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5 August 2005 Charisma Carpenter vs Brittany Daniel

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Posted by simguy 8-5-05  (Thanks to Ginny for the repost)


"I'm so glad we got this thing done," says Charisma in prefight. "Brittany's been milking her win over me for all it's worth - I HAD to get her back in the ring just to shut her the hell up. I know it's going to be war - it always is between us - but I've always been the better woman and it's time to remind Daniel of that." Brittany beaming, gloating at every opportunity - there's no one she'd rather beat than Charisma C. "I can't wait to trounce this bimbo back to back!" Brittany bubbles. "I realized in the last fight that she's lost a step, and AFTER the beating I gave her, she's probably missing a whole flight of stairs at this point. More of the same this time around, only harder: Charisma's not coming all the way back from this one." Brittany in heartpounding crimson bikini - Charisma in sultry navy bikini.


Rd 1: Midring, Brittany face in gloves, elbows together, tightly covering up as CC goes gut. Carpenter getting thick, rich, strapping shellack in there - big banging shots digging up rib and waist. Arc of CC's hook: slinging from the thigh, ripping into flesh, pulling all the way across to finish up on Charisma's right hip - back the other way with similarly vicious right hands. Brittany clammed up, humming with body-shock: been a long time since anyone's shut Daniel down to the body like this in a first round.


Rd 2: Same again - Carpenter abandoning her rope-a-dope slip n'slug style for a more robust lead attack to Daniel's taut golden brown chassis. Gorgeous, gorgeous body shots - Brittany tilting forward in stupor behind her mitts - she's all stiff and cramped up, can't answer this titanic hacks. Bell to bell Charisma again, just a-TEARING at her blonde, sending Daniel wobbly butt, shabby to her stool for emergency ice-packing!


Rd 3: Daniel giving ground, piecing out her jab - Carpenter continuing to press her attack to the body. Midway through, Daniel gets a nice counter-right uppercut off her right foot, walking CC into the shot like a pro and wobbling brunette backside. Carpenter backs off first time in the fight - girls flat footed - probing each other with slow, pawing jabs, right hands tucked tight to cheeks, eyes glaring with hate-fueled concentration.


Rd 4: Shutout Carpenter. CC keying on the body, but not committing like she was: Daniel's savage uppercut's bought the blonde some breathing room. Brittany taking to her fabulous legs, using the ring to clear her head - she's not doing much offensively, just minimizing Charisma's looks to the midsection.


Rd 5: Girls trade shaving right hands, answer back hooks: CARPENTER GOES WOBBLY BUTT! CC covers up tight earmuff: Daniel's turn to carve thick slices of trembling waist, sturdy ribcage. Brittany getting the same extreme leverage Carpenter was and why not? Both girls learned their trade in the same WB body-swapping labs. CC mincing, being shunted and buffetted around as she soaks - Daniel leaning in with her tousle against Carpenter's guard and RIPPING amidships. Mouthwatering stuff for fans of inside mayhem - these girls are trying to make each other quit down there. CC a little bit better at blocking than Daniel was - a little headier with clinches and defensive pivots - she's thoroughly beaten, but probably not as badly as Daniel was early on.


Rd 6: Shoulder to shoulder, tousle to tousle and Carpenter systematically takes Brittany apart. Starts in Daniel's gut - CC's vicious, swiping hooks and right hands stiffening Brittany, paralyzing her - poor Daniel sobbing behind her mitts, stooping forward as Carpenter opens up the playbook. Tucking shots in behind both elbows. Dip n' rip uppercuts to jug - both hands greedy. Uppercuts to chin, picking up Daniel's drowsy head. Crisp, slick, snappy punching from Carpenter - she just stays on Daniel, touches her relentlessly, hurting her repeatedly - another bell to bell heat for a flushed, hard working brunette.


Rd 7: Daniel taking a great shot tonight - she's achy to the body, but refusing to punk - comes out uptempo to take the initiative away from Carpenter. Shoulder to shoulder, tousle to tousle - Carpenter just covering up, blocking, turning her torso to give slick little angle inside. Daniel working tidy, keeping the shots short, doubling up hooks body and head - now SHE'S getting the uppercuts to pick CC's head up pretty. Final minute, Daniel working the jug with thick single shots, turning her torso to pull harm into Charisma's rack - CC taking it breathlessly, keeping dukes at her temples best she can.


Rd 8: Tousle to tousle, shoulder to shoulder - girls HAMMER away in the best two-way action of the night. CC with that sleek punching action, turning her body into shots and covering up smoothly on follow through. Daniel doubling up her hook, swatting at Carpenter, looking for right uppercuts off the right foot - hard, hard work from both beauties. Midway through, Daniel breaks through with a terrific right uppy, popping CC's head up and stunning her: Charisma stops punching. Daniel digs right/left to the body, shoulders CC back - Carpenter raggedly eases herself to ropes with a cramped look of complaint on tight lips. CC hurt, but managing the pocket beautifully - she slips and rolls, clinches up head-and-arm on Brit to run the clock and get out of a dangerous spot.


Rd 9: Charisma definitely looking spent: all those uptempo early minutes starting to haunt older vixen's legs. Brittany pressing the pace - jabbing at Charisma as brunette tries to shy away - blonde harrassing brunette to ropes, squaring away for one sided stretches of abuse. Brittany treating herself - nudging her head against CC's guard, then ripping combos: double left hooks, body and head; left hook to waist, doubled into left uppercut to split the mitts; hook/right hands on the jaw, followed by a tucking right hand mop up to gut. CC grunting, stooped forward and absorbing shellack, but she's really soaking a dreadful beatdown and CC TAKES A KNEE! Agonizing descent - Carpenter's face stretched in weariness and pain, but she's got to relieve the pressure. Hateful bark of supremacy from Daniel - she's thriving on the sight of shabby Charisma trying to marshal her reserves. Final minute sheer brutality: Daniel battering CC sideways to the neutral corner, then pouring onto jug as Carpenter looks ready to go. Crowd screaming, ref leaning in ready to stop this thing: CC drooping out on her feet, chest bunching up under the hateful pounding as Daniel digs hard to the bell.


Rd 10: Daniel pouring herself at Charisma, getting into shoulder-shrugging range, then jerking mitt to melon with savage, short-arm licks. Carpenter grimacing, giving ground - still with presence of mind to sidestep and escape at times, but Daniel the fresher beauty hurries to maintain sweaty contact. Down the stretch, CC scoring some 11th hour rips to paunch has Daniel breathing hard and shutting down - girls rub forheads and guards, both badly worn down by the final bell. Lengthy delay as cards are tallied: comes back UD10 healthy - "Bad" Brittany Daniel!


After: Shriek of glee from Brittany: happy blonde yelp cuts Carpenter like a bullwhip across the back as CC visibly wilts with disappointment. Daniel fronting up, holding up two fingers in Charisma's face and tracking brunette as she tries to turn away, finally forcing Carpenter to shove Brittany away in protest. "I told you she was a tired old hag!" Brittany crows on camera. "I battered her! I humiliated her! I toyed with her! She was WHEEZING with hurt from my body shots and she kept begging me to end it in the clinches, but I was all - 'no way, cow - you're here to SUFFER!" CC pointedly dismissing every blonde quote as pure drivel. "You guys know better than to credit anything Daniel has to say," Charisma says quietly. "She took it to me in the second half - I will give her that. The rest of it is typical Brittany BS. You guys have no idea how much this hurts. Losing to Daniel is...it's just the lowest feeling in the world. She's so hateful and small - it makes me physically ill to see her hand raised in victory over me."

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