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4 November 2006 Title Ch Kristanna Loken vs Laura Prepon

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Posted  by simguy 11-4-06 (Thanks to Ginny for this repost)


"She's got a puncher's chance," Loken shrugs, all but dismissing her opponent in prefight. "Good jab, right hand - Laura's a basic big-girl package - nothing I haven't seen before. She doesn't pose a legitimate threat to me - I fight my fight, I win - it's as simple as that." Prepon champing at the bit - images of Loken sprawled on her back motivating the youngster to make the most of her opportunity. "All I need is one good look at her chin," Laura promises the assembled. "Kris is doing a better job of protecting herself these days, so I may lose 9 rounds walking her down, but as long as I get that one clean shot, I like my chances!" Kris in black VS lace bra and panties. Laura in butterscotch plaid bikini, two long pigtails.


Rd 1: Patient ring-management, Kris Loken. Krusher steppin' left, pumping intermittent jabs off the shoulder, pursing her lips as she bangs back Laura's available face. Loken pushing off the ball of the right foot - very comfortable, spring-loaded delivery as she extends on firm poke. Prepon stalking, coming forward, and gobbling leather - Prepon proving stubborn, hittable in the first.


Rd 2: Kautious Kris hurts Laura a right cross early - only follow up is a single withering hook licked hot to Prepon's midsection - then Loken's stepping away to box. Prepon grimacing, rubbery-legged, but serviceable - she goes back to stalking, walking Kristanna down as Loken turns, pumps stick, keeps her distance for a shutout second.


Rd 3: Laura lumping up - she's just facing into Loken's pulverizing stick. Preps jabbing back at long last, finding and spanking Loken's face - rangy big women circle and reach left hands into one another's pretty mugs for much of the round. Both women dropping the odd right hand - both defending it well, neither vixen hurt. Occasional clinch-and-release as girls fall in together - neither really working on the inside. Better round for Laura, but this long-range, tactical fare suits Loken just fine.

Rd 4: Prepon's corner urging her to "get rough" - they want Krusher backbone brushing ropes this round - oh, does Laura deliver. Loken jabbed to ropes and eating her first stern Prepon right cross: Krissy's head tossed to starboard, Krissy's knees buckle as she reaches to clinch. Ref's break - hungry, hungry, Prepon striding in with a sweeping right roundhouse loud to golden brown body: Loken stifling a cry as she buckles forward, face in gloves. Prepon bulling Kris back into ropes, showing good rawboned strength - Laura sloshes away wide lefts and rights, strapping beefy to either Loken flank. Middle minute sees Loken push a weak right - Prepon leans in and SLAMS home a shellacking right to jaw and THERE GO KRISSY'S LEGS! Loken SHABBY with hurt - hanging off Laura's neck in a desperate bid to clinch - Prepon pushing and squirming to free up her long arms for more slugging. Bell: Laura lashing her arms back and forth, pounding at the Loken midsection - Krissy clinched behind Laura's neck pulling her head forward as the wallop adds up.


Rd 5: Krissy on her bicycle, clearly alarmed at Laura's destructive potential - but Loken rallying on wire-taut legs. Sizzling jab pounding at Laura's upperchest and face, really smashing at her - then Loken sidesteps away. Kris with a quick-flicking hook-off-the-jab, and the odd tidy right hand short off the shoulder - she's getting off and getting out, using every inch of ring. Prepon getting rung up, but walking through it: she's seen Kris hurt, simply determined to walk Loken down and finish her now.


Rd 6: Loken forcing Preps to run through a gauntlet of jabs - Krissy picking spots to plant and walk Laura into screeching right hands to chin. Knockdown in the first minute, knockdown in the third - Laura stumbling into shelling rebukes - pounded to hands and knees as Kris finally shows full committment on her punches. Laura badly busted up this round, badly loosened - Loken strutting to neutral corners, eyes flashing: she's every inch the champion, staying focused, going back in and adding to the damage with fully extended, well executed punches.


Rd 7: Laura feeling her way forward - nose bleeding, left eye closed, but she's still clearly vigourous and aggressive. Preps stepping, crouching, pawing with her left hand to set up what she hopes will be the fight-finishing right to Loken's chin. Krissy leggy, pumping stick to body and head, changing directions on her flat-footed foe. Loken very light on her feet, making Laura reach, keeping Laura off balance - another round for the champ as clock ticks down on Prepon's chances through 7.


Rd 8: Odd looking round - Kris taking jabs, retreats to ropes, shows peek-a-boo and basically slugs it out toe-to-toe with Laura near the Krusher corner. Prepon breathing through pursed lips - working hard as she sweeping fat rights and lefts wide to Loken's waist, graduating up torso to wallop Kris about her head and shoulders. Krissy keeping dukes up, leaning forward into the arc of Laura's swings - many of Prepon's punches wrapping around the champ rather than clapping her flush. Both ladies working the body with dip-n'-lick uppercuts - just steady, methodical, supple stuff as girls take turns down there. Loken getting it done - she's better defensively, tighter and cuter with her punches - Prepon paying a high price to keep Kris hemmed in at the ropes.


Rd 9: Kris in danger of giving this round away - up on her toes, circling the perimeter - crowd booing as Loken runs from a stalking Prepon. Boos turn to cheers as Kris steals the round late with an intercepting right hand - just stepping to her right, walking Laura in and greeting her chin a head-snapping cross. Laura slobberknocked - hands crossed at her body as she takes the blow - head tossing to the right, lips pursed - she staggers forward in the aftermath, covering up in swoon as Loken backs off yet again rather than pressing to close.


Rd 10: Kris pounding at Laura with jabs, dropping right hands, scooting to the right or backing out of range - Loken's legs in complete control of this bout. Prepon all banged up - badly swollen, but struggling forward - she's still pawing that left hand, trying to find Loken, then end her with a single, shearing right. Never happens - Krissy keeps Laura turning midring, smashing away at Prepon's face and upperchest, nullifying Laura's vaunted right hand power. Comes back a comfy UD10 wide, for the winner and STILL champ - Kristanna Loken.


After: Krusher big-women making a statement tonight - Loken joining Nolin in the winner's circle. Prepon gets her good look at Krissy's chin in the the fourth round, nearly finishing Loken, but champ shows improved grit and survival skills in refusing to succumb. "That's the kind of fight I had been losing," Loken admits in postfight, shiny with victorious sweat, white towel around her neck. "She caught me and I felt my legs go - but I've learned to clinch and hang on - do whatever it takes to get to the finish line. Welterweights ARE going to hit you and hurt you - that's the nature of the game. It's how you handle it when it happens that separates champions from girls like Laura."

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