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22 September 2006 Kristanna Loken vs Nikki Visser

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Posted by simguy 9-22-06 (Thanks to Ginny for this repost)


"She's snooty," Nikki says of Kristanna in prefight, "all the Krusher girls are - but Kristanna's the worst. She still thinks she's head-and-shoulders better than the rest of us, but I've thrashed her soundly in the past and I'll do it again. She may well be back on her feet now, but I'll have her off them in a jiffy. I'm very comfortable with her in the ring - I know how to get to Kristanna Loken." Loken ticking off names on her comeback - a very successful comeback to this point - Visser a particularly galling entry on that list. "Nikki's just an Australian beach-bunny - a total nobody," Loken sneers, weilding her own slender celebrity like a club, "she beat me on a total fluke last time out and I need to put that behind me. She can box a bit, there's a certain nippiness to her punches - but believe me - she can't stand against a Kristanna Loken who's clicking on all cylinders. I'll blow this girl right out of the ring in this fight - and I BETTER see a top 5 ranking out of Tractorbull when I'm done!" Visser in white sports bra, blue/white splash print bikini bottoms, white gloves. Kristanna in taupe Victoria Secret lace push up and boycut bottoms, white gloves.


Rd 1: Loken the aggressor, pursuing nimble Nikki all around the ring. Visser leggy, keeping her distance, and even when she runs out of ring - she's showing good upperbody movement, bending low to get under Loken-swipe. Kris tight-lipped, tossing hard when she gets close - tight rights and lefts sweeping brisk over Nikki's back as Visser ducks, then pivots out of dodge. Still, Loken advancing, finding Nik with the odd jab and lusty body shot on the flank - Krissy posts a shutout largely by default as Nikki stays on the defensive.


Rd 2: Visser with the ability to bounce backwards, then bounce forwards with sudden punching - Loken has to be careful of these abrupt potshotting counterattacks. Kris patient, keeping everything behind that long, pounding jab, reserving her coiled right hand only for rare occasions when Nikki's fully committed defensively and can't jump out of the way. Kris still doing most of her firm scoring with the jab and the odd ringing single-shot body blow - Visser using the ring, keeping contact sporadic at best.


Rd 3: There it is: Nikki bounding back from a Loken one-two, then hopping in to chop a tidy right to chin - Krissy's stepping in fence post holes as Nikki takes over. Thudding followup to Loken's gut: Nikki back straight, weight on lead left foot as she bounces a free-swinging left/right off taut golden breadbasket, neatly scooting to the right as Krissy swipes back a wan hook. Visser wheeling to her right, stooping occasionally to worry Kristanna's abs with jabs, or jumping in quick lead rights and clawing hooks in brisk combination. Loken stabilizes, using her own legs well to get out of range when she needs to be safe. Late the round, girls trade rifling rights/comeback hooks and KRISSY SITS NIKKI DOWN! Blasting chin-check sends Visser skidding along her perfect keister - sitting up pretty, knuckles on mat, blinking up in wonder at an exultant Loken. Kristanna stomping to neutral corner and playing to the crowd: Nikki up in good shape, shaking her pretty head to clear it as she drops her third straight.


Rd 4: Nikki back to ranging the ring, long legs muscular and trim, propelling her effortlessly around the canvas. Loken hopping in pursuit, but smart, disciplined: elbows in, dukes gathered beneath her chin - she's using footwork to get herself into position before releasing her hands, minimizing Visser's chance to counter. Loken with a nice loose delivery on both jabs and right hands from the shoulder - good hip/torso rotation, nice wide, spring-loaded stance - absolutely no signs of the 'shot' fighter some commentators had written Krissy off as. Visser able to keep her back clear of ropes and minimize the damage - but this isn't winning the fight for her. Loken dictating terms, scoring to the body with lanky lefts or rights, hounding her girl all around the ring.


Rd 5: Nikki one of the best at punching off her movement - she catches Loken reaching in, hooks Krissy's chin, putting Krusher beauty wobbly butt at the minute mark. Loken stooping forward behind her mitts, trying to set her feet: Nikki bangs that breadbasket a FAT right/left - free-swinging arms, bouncing mitts-on-meat contact to draw cheers from the crowd. Nikki steps right, dabbing her jab pesky-like at Loken's lips: sharp right hand clangs off Loken's jaw; jagged left uppercut picks up her chin - sending fresh tremors down long Krusher legs. Loken stamping/staggering to ropes, covered up earmuff: Nikki steps-with, banging that body those lovely, strapping right/lefts, bunching Loken up with a groan. Visser backs off, luring Loken to midring, and the pattern stays the same: Nik circling, looking to get the ball rolling with one of those shearing lead right hands, then mop up strong amidships if she can get Loken stumblebumming around behind her mitts.


Rd 6: Wide ranging action of the first half giving way to more set piece action: both girls going flat-footed in spots, looking to trade at medium distance with heartfelt leather. Best two-way action of the fight so far - Visser bouncing mitts off meat as she puts together scrumptious combinations up and down Loken's flanks. Krissy not as active, but placing firm hooks and crosses off her jab - punishing the Visser ribcage while looking for the chin. Midway through, furious exchange ends when Loken catches Nikki a chin-hook as Visser's leaning away - sudden power-outage in Visser's legs sends her reeling to ropes. Nik shows moxie - momentarily frazzled and stunned, without her legs to bail her out - she brawls the bigger Kristanna to a standstill as Loken squares away and goes for it at the apron. Loudest cheering of the fight as girls finally give fans of action fights something to cheer about alongside the well-satisfied purists.

Rd 7: Back to wide-ranging action - Nikki using the ring, using her legs, rotating counterclockwise and keying everything off that sneaky body-jab. Loken tentative, getting turned and outmanoeuvred for the first time tonight: Visser finally establishing her game, harrassing and nibbling at the bigger girl from outside, trying to break Krissy down a bit before looking for bigger hits.


Rd 8: Nikki does it again - stick-and-moving, turning Krissy, keeping her on the defensive and well outside. Visser stooping and thrusting jab-to-gut: Loken grunting, crunching forward a bit with her dukes up - nothing she can do but soak that punch as Nikki scoots away after scoring. Visser also jabbing at the face, and getting off abrupt, gatling-gun rights and lefts off the jab - Loken on her back (right) foot, grimacing as she tries to block these blows from scoring to her face. All about Nikki's legs and distance - when she gets her balance and timing just right - she dictates her fights.


Rd 9: Loken firming psychologically, refusing to get discouraged: she goes back to jabbing-with Nikki, punching down onto Visser's head whenever Nikki tries for Krissy's belly button. Loken cutting off the ring better, leaning into slinging right hands, then cleverly stepping out to lure Visser forward, hoping to clap Nik a cute check-hook off the hip. Krissy heavier-handed - moving Nikki even when she hooks the Aussie's shoulder - Loken bangs out the points in another tactical round, managing Visser's agility nicely this round.


Rd 10: Both girls starting to find the mark with jabs-to-face, each taking turns walking the other down with stern poke. Loken's right hand the more threatening weapon - she keeps it coiled tight against her chest, ready to intercept Visser with the uppercut, or lash out with crosses to Nikki's chin: it's a punch Nikki just can't afford to get clouted with. Visser own right crisp-n-nippy up the middle - but it's a tapping straight shot, knocking back Krissy's head but never hurting her - Loken able to walk through it if need be, stepping into her hook with authority. Nikki nimble enough to fade Krissy's punching, taking the KO edge off them - but Visser backpedalling and sidestepping isn't taking the fight to Krissy the way judges would like. Comes back a classy UD10 - Kristanna Loken.


After: Visser stalking around in postfight, hands on hips, glaring at canvas - her usual lithe, athletic effort presents all sort of problems for Kris, but not enough Aussie offence tonight to snag the win. Loken upbeat - she'd wanted the knockout, but will definitely settle for a firm decision over the leggy Wonder from Down Under. "She wanted to box - I boxed her," Krissy shrugs. "I hurt her a couple of times, and I know she's a little gunshy from recent KOs - she obviously didn't want to risk trading with me. I'm just gonna keep clawing my way back to the big dance, you know? Anybody the big boss women put in front of me - I'll knock 'em down and get to the next body until there's no one left!"

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