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15 December 2001 Title Ch Jaime Pressly vs Eliza Dushku

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Posted bt Simguy on 12/15/2001 (Thanks to Ginny for this repost)


Before: Highly anticipated rematch between elite flyweight champions. Pressly sky high after obliterating Liu, realizes that the only thing between her and dynasty is Eliza. Dushku happy to be back in the limelight, anxious to reclaim top dog status. Worriesome performances against Hatcher downplayed by HISC media spinners, but pundits realize Pressly has some of that same lanky power at this weight - onus is on Dushku to show she can adjust. Red leather bra style bikini for Dushku, black string bikini, short tousle look for Pressly.


R1: Jamie boxing, closed stance, low left, high right, stepping in, out, and around behind a strong stick. Dushku turning, peering over her gloves at the champ, blocking most of the jabs, but it's all Pressly getting off, dictating. Eliza not negotiating distance, watching the champ put on a clinic. Jamie jumping in with some abrupt lead right hands that squeak through the guard, pitches a classy shutout this round.


R2: Jamie continuing to out-class Dushku with her legs, lifting the jab off her hip, or suddenly biting the hook, pivoting to the left - it's a serviceable Floyd Mayweather imitation early. Midway through, Dushku still covered, up, bobbing her head side to side, trying to time the champ. A sudden step in with a spearing overhand right to the sternum sets Eliza on her front foot, down low, and she EXPLODES up out of her crouch with a shattering hook, catching Pressly clean across the teeth. And Jamie goes OUT! Pressly ROCKETING to her back, arms and head bouncing lifelessly off the canvas as she is immediately submerged into slumber. Sensational KO2 for the winner and NEW flyweight champion, Eliza Dushku!


After: Cameras press in on the shockingly still Jamie Pressly, face peaceful, a single hairline of blood trailing from the corner of her mouth on up around her cheek - she is gone for an uncomfortably long time as Dushku parades in triumph. Pressly in complete control of the bout, or was she? "Youngsters coming up should study this tape," beams Eliza, belt across her shoulder, "It's about precision. It's about skill. Jamie wasn't doing anything except giving me a good look at her, getting her rhythm, and the moment I wanted her, I took her. The sherriff is back ladies and gents - let the good times roll!"

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