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22 May 2004 Brittany Daniel vs Paula Trickey

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Brittany Daniel 02.jpgPaula Trickey.jpg



Boxing on the Beach


 (High Noon, So. Cali beach setting)


Posted by simguy 5-22-04 (Thanks to Ginny for this repost)


But what about Casta? "I'll fight her, probably in the Mediterranean and soon," schmoozes Brittany in BLONDE! magazine, "but I didn't think she was right for my beach debut. Laetitia's always been a tough sell in the States and that goes double for the beach - I wanted something hotter, curvier, and something that said 'beach' to the fans. Paula's the perfect victim." Trickey all but out of boxing, leading cynics to suggest Daniel's just on the lookout for a softer touch than Casta, but buxom Paula getting into shape for a shot at Daniel.


"Oooh, I'd love to shut her up," admits Trickey. "Brittany Daniel's one of those girls you really get up for. I always thought she was a Krusher Kreation - more sizzle than steak. Funny thing about sunlight - it exposes the truth. I'm going to pound away at whatever's left of the Daniel mystique and we'll see what this girl is made of."


Daniel in silky blonde bob, baby blue bikini (chain-link connections between tits, at hips) Paula in pigtails, red twist-tie top with big white polkadots.


Rd 1: Brittany showing no respect - right in front of Paula, getting off brazen. Trickey gloves at temples, elbows in, crouched - she's minimizing surface area, but not moving her head much, counting on the blocking guard for D. Brittany skidding uppercuts against Paula's defences, trying to clip tit, then tucking down beneath the elbows to get after that taut waist. Daniel by far the busier vixen, but not scoring clean - Trickey standing in the pocket, not breaking down and fitting her hooks in thick ribs and waist for a pleasing two way first.


Rd 2: Brittany still setting up in front of Paula, looking to outwork her - Trickey able to get some things done this round. Paula dipping a bit, rotating her torso and coming up with hooks - she's getting worrisome spank off Daniel's tidy tanned waist, moving the blonde on impact. Trickey showing curvy strength, slugging to the body, using her shoulder to nudge and bully - she's systematically pushing Daniel back, landing thick amidships, shutting down Daniel's offence. Round ends with Daniel's butt in the ropes, blonde stooped forward and soaking - Trickey working up a happy sweat as she reefs hooks against Daniel's right flank.


Rd 3: Brittany remembers her legs - not just a punching torso this round. Daniel bopping in and out, changing distance very effectively - she's drawing punches out of Trickey, making her miss, then countering with darting right hands to the head. Midway through, Daniel times her in-out perfectly, rocking Paula a shooting right on the chin, putting Trickey wobbly butt. Daniel reloading and pounding unorthodox chopping rights to the ear and skull of her girl, chases Trickey ropeside and GETS ALL OVER PAULA'S JUGS! Crowd roaring to it's feet as Brittany unleashes her patented attack - blonde standing up in the stirrups, going hup-ho-hup-ho with short, violent, rising strokes. Poor Trickey shellshocked, eyes wide - a lot of girls are tempted to go to her goods, but few have ever savaged her with this kind of glee. Blubbery Paula finally able to clinch up around Daniel's wet hips - blonde still chewing away with lefts and rights against brunette back as ref steps in. During the break - Trickey's trainer has to re-adjust that bikini-knot - Daniel hooting it up in her corner.


Rd 4: More right hands - Daniel with a supple step out fade has really solved Trickey's style, creating the openings and cashing in with lunging rights on the chin. Daniel with the unusual ability to reload and throw 2 and 3 right hands in succession, rivet-guns her girl to the ropes then STEPS INTO THOSE JUGS! Paula sobbing out loud at the punishment - Daniel's consistent, obsessive mound-pounding attack shattering Trickey's confidence. Paula able to clinch and get her body on Brittany - pace gets sluggish as Daniel stands in - slower, more thoughtful punching evolves on the inside. Paula able to compete out of this posture - shoulders and cheeks inside, tight, tidy swats and cuffs, tucking body shots - Trickey banging away toe to toe and holding her own by the bell.


Rd 5: Daniel edging in with her shoulder, determined to muscle Paula on the inside - Trickey relishing the opportunity - girls leaning in, gutting each other hooks, picking each other up clipping uppies, turning into smearing breast-scrub - good stuff. Final minute - Brittany breaks the stalemate with her footwork, stepping out, walking right, darting in - Trickey immediately neutralized, doesn't really have her timing back for this kind of thing. Brittany able to jam a tight right in over Trickey's left - Paula earmuffs up hurt - Daniel steps in and curls a cute right uppercut to the teeth, staggering Paula backward. Daniel hopping forward, jams a straight right to the mouth, sending Paula clattering back to the ropes and ON COMES BRITTANY! Furious bombardment of energetic blonde lefts and rights - Brittany just slashing at the gut, clubbing the skull and stamping tit, shredding the defences of a ramshackle Trickey AND THE REF STEPS IN! Squeal of delight from glowing Brittany - she's the TKO5 victor as Paula collapses in the official's arms.


After: Daniel looking sharp - fighting on the inside to get Paula working hard, then taking the brunette apart with fresh footwork. Trickey showing rust as expected - she's been wrestling a fair amount, but didn't have much hard sparring for this bout - clearly wasn't ready for Brittany's balanced skills and marvelous physique.

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