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5 November 2001 Title Ch Jada Pinkett-Smith vs Jaime Pressly

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Posted by Simguy on 11/5/2001, 7:36 am (Thanks to Ginny for this repost)


Before: Pressly scalded by criticism she didn't prepare properly for Pinkett's previous challenge, comes in rock hard and steely eyed for the rematch. Jada P not impressed, "Once I punk a girl out, she stays punked. Get ready baby, 'cause I'm all real." Pinkett positioned to become Pressly's own personal Cat Bell with another win over the favoured blonde - it's an edgy title defense to be sure. Jada in pink tube top and trunks, Pressly in orange bandeau top, royal blue cheerleader bottoms (lollipops).


During R1: Wild, free swinging action - not a lot of contact as both girls execute sloppy. Pressly swaying in and out with a cuffing left hook, chopping right hand routine - Pinkett staying low, coming out of her crouch with chugging lefts and rights in the horizontal plane, trying to pick up Jaime's ribcage with multiple spanks while the blonde's in range.


R2: Girls settle down - still brisk, offensive oriented action, but both are staying in longer to see the glove hit the target. Pinkett continues to pound away side to side against Jaime's cable-strong torso - Pressly head hunting with whip armed combinations, the rising left, the downward chopping right as she continues to work in and out on her shorter foe.


R3: Pressly getting the better of the action - she's connecting as she leans in, but making Pinkett come up short just by swaying out of range. Stubborn Jada getting shiny, but refusing to be discouraged, and in the final minute - she catches Pressly's chin a clouting left hook, heaps on a crashing right upside the head, clangs home another wide left and Pressly spills into the ropes with a glassy look! Jaime shaken up as Jada climbs aboard - batting, sweeping salvoes to the bell steal the stanza for the champ at the close.


R4: Pressly still shaky-legged, now sporting a don't-hurt-me jab as she wanders to her left - aggressive Jada hunting her down, crouching and exploding up with sweeping left hands that have the blonde in ragged retreat. Midway through, Pinkett finally lands a lottery left on the chin, swivelling Pressly's face and buckling her knees - Jaime's hurt. Pinkett with a patented swarm of batting, almost random punches beats Pressly to the ropes - blonde can only cover up and weather the storm as Jada trashes her. Pinkett running out of steam in the final minute can't finish the job - but Pressly's cut over the right eye, stunned, and badly worked over through 4.


R5: Pinkett surges early, but the crazy-punching pace takes it's toll as the champ start to fade. Pressly able to pick a tiring Pinkett up with a fade-away jab, then a clipping left uppercut as the champ steps forward, pivoting away as Jada can't close effectively. Pressly's first round of boxing effective as Pinkett struggles to maintain the disruptive pace of the early rounds.


R6: Pressly's recovered, Pinkett's mouth-breathing and the blonde takes over. Jaime with those rangy left hands, stroking along Jada's jaw and buffetting the champ onto her left foot. Pressly's slinging rights are kissing hard off Jada's face, punishing the left eye as Pinkett's head movement disappears. Hard punching, accuracy, and steady work from Pressly put Pinkett wobbly butt this round as blonde retakes momentum.


R7: Wild two way action blisters up midring as the girls bat away at each other - Pinkett loving the random trade forces Jaime to bail and circle for other options. Pressly closing up her stance, feeding Pinkett the lanky jab from the hip, slide-stepping away to draw the champ in, and nailing her with repeated straight right hands ala Floyd Mayweather Jr. - Jada starts to stumble in the final minute as she eats some gorgeous rights directly to her face.


R8: Somebody stop the fight. Pressly in her closed stance, luring Jada in, gets the ball going early with a cuffing left to the ear, right hand on the eye that sends Pinkett wobbling backward with despair on her drowsy face - Jaime never looks back. Historic beating of a damaged champion as Pressly rampages around the ring, walking Pinkett down, lashing at her pretty face with slicing combinations as Jada reels from pillar to post. Pressly's arms in constant slinging motion - slashing past Jada's pathetic guard, HARD connects against the face as the proud champion refuses to go down, but can no longer defend herself. Beating just rambles on and on. Final minute - Jada out on her feet, sliding senselessly along the ropes - Jaime stepping with her and beating the bejesus out of her with vicious rising lefts, and chopping rights, finally hounds Pinkett to a corner and proceeds to help herself to face as Jada's hands drop, body droops forward, and head jolts back with sickening lack of resistance. Ref FINALLY steps in as the crowd is screaming for stoppage - TKO8 Jaime Pressly.


After: Blonde justice is served - sweet revenge and the crown retaken as Pressly manages a hurting smile beneath her own bruises. Not so Pinkett. Recipient of the worst single round beating in recent memory, Jada is virtually carried from the ring and issues no statement from her dressing room. Not the Pressly who beat Tom and Liu - this was a girl who barely boxed, using her legs a little to set up sensational whip armed power shots, but otherwise simply stepping in to lay on the hurt in an unusually brutal celebrity match up

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