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13 September 2006 Kristanna Loken vs Laura Prepon

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Posted  by simguy 9-13-06 (Thanks to Ginny for this repost)


Loken coming off a hair-raising victory over Nat Henstridge looks to have righted her ship - now the Krusher welter focuses on payback. "People around me thought we should make Prepon and Visser fight for the right to face me," Kris alledges in prefight. "But I said 'no, I want them both'. I was the most dominant force in female celebrity boxing, and I got that way by fighting and beating every girl out there, not by picking and choosing my challenges. Prepon goes down; Visser goes down - then it's on to the next name on the list until I'm back on top!" Laura Preps anxious to mix it up - young hopeful one of the hardest right handed hitters in the game, knows she's got the artillery to effect Kristanna. "Definitely, I can hurt her," Laura tells assembled press. "That's going to be constantly on her mind: my punching power. I know I take a better shot than Kris and I've got more heart - if she trades with me, even though she can crack too, I think I'll be the last girl standing."


Laura in butterscotch plaid bikini, long low blonde ponytail, white gloves. Kristanna in dark chocolate VS lace push up and panties, beige gloves, blonde curls in low ponytail with bangs framing face.


Rds 1-2-3: Loken using the ring, showing off a lanky tanned leg in circling and harrassing her foe; Prepon dukes up, flat footed - blocking, jabbing, leaning into heavy right hands. Loken dictating terms, spotting her jab body and head, jotting a variety of right hands at Laura's head: sidearm; straight-off-the-shoulder; uppercut off the right (back) foot. Prepon able to buzz Loken with right crosses, backing the Krusher off - Kris still hinky about facing into the teeth of a big-puncher's offence - much more boxing-inclined at this point. Still, Laura basically outworked, outmanuevered, outclassed - Kris Loken collecting points, keeping herself safe through three.


Rd 4: Similar stuff - Laura stalking, strong on her feet, offering jab/right hands with some authority. Kris on her toes, able to double up her jab while scoot-stepping left, hook off her jab, jab to the body - lots of classy techniques typically more prevalent in the lower weight divisions. Down the stretch, Loken stooping to reach in her left jab to Laura's pale belly - touching and turning Preps: Kris comes off body to hook chin inside Laura's jab, startling Prepon on the spot. Blistering right hand Kris Loken - blonde snarling as she turns into a vicious chin check: Head-swivel, Laura, knees buckle - Prepon staggering around momentarily derailed as Kris draws first blood in the fourth.


Rd 5: Kris upping the intensity - shoving double jabs onto Laura's face, stepping-to and dropping meanspirited right hands to chin - Prepon withstanding a series of jamming chin-checks in early going. Laura proving very sturdy - shipping shots, but keeping her feet - final minute sees her trade right hands with overeager Kris, stunning Loken toe-to-toe. Krissy staring, gobsmacked: Laura sweeps an arcing, wide hook to Loken's ear to gather her in and DRIVES through to chin a searing right cross. Loken raising her arms in panic, legs spasming as she reels to ropes - bell sounds before scowling Laura can press her advantage, leaving Krissy ragged on the cables.


Rd 6: Laura over to offence - she's the aggressor, stalking Kris along the perimeter, locating Loken with a strong jab in the chest, then leaning in with sloping right hands over the top. Predictability of Prepon's attack helping to take the edge off - Kris able to anticipate, lean into ropes or duck low and let Laura punch herself into clinches. Krissy's ears still ringing - she's not mounting much offence - just loping the apron, either staying away or grabbing on tight for breaks. Laura takes the round but can't put the finishing touch to Kris - Loken gets her legs back in a savvy sixth.


Rd 7: Kris Loken retakes the initiative - double-popping that jab while stepping briskly left: just enough lateral movement to confound the more pedestrian Prepon. Loken showing her versatility - she's outboxing Laura outside, but it's still risky fighting at range with Prepon: Krusher looks to edge inside and work young gut this round. Kris with the left at her temple as she steps close, keeping her forehead on Laura's, then easing that left hand onto Laura's right shoulder to hold her in place. Krissy working from there with digging, muscular rights underneath, touching Laura hard in her belly, sternum and ribs. Preps backed to ropes, subtly held and hit, not answering back much: she'd definitely prefer the opportunity to trade long right hands outside.


Rd 8: More smart Kris Loken pressure - jabbing to get herself inside, then staying compact, using her left hand at Laura's right shoulder to control her, plugging away righty amidships. Prepon frowning, butt and back on ropes - she's just laying in with Kris and not working much - soaking up Krusher bodyblows. Good smearing stuff from Kris - pushing on Laura at the ropes, riding her, wearing her down - Loken proving she can bang it up inside or out. Bell: tell-tale buttocks wobble in Prepon's butterscotch trunks - she's got a drowsy, cranky expression after 8 hard rounds of Loken.


Rd 9: Krissy's third straight shutout, largely fought on top of Laura at the ropes. Prepon making the basic mistake of letting Kris get comfortable position inside - ref not doing Laura any favours by continually allowing Loken to ride her left mitt for effective hold and hit. Nothing fancy - Krissy riding Laura to ropes, then working over that big body plugging right hands: Prepon shuddering under the thick touches - reaching to tie up, but not really working off the ropes.

Rd 10: Laura shying away from Krissy's jab - Krusher really establishing supremacy with that punch, stinging Prepon and discouraging her with it. Laura hounded to ropes - Krissy gets back on with that crafty high left hand, grinding away with forehead-on-face and digging firm right hands to Prepon-paunch. Laura glum, sponging punches, then tieing up with pouting expressions: Loken pressing Laura into ropes during the clinches, always wanting judges to see how strong she is. Bell to bell, Krissy - really smothering and bludgeoning in classic big-girl fashion to the finish line. Comes back UD10, Kris Loken.


After: Loken strutting the ring, exchanges playful looks and winks with Nik Visser at ringside - Visser standing, applauding tongue-in-cheek as her big Krusher payday remains intact. "That's another girl down," gloats Kristanna in postfight, swigging Evian, looking all golden and sweaty in victory. "She stroked me a couple of heavy right hands and I took them well - anybody counting on knocking me out now is in for a long night. I showed why I'm the class of this division - Laura's young and strong, but I took her apart tonight. I've worked hard on improving my inside game - I feel like I can change things up when I need to now and I know I'm way too physical for most of these chicks to handle mouth-on-shoulder."

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