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19 June 2004 Angelica Bridges vs Brittany Daniel

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Boxing on the Beach


Posted by simguy 6-19-04. (Thanks to Ginny for this repost)


Stoked by her thunderous victory over shopworn Demi - Brittany's back on the sand just days after laying Moore out. "Why not," chirps Brit, "Demi never landed a punch - I'm all trained up - why waste it?" Bridges thought of as the "Jamie Luner of the Beach" - Daniel showing a lot of confidence by hopping right in with Red. "Have you seen my legs?" Brittany asks reporters out of the blue. "I can't imagine what it must be like to be another girl, faced with matching up against these legs. I don't know how Angelica sleeps nights - knowing she's got me and my legs coming up." Bridges chuckling at Daniel's calculated self-aggrandizement "I give her a lot of credit," says Angelica. "I didn't think she'd fight me, but I guess smoking an old skank has her courage up. So far, what has she done out here? Beat up a semi-retired Paula Trickey and stopped a shot Demi Moore. Colour me unimpressed." Brittany in red bikini - Angelica in green crochet bikini. So Cali beach - ring and bleachers.

During R1: Good disciplined attack from Brittany has Bridges on her heels bell to bell. Daniel scooting in and out, bringing her feet with her, nice and compact up top - she's getting into perfect position so punches don't have to travel far, snapping off savage ratatat combos. Jab's working too - sorting Angelica out, steering her. Midway through - Daniel lights it up with a three punch deluge to the waist, step out, step in, three punch tic-tac-toe up the flanks and finishing hook on the chin to leave Bridges stepping in fence post holes. Good systematic follow up - round ends to the sight of a besieged Bridges stooping forward from the ropes, guard up and rigid as Daniel helps herself to 3 snatching hooks to tummy. Angelica back to her corner breathing deep through the nose, clearly rattled by Daniel's fast-twitch domination.


R2: Angie's got a good long jab, starts tagging Brittany on the way in - Daniel unable to get into combination punching range with the impunity she did in the first. Brit rejected and turned back on repeated occasions early - Angie gets the timing of it, steps-with and rails Daniel a leaning right cross as blonde steps straight back. Daniel put wobbly butt - staggering to her right, back leg skidding out from under her - she makes it to the ropes in disarray as Bridges pounces. Angelica with torrid lefts and rights, legs wide, backside jumping as the slashes away - poor Daniel battered about her head and shoulders as she covers up clamshell. Squall spends itself - fight settles down into a choosy, shoulder-to-shoulder chessmatch. Girls hunkering in close, using shoulders and guards to bump up on one another, looking to snatch a hook to belly or scrape a tight uppercut on the inside. Even swapping - Brittany's back to the ropes - Angelica maintaining position to the bell. Hot glares all around - both have been stung - it's a dangerous fight.


R3: Brittany opens up with a blistering salvo of hooks - right hand tight to her chin as she torques - Bridges caught off guard, getting shelled on her right flank, shoulder and jaw - she's momentarily frozen, trying to keep her guard up. Daniel steps in close, dropping that short right hand six inches onto Angie's mouth - all shoulder and hips behind the shot and BRIDGES SCOOTS TO HER BACKSIDE! Glorious tight right hand - Angelica looking up all glassy eyed and disappointed - Brittany smug as she struts to the neutral corner. Follow up - Brittany jabbing Angelica to prep her at the ropes, then blonde goes tummy with short, digging hookwork - getting up in there, hips and shoulders behind withering thumps - Bridges groaning, slouching forward behind her guard - she's hurt. Daniel sees it - redoubles her efforts, squaring up to rotate her shoulders and work the belly with both mitts - prompting a queasy Bridges clinch around the hips. Ref's break - Daniel back in with a jab, sneaky right hand, then back to the liver and waist with thick hooks, keeping Bridges crippled. Angelica watery-eyed, short of breath - she's covering up, getting battered, then clinching - ref working hard to separate 'em - Brittany marching back in eyes bright with the prospect of torture. Measured, taut punching from the blonde in final minute action - thick, flat hooks amidships setting up crisp arm-curl uppercuts and swat-chopping blows to temples - clouting right hands on the cheek doubled up underneath to rising rights against those overhanging jugs, or clouting lefts on the jaw to set up withering hooks in under the elbow. It's breathtaking and it's all too much - Angelica Bridges gurgling, swooning - she bends to one knee eyelashes fluttering, mouth parted as Daniel squeals and lifts her mitts, grinning down at her prey. Bridges breathing like a gut-shot deer, staring, ashen-faced, just letting the count pass her by on bended knee. KO3 Brittany Daniel.


After: Daniel at her compact punching best - really coming back well from the Cole setback with a pair of crunching KOs over well-regarded comp. Bridges deeply discouraged by body work - Brittany showing that explosive two-gun delivery - blonde finally hitting her stride on the beach and loving it.

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