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21 March 2008 Kristanna Loken vs Stacy Keibler

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Posted by by simguy 3-21-08 (Thanks to Ginny for this repost)


"She's too flimsy," Loken sneers in prefight, wrinkling her nose at the thought of Stacy. "Seriously - one good hit - she'll break. She doesn't belong in a boxing ring with a woman like me." Keibler laughing off the disrespect, firing back with both barrels from the podium: "Miss Chinny-Chins is calling ME flimsy? One good hit on that crystal vase she calls a jaw and Loken's going to sleep! I'm tuff - I take it and I give it in the ring, and if Kris hadn't noticed - I was the most dominant champ the welterweight division ever had. I'm coming in gang-busters and blowing this chick away!" Kris in simple black cotton bra and sturdy trunks - soft, but legit-big - she's sporting black gloves. Keibler in white lace bra and panties; white gloves - Stacy looking harder, lighter than her foe.

Rds 1-2: Loken unimaginative, but rudely effective: jabs to Stacy's chest herd her to ropes: bludgeoning pound-down of the flanks and ribcage proceeds until Keibler clinches bring the ref in. Loken putting a body on Keibler, preventing Stacy's spin moves off the ropes: Keibler huffing and puffing with a big girl on her chest - Kristanna constantly pressing in and smothering the receipts. Good controlling rounds from Kris - she piles up damage on Keibler's slender chassis, dictates all terms through 2.

R3: Keebs loping, flipping out her own jab, using the ring. Minute mark, she feints, then rips a gambling right uppercut, clipping and stunning Kris to chin. Keebs hopping in: wide left hook strokes jaw; short right hand straight to mouth; wide left hook as Krissy's pulling back and LOKEN'S DOWN! Sharp, long-limbed clapping at Loken's chin sits her down: she bounds right back up, pressing against ref to continue, but her thighs are shimmying. Keebs over to offense: we see how hurt Loken is by the fact that she can't hold canvas as the smaller woman pushes in. Stacy bodying up, walking Kris to ropes for payback beat down. Keibler frowning as she lays on licks - whap-batting rights and lefts about head and shoulders - followed by galloping rights and lefts against the Loken tummy. Kris grumpy, absorbing a beating, not answering back much in the third. Loken's body meat bunching up firm under Stacy's lather.

Rds 4-5: Stacy's firmly in control with her legs - loping the ring, assuming wide stances for batting, lapping volleys, then bounding out of range. Loken a little sluggish - stalking Stacy as Keibler works the ring - but not much punching from Kris. When Loken does place her jab well and steps in behind it, she's accepting clinches from Stacy, just walking Keebs to ropes for ref's breaks. Energetic Stacy outpacing heavier vixen in these rounds: More and more, Loken's looking for the one big shot to end it.

R6: Ringing right uppercut stuns Kristanna again: Stacy cleaning up with that wide, almost slapping left hook and short, drilling rights - pounding Krissy's face and driving her to ropes. Loken hurt, grumpy - slouches off ropes in a sullen earmuff: big body just standing there, suffering Stacy's punches. Keibler galloping - lashing her arms at tummy; jabbing at the high guard to pry it open for right hands. Kris hard to hurt - she's all clammed up, absorbing to the body and blocking headshots - Keibler just painting away for points on a lethargic Loken through 6.

R7,8: Signs of life from Kristanna. Firm, shocking jab disrupts Stacy, taking her in the chest and knocking her backwards. Loken piling in, bodying up, pancaking Keebs to ropes: Krissy writhing, rotating her brawny shoulders to free up her mitts, then stuffing 'em into Stacy's gut and ribs. Keibler groaning, tieing up around Krissy's head: Loken given the opportunity to smite the ribcage some tasty right hands in close. Good big-girl shove and slug - Loken reducing her foe's chassis, beating her arms: nothing flashy or fancy, just good sound welterweight attrition through 8.

R9: Stacy gets that ringing right uppercut again - Loken not seeing it: chin-clipping wallop puts Kris wobbly butt, has her stamping in fence post holes. Stacy baring her teeth - in and out on Kris from a wide stance, pasting wide lefts and spearing rights to Krissy's head: LOKEN GOES DOWN! No one punch does it - but the constant bat-and-lather about the skull unbalances Kristanna, dropping her to all fours. Loken disgusted, pounding the canvas before rising: she can't believe Stacy's sharp punching is getting her off her feet.

R10: Listless Loken pursues energetic Stacy: Kris in sullen earmuff, stepping forward, pawing her jab; Keibler frisky on the outside, bopping in and out - widening her stance to clout at Loken's flanks and skull with wide, batting punches. Inconclusive action - Keibler can't really hurt Loken; Kristanna too discouraged to up tempo and try to hustle Stacy out of there. Keibler cruises to points, takes the 10th and the decision UD10.

After: Loken getting a bit of a talking to in her corner after the announcement - Janet chiding her welterweight for sluggish legs and poor attitude in a fight Kris was more than capable of winning. Keibler frothy - smiling and hugging anyone in her vicinity - she didn't get to stretch Loken, but you'd never know it by upbeat Keibler's demeanor.

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