the headlock for a break. Marceau can’t shake it off, leaning into and out of the ropes, reacting late and getting nailed as Nolin punches and fouls with impunity. At the bell, a savaged Marceau staggers tremble-bodies to her corner as GLN exhorts the crowd.

R7; Sophie fighting hurt once again, shows her composure, getting low to out her shoulder into Gena’s hips, pivoting right, and pestering Nolin nuisance punching while the brunette recovers. Gena missing over the top, tackles Sophie to the canvas midway through as frustration mounts, and Marceau comes up with a limp. Nolin pouring it on late, hounds Sophie to the ropes with swinging lefts and rights to the flanks.

R8: Sophie getting banged up, gets the straight goods from her corner and comes out steely eyed this round. Toe to toe mid ring, the girls leap in and out. Gena trying to land her right, Sophie her left, and it’s Nolin landing hard with the side of her fist against Marceau’s neck to push the brunette off balance, Nolin reloading, leans into a crashing right on the eye that puts a deep bend in Marceau’s legs. Sophie fading to the ropes, covers up and hunches over to her left side--Nolin striding in with a bully’s smile. Gena swinging away--Marceau bending away from the heat when she suddenly reverses field and drags her fists across Nolin’s face. NOLIN IS HURT--wobbly butt, blonde covers up and tries to lean in to smother, but Sophie digs a right upeprcut to the put of the belly, pivots off the ropes and lays into the slinging left with her legs behind it and NOLIN GOES DOWN! Gena Lee crashing to her back is OUT! KO8 Sophie Marceau.

After: Marceau had begun to fall behind in this fight as Nolin’s power began to prove decisive--Sophie gambling comes up big with a shocking stoppage of GLN and records one of her best performances in the process, A close contest, but Nolin easily the harder puncher for most of the fight--sneaky, supple power from Sophie turns it around. Marceau uncharitable in the days to follow, claims Nolin was awake on the canvas and simply refused to take any more punishment.

Reposted by Archer 1/18/12,

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