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22 January 2005 Title Ch Kristanna Loken vs Torrie Wilson

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Posted by simguy 1-22-05  (Thanks to Ginny for this repost)


"Fighting champion," sneers guest commentator Rachel Hunter. "Loken's padding her record again and she has the gall to call herself a fighting champion. Everyone knows I'M the people's champ - THE most ducked fighter in boxing, especially by Miss Kris Loken. I'll you why she doesn't want to mix it up with me: I'm too strong. She wants girls she can bully - like Torrie. You don't see Kris in with a Brooke Shields or a Rachel Hunter or even a Gena Lee Nolin because we're true, big women and she doesn't like that kind of heat. Wilson's got some beef - I'm not totally discounting her - but she's got a limp ticker. A few good shots is all it takes to discourage Torrie, and I'm sure Kristanna has that in her at least." Torrie in black bikini - Kris in silver/white satin-and-lace push up and boy cut panties (see Krusher propaganda reference).


Rd 1: Loken on her toes, upbeat, sprinkling Torrie a pesky jab - Wilson, gloves at lips, turning, pawing back her own jab. Girls fall in with gigantic rights - mouth on shoulder for a moment, then LOKEN GOES DOWN! Chin-clipped Kris seeps to the canvas, reclining majestically on her back in delayed effect - Wilson skips away all jiggly/dimply to watch champ shake off KO grogginess for 8. ON COMES TORRIE! Wilson storming in as Loken slides to her left along the ropes - challenger swinging away wide lefts and rights - Loken bending forward, shopworn. Job of work for Torrie, just going big-girl at what's left: Loken open mouthed and fragile, reaching around Wilson's waist to snuggle up - Torrie pounding away over outstretched arms to bash hip and back, even clapping her forearm across Torrie's shoulderblades with fat moist spanks. LOKEN TAKES A KNEE! Breathless champ bludgeoned in one such clinch late - Torrie pushed back and warned - she's ignoring the advice, 100% focused on ruinous Kris Loken tonight.


Rd 2: Loken ramshackle, flat footed - she pops jabs as Torrie rushes in - Wilson crowding Kris to ropes and working. Loken still reaching under Torrie's arms to bog her down, uses a hip to lever Torrie awkwardly into the ropes and suddenly it's Kris all over Wilson! Loken putting 'em together like a lightweight - nice tight left uppercut as Torrie leans forward, followed by a tucking left in around Torrie's elbow (Loken carrying her right hand low, just sinking the left in deep). Wilson bending forward, gets stacked up a brawny shoulder in her chest, kissed a swiping right hand across her face, clapped a clanging left chaser on the chin and WILSON GOES DOWN! Torrie dropping to her haunches, staring - LOKEN CLOUTS HER AN EXTRA RIGHT HAND! Champ bodied off from the side and warned - her eyes still foggy from first round mayhem - no indication she even knows she fouled Torrie. Staggery 8 Wilson - ON COMES LOKEN! Kris pushing her way in beefy, palming up, driving a lead right in, licking the hook across Torrie's face, brushing the big blonde back. Left in the ribs - Loken arching her back to get up in there - Wilson groaning, face in her mitts. Fight takes on a plodding, plugging pace - Loken fitting in thudding single rights and lefts snug behind elbow, resting her cheek on top of Torrie's damp skull as challenger leans forward. Wilson able to reach under Loken's arms and walk her back in the final moment - woozy, slow waltz midring as girls lay in sweaty, pushing and nudging, then looking for one short-armed lick in cozy confines. Wilson gets a tidy right uppercut in, Loken immediately draping herself and clinching then slooowly peels back to SPRAWL ON THE CANVAS! Torrie blinking, delayed reaction of the shot has her confused - Loken a mess as she tries to roll to her side but she's SO hurt! Kris manages to beat the count, reeling on the ropes at the bell - slobberknocker has both big women on the verge early!


Rd 3: Great gulping mouthfuls of air, both women, eyes hollow, feet sluggish - they slouch to midring, hands low. Pawing jabs and murderous hail-mary right hands: girls falling into sweaty clinches, wrestling and shoving. Tied up, they swat and club each other righty on exposed left hips, left arms of both women wrapped limp under the other's right armpit. Sweaty ref's breaks - more of the same slogging, wade in, slug n' tie up action. Midway through, groggy beauties jab one another's open mouths, both follow up with right hands hoisted heavy off slick thighs to spank drowsy faces, both finish up swinging hooks looped clanging to chin and TORRIE'S PUT WOBBLY BUTT! Wilson dismayed, stumbling away with a stricken how-could-you expression - Loken gulping, steadying herself and trudging on in. Sloppy push-and-punch gets Torrie ropeside - Loken swinging from her hips, teeth bared as she lugs home harm to the ribs and tummy. Wilson sagging forward, all used up and LOKEN POUNDS JUG! Great heaping mittfulls of rack stacks Torrie up and bends her woozy at the ropes as LOKEN'S ALL IN! Kris burning her last reserves, plowing away hamhanded lefts and rights and THE REF JUMPS IN! Official panicked at the sight of all that jug being ransacked with nothing coming back - poor Torrie slobberknockered, right arm draped over top rope for support - TKO3 for the winner and STILL champ, Kristanna Loken.


After: Wilson showing her disappointment - so close to dethroning Kris Loken yet again - Last Woman Standing shootout could have gone either way. Both women absorbing tremendous punishment in this fight - Loken digging down to simply slog it out once Torrie's haymakers took the finesse option away.

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