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12 November 2005 Title Ch Jaime Pressly vs Evangeline Lilly

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Posted  by simguy 11-12-05 (Thanks to Ginny for this repost)


True hard-bodied matchup for bantam belts - most dominant champ in the game taking on arguably the most worthy #1 contender as Lilly has scrapped her way up the ladder. "Jaime's the pot of gold at the end of a long, hard, rainbow," Lilly says in prefight. "She's everything I've been working for. There are softer touches for a belt, but I'm glad I'm facing Pressly in my first title contest. This is as tough as it gets, and I'm ready." Pressly trying to get in Lilly's head at first with typical hijinx - quickly sees Evangeline's not playing. "The girl is hot right now," Jaime says at the podium. "She's taken a lot of scalps to get here, but one thing about championships: it takes more than heat to win 'em. I'm not just another champion, understand? I pop bubbles. I break hearts. I expose flaws and I take chumps out. Lilly looks good coming in - I will give her that. Going out's going to be another story: we'll see what this girl's really got under the hood once I do some poking around in there." Jaime in robobabe silver bikini - Evangeline in evergreen bikini top, fluorescent orange bikini bottoms - tangled brown curls drawn back in low ponytail.


R1: Jaime on her toes, dancing right, stomp-feinting at Eva, measuring reactions. Pressly utilizing the tummy-jab, stooping to get it in there, looking to snap-hook the chin off it, or just stepping away to create space. Lilly stalking, just cutting off the ring for the first two minutes - down the stretch, she bites off a tight counter-hook against Jaime's tummy jab and PRESSLY'S HURT! Jaimes startled by tidy chin-check - she wobbles away, dukes at temples, mouth open as Lilly steps-to that ribcage! OH the pounding downstairs - Lilly's lips pressed tight as she REEFS at Jaime's lean frame - great crunching rights and lefts bouncing off wiry ribcage as Pressly's drummed numb at the ropes. Jaime gasping, clinching to run the clock - champ queasy-kneed at the bell as Lilly steals the first.


R2: Jaime hard-eyed, sticking with the same plan, but keeping the right hand up higher, now hook-wary. Lilly still stalking, still getting tapped in her body courtesy Jaime's left paw, taking a little more poke on her face than she'd like as Pressly fades back behind an educated stick. A few zesty exchanges as girls step into combination-punching range, get off, then disengage - rangy, athletic stuff sees Pressly eke out a narrow, but well-defined advantage.


R3: Same again - basically a battle of footwork, reflexes, distance management. Jaime initiating, changing the geometry of the fight, dictating terms - Lilly's fighting hard and well, but basically following Pressly's script. Jaime setting the table with her jab to Lilly's tummy: Pressly gets that touch, she can snap off her hook, or jot the right hand through to 'Vangie's chin. Lilly relying on stout hooks, landing with plenty of pop, but being blocked fairly effectively as blonde reads, reacts like a champ through 3.


R4: Evangeline picks up the pace, jabbing-with Jaime to disrupt, force-feeding the blonde right hands to back her up and MAULING the champ at the ropes. Lusty, banging rights and lefts to flanks and waist have Pressly buckling - she's reaching in to clinch off the ropes: Lilly lifting her elbows and stacking the champ back up for more work. Harrowing first minute for Jaime: she's crossing her arms, twisting side to side, elbows raised to ward off punches, but Lilly's handing out a SENSATIONAL two-fisted drubbing! Pressly rocked again and again - Lilly hurting the champ up top and consolidating with something tuff in the body every time - Evangeline well schooled on this opponent. Jaime weathers the fury, starts punching back off-ropes in the second minute: crisp, licking right and left uppercuts find the Lilly chin, traumatize the Lilly knees. Evangeline backs out with awe-struck eyes - SHE'S hurt and Pressly wades forward! HAMMER AND TONGS! Both beauties ramshackle, digging in on uncertain legs and ripping each other vicious: girls raking each other hooks, crosses, uppercuts toe-to-toe. Round ends with battle-weary vixens laying in mouth on shoulder, taking turns lifting evil punches up into pain-soaked tummies/lungs at the bell. Both straggling back to corners GROGGY. (Break: Pressly's trainer probing Jaime's ribs during the break, asking her if she's ok - Jaime grimacing, blanching, flinching at the touch.)


R5: Jaime favouring her right side - she rotates to her left (away from Lilly's hook), shows Lilly a snappy jab as champ wants space, time, to recuperate. Lilly stalking, but punch-weary herself - both girls dial it back a notch, looking to regroup. Pressly the savvier vixen out in space - a longer, more educated jab, classier feet - she can be safe, in control outside as long as Lilly isn't totally committed to closing the gap. Evangeline moving her head well, accepting less stick on her face, but not doing much offensively.


R6: Lilly jabs, uptempos, gets after Jaime: good things happen. Evangeline hounding champ to ropes and working her over: Pressly showing high guard and long coastlines, just laying back against the ropes, twisting side to side to blunt the incoming. Evangeline pounding away snappy: working in and out of a forward crouch, dukes curled in under her chin as she resets, then bouncing hard off Pressly's ribs, arms. Jaime breaking down some: mouth open from the second minute on, movements slowing as she turns and slips, dipping and digging the odd lanky left hook back at Lilly's ribs, but otherwise letting the brunette get off big-girl. Bell to bell Evangeline: she's coming after Jaime's body tonight and both girls know it.


R7: More good Lilly pressure - Jaime fading, picking Lilly up on the way in with jabs, intercepting right hands, but blonde back still hits ropes as brunette hustles forward. Evangeline systematic, relentless, punching, punching, punching to the body and arms of Pressly. Jaime mouthbreathing again, trying to tie up Lilly's arms and bog things down: brawny brunette shoving and elbowing for room, then digging at that golden brown goodness downstairs. Nice, bruising, flat footed stuff: Jaime pinned down at the ropes, laying in shoulder to shoulder with Evangeline, swatting the odd hook, hoisting the odd uppercut, then covering up glum as Lilly smashes back a thudding series of marauding lefts and rights. Evangeline imposing her will - she's muscling Jaime, taking away the legs and keeping blonde on the defensive through 7.


R8: Jaime sharpshooting. She catches 'Vangie coming in with darting lead rights, hops back to add on the check-hook, then pivots away - Lilly caught staring as she's behind the play early. Middle minute, Jaime fighting tough, standing in there shoulder to shoulder and outhustling Lilly to contest the trenches: important for Jaime to occasionally hold her own inside. Smart boxing final minute - Pressly stepping out, working behind a chip-chiselling jab and using the ring - champ crafts a solid shutout, catching second wind. Lilly back to her corner frustrated, chiding herself under her breath.

R9: Leggy first minute Jaime, but Lilly clocking it well: she steps in and LABELS the champ a shrieking right hand over Pressly's jab to put Jaime wobbly butt. Big, busting body blows follow - walking barrage of hoisting lefts and rights up under the Pressly ribcage bunch her up, back her to ropes and leave her breathless. Shove and slug, Lilly - she's baring her teeth, getting all muscular on Jaime and beating her down - poor Pressly staring, tremble-bodied as the beating adds up. Jaime right hand at cheek, left across gut - listless twisting and turning, tired bending at the waist: Lilly's relentless fists slowly but surely dimming champion's lights. Evangeline banging away hearty to the bell - Jaime throbbing head to hip, looking pale, shaken as she wanders to her stool: Lilly takes the lead going into the tenth and final heat.


R10: Evangeline POURING herself at the dregs, bodying Jaime to ropes, munching into her midsection with short, pumping lefts and rights, shoulders rotating as brunette leans in. Jaime breathless, dipping side to side with Lilly's head on her chest - Pressly just licking back uppercuts from either side, swatting at Lilly's flanks, clipping at her chin. Murderous stuff through two minutes - Lilly trying to smother champ and close her out; Jaime countering beautifully off the ropes, landing some of her cleanest punches off the fight. Final minute - Pressly dipping side to side, tucking in harm to the ribs - Lilly gasps from a hook just below her armpit, doubleclutches on a punch: Pressly lights her up a snazzy left uppercut to put challenger on her heels. Jaime with a delicious spin-move, reverses positions with Lilly to put Vangie's back to ropes and CHAMP TUCKS IN! Whistling lefts and rights - Jaime's most ferocious assault of the evening flows forth - blonde fists shredding brunette defenses as poor Evangeline sways on the spot. Lilly stunned, right at her chin, left across her gut, staring into abuse - Pressly's punches tearing away at face and ribs in SHEETS! Lilly's butt slumps to ropes - she stares in stupor as Jaime rips three consecutive short, carving right uppercuts, jerking Lilly's head around sick as crowd leaps to it's feet. LILLY GOES OUT! 'Vangie standing, but eyelashes fluttering shut - she's just lolling there, taking Jaime's punches and THE REF STEPS IN! Just seconds left to go in the round and Jaime stops Evangeline TKO10!!!


After: Pressly breaking down in immediate aftermath - ALL busted up in her body, on her last legs and behind in the fight - she answers the call like a true warrior princess. Poor Evangeline Lilly! Outfighting Pressly, beating her up, taking away her peerless legs - brunette did everything right, but lack of discipline in final round mop-up costs her TRAGIC tonight. Pressly stiffening, crippled and hobbling, but she makes her way over to Lilly's corner as Evangeline's being gently assisted from the ring. Groggy resentment Lilly to Pressly as wincing Jaime takes the time to hold her belts under 'Vangie's nose, letting her know how close she came tonight. What a fight.

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