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8 September 2006 Eva Mendes vs Jaime Pressly

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Posted by simguy 9-08-06. (Thanks to Ginny for this repost)


Gunslinging showdown - every fighter in boxing taking a professional interest in the outcome of this fight. "Mendes basically made a rep out of beating Jennifer Connelly," Pressly shrugs in prefight. "I look at Eva and I see a pretty limited fighter - she matches up well with Jen I guess, but past that she hasn't proven she can handle different styles and looks. Everyone's thinking this is going to be a titanic struggle, but I gotta say - I think I take Eva apart. Easy." Mendes anxious to redeem herself for dropping the title in a fight some are toting as upset of the year - double-scoop of redemption in the offing if she can beat former champ Pressly. "I'm no one-hit wonder," Eva scowls, daring any in attendance to argue. "Jaime will go down the way everyone else has, and I'll reclaim my throne. I agree on one point however: it WILL be easy." Confident vixens looking hard-and-honed on the scales. Jaime in navy sports bra with stars, red/white vertical barred bikini bottoms (tie-side), slipper-fit white boxing shoes (no socks) white mitts. Eva in lavender string bikini, hair up in messy ponytail, white aerobics shoes/socks, white mitts.


Rd 1: Pressly affecting a Brittany Daniel attack posture, slashing in from angles with daredevil lead right hands off that springy left leg - doubling and tripling up to Eva's head. Mendes stampeded to ropes, stunned early, but banging back - she walks Pressly into a shuddering right to flat blonde tummy, trades hooks, steps into a wiry right cross to Pressly's upperchest, backing blonde off. Jaime scoots outside, scowling as she looks things over, then bounces back in - but Eva's ready this time. Mendes elbows in, dukes up, crouches into Pressly's blitz, getting under blonde right hand - Mendes hooks the ribs, hooks the ribs - tart, tangy punching off taut golden brown muscle - Jaime forced back outside with a pained wince. All Eva after that - brunette stalking blonde, walking her down, pinging away echo-locator jabs at Jaime's guard and chest, sliding a silky right hand off her shoulder and looking for that licking, go-home hook.


Rd 2: Eva spearing in the left jab - pushing off the ball of her right foot, doubling up the poke - she negotiates Jaime into position and checks her chin a SCORCHING right hand seconds in. PRESSLY GOES DOWN! Jaime ripped to chin, jerking a quarter turn to her right, then flopping onto hands and knees in swoon - Mendes GLOWING, strutting to neutral corner, blowing off her right mitt like it's a smoking six gun. Pressly rickety, beats the count for a swaying 8 and HERE COMES EVA! Mendes quickly on top, feet spread wide, weight planted on lead (left leg), pinging the jab, dropping in that bandy-armed quick right cross, then staking all on shivering, vicious left hooks ticketed for Jaime's liver. Pressly butt-in-ropes, stooping forward behind her gloves, biting down on screams as Mendes tests blonde body. Glorious stuff to watch: shiny, tanned, wiry-strong limbs; fit, muscular bodies hard and sinewy - punches bright and spanky as mitts bite and bounce. Mendes owns Jaime and punishes her in the second minute, but down the stretch, rugged blonde comes out of her shell hooking, beating Mendes to punches and bringing crowd to it's feet with renewed two-way hostilities. TORRID blonde punching - Jaime baring her teeth, letting her hands go in rapid-clawing right/lefts as she dips, twitches her hips and licks tidy. Mendes snarling, forced to back up - her lanky form disrupted momentarily by the pressure and pace. Hook to the ribcage, hook to the chin - Pressly twisting tightly into the shot, curling herself to the right while smiting Mendes' jaw and EVA GOES DOWN! Latina sprawling on her back all tingly - picking her head up off canvas in astonished wonder: Jaime P reeling, but standing strong, eyes blazing - gunslingers take turns winging each other in a FURIOUS-punching second!


Rd 3: Jaime with initiative, goes on the attack but does it smart, looking to pick Eva apart rather than out-work her toe-to-toe. Jaime: relaxed dukes collected beneath her chin, left shoulder slightly pointed at Eva - nice snappy, limber jab keeping Latina blinking. Feints from Jaime - Pressly making Eva flinch and commit her guard up high, then jabbing toned Latina body, stepping to the side to avoid the receipt. Jaime's feints also setting up hesitation lead right hands - Pressly able to bend in onto her front (left) foot and collect chin with buggy-whip strokes, leaving Mendes staring. Eva looking uncertain - dukes up, but not moving her head much - when she bites on feints, she's very available, going wobbly-butt on more than one occasion as Jaime leans into wallop. Mendes soaking up blonde power however - Eva stunned, but standing, and by the final moments, she's rejuvenated her jab, starting to contest canvas once again.


Rd 4: Jaime showing her class, feinting her girl, stepping to either side in search of angles, spotting the jab body and head - Mendes definitely on her heels and perplexed as Pressly puts on a boxing clinic. Eva very wary of Jaime's rights to the head now - overcommitting her guard high - Pressly choosing spots to edge in off her jab and flurry hard combinations to that tanned, toned gut. Smoking rights and lefts - snappy blonde punches bitten off that taut brown body, those glistening ribs, shaking Mendes as she grits her teeth and tilts forward behind her mitts. Jaime's arms and back shredding into muscular relief as she sets and pitches brisk - wiry, sleek physique taut with the effort of pouring punches in bunches to Eva's body. Mendes glum, unable to get off in response, but fat-free ribs and proud latina gut bearing up admirably under the furious tic-tac-toe clusters. Jug? Better believe it: Eva's mouthwatering Latina mounds getting a tasty buffetting as Pressly administers swift shoeshines in spots - scrubbing furiously, then stepping away from the outraged receipts. Bell: Jaime makes insolent eye contact with Eva, smiling smugly - blonde SCOURED the points out of brunette body that round and both girls know it.


Rd 5: Eva back with a vengeance, doing business with a long, stiff jab to renegotiate terms midring. Pressly rotating away, stepping to either side rather than try to penetrate against Latina stick - Eva's rifling poke pretty intimidating if she can get her feet set right. Mendes with a rangy right hand delivered off a neat quick-step to her left - Pressly ducking it, but it's all about setting up the vicious Mendes hook. Eva mopping up left hooks loud in Pressly's rightside ribs or atop her head as she crouches forward - Mendes popping her hips to the right, arching her back to pull these beauties into her foe. Pressly wheeling away, breathing hard - Eva much the harder single-shot puncher - Jaime feeling the weight of those body blows in the fifth.


Rd 6: Hard, classy, two-way action - thrilling competition fought out at the upper-reaches of celebrity skill. Mendes eyes narrowed, working behind a heavy jab - quick-step left sets up that sneaky right hand off her shoulder, then lashing hooks target Pressly's ribs and skull. Pressly side to side, in and out, changing level with upperbody writhing, trying to use her nimble feet as a weapon, trying to disrupt Eva's timing - blonde answering brunette power advantage with punches in combination. Close round, but Jaime a little busier, a little more accurate - when she gets inside Mendes' jab, Eva has no answer for that sharp hook to the midsection/hook to the chin combo.


Rd 7: Jaime making an important read: Eva really needs to set her right foot in her wide stance, getting up on the big toe and pushing off the ball of the foot. Pressly denying Mendes her stance with quick lunging jabs to the body and deft sidesteps - Eva constantly forced to adjust stance, can't unleash the way she wants to. Midway through, Pressly all dialed in - she's getting in under Mendes' right hand, hooking the body to pre-empt Latina, and as Eva's staring - the mop up hook's catching her clean on the mouth. Mendes on her heels, facing into too many flush Pressly punches - tell tale signs of stagger-wobble as brunette starts to loosen up. Final minute, Eva shopworn, dishevelled as back hits ropes - she's reacting late, getting her face clapped as Pressly starts to buggy-whip away with impunity. Snappy double hooks taking Eva tummy/chin, buckling Mendes legs. Pressly cute with her right hand, leaning in to sweep it over top, but also bolo-punching Eva righty to breadbasket - the bolo-action acting as a feint to freeze Mendes with indecision just before blonde carries it deep to tummy PAK! It's all too much - Pressly dominance turns into supremacy, then into full-fledged romp: Eva covers up, turns her left shoulder into the ropes, slumping and cowering as Jaime releases the hounds. Clawing hooks, slicing rights - Pressly's sleek legs HUMMING with the effort of shifting weight for maximum leverage - AND THE REF STEPS IN! Mendes helpless under the onslaught - Jaime's wiry licks bouncing uncontested off skull, shoulder, back and tummy as man slides his way in to halt the slaughter. TKO7, Jaime Pressly.


After: Pressly cements her rep as boxing's best big-fight fighter - turning back a strong young latina in her prime in decisive fashion. "You know, I just get in shape and box," Jaime shrugs, never one to overanalyze things. "I knew Eva was dangerous and everything, but basically - I'm the best there is. I stared her in the eye tonight and she blinked - anybody who didn't see that fight as Eva Mendes quitting better check the tape." Jury still out on Mendes: tremendous puncher at the weight, but exposed a little by Pressly's fast-twitch quickness and aggression tonight. Eva's next few fights could be critical in terms of placing her big wins in the proper perspective.

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