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25 February A Night at the Academy Awards

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing/HISC on 2/25/2012, 5:58 pm



Michelle Williams versus Vanessa Hudgens
A Night Out At The Academy Awards

The entire year in the film industry always builds up to this very night, The Academy Awards or as its known in many circles, the Oscars, so named for the golden statues given out to the winners that were celebrated as the best in their respective circles and categories. The Academy of Motion Picture, Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) gives out these awards as an award of merit for distinctive achievement within the industry.

The reasons for naming those little statuettes Oscars are often contested,with some rumors stating they were named after Bette Davis' first husband, Oscar Nelson or another involves them being named by the secretary for Louis B. Mayer, who felt that the statues looked like King Oscar III. Regardless, however. Another rumor involves the Academy's executive secretary, Margaret Herrick, remarking that it resembled her cousin Oscar Pierce. The true origins of the name will probably never be known, but the Academy officially awarded the name “Oscar” in 1939 and from there, the name has lived on in infamy.

Since 1929, the Oscars have been held year after year, becoming one of the most watched events on the planet as Hollywood recognizes the best each year in film, courting celebration with each nomination and controversy with every perceived snub. Every Oscar race is hotly contested, with a victory a significant sign of success. This year, is certainly no different.

And one of the hottest races of the year (as it is every year) is Best Actress with five talented actress' all vying for the prize. Most of the speculation centered on Meryl Streep capturing her first win since 1982' for her role as Margaret Thatcher in “Iron Lady.” or Viola Davis taking home the award for her steollar lead performance in one of the year's biggest hits, “The Help”. But, as the Oscars approached, many publications and pundits started to wonder whether the two of them might split the vote and allow Michelle Williams to take the prize for her critically acclaimed turn as Marilyn Monroe in “My Week with Marilyn.” Oscar nights are often filled with surprises and this one would definitely be a pleasant surprise for Michelle Williams. It's an honor just to be nominated, but a win is truly something special. Previously nominated before for “Brokeback Mountain” and “Blue Valentine”, regardless of a victory or not, tonight should and would definitely be a night to remember.

Hollywood certainly works to make it so. In 2012, it is the 84th Academy Awards, held this year at the Kodak Theatre (where it has held ever year since 2002) and every aspect of the film industry is represented at this event. Reporters and media representatives stake out the red carpet to get a glimpse of the stars, with fashion correspondents and interviewers seeking to speak with the various celebrities who were nominated and numerous others simply attending to support their fellow peers. On the red carpet, so many just appear in the hopes of meeting or get a chance to speak with the best actors and actresses in the world. And every year, the Academy does not disappoint as it is truly a star-studded and extravagant occasion to present to the world. In some circles, the pre-show is almost bigger than the Academy Awards themselves. And as the stars arrive, it's not hard to understand why.

The Academy Awards’ red carpet is the ultimate in glamor, a chance to place your stamp on the fashion and acting worlds alike and, though Michelle Williams had the reputation of being somewhat modest in the acting limelight, those familiar with her other life, that of the FCBA ring, know that is her greatest act of all.
In any event, as with any great performance, and the red carpet walk was just as much about performance as was winning hearts and leers as Marilyn Monroe, Michelle’s preparation is intricate and practiced. In a staging area, a turned corner and tent flap away from the raft of cameras, both moving and otherwise, Michelle Williams paces, showing a bit of the nervous energy that often accompanied her just before the start of a big match.

Dressed in a tight black gown, perfectly-coiffed platinum-blonde hair (to honor Monroe on this special occasion) and flawless make-up, including ruby red lips, Mish waits her turn to be released through the cattle shoot.

A bit perturbed at being slotted behind that b###h Jessica Chastain instead of a Clooney or Pitt, Mishy passes the time prepping with her PR specialist.

“OK, you know the drill, Michelle,” the 50ish, bookish woman says.

“You know I do,” Mish responds, clearly annoyed. “How many interviews have I done on this tour? I’ve been selling out for this one, like I never have before. I went to bra-and-panties on GQ and that old iron hen Streep is still going to beat me out.”

“Contain, Michelle, contain,” Esther says, or at least she looked like an Esther.

Mish nods. “OK. I know. I’m just happy to be here, to be nominated with these talented ladies.  It’s such a thrill.” Michelle rolls her eyes and sticks a finger down her throat, faux gagging.


Mishy throws up her hands. “You know I can put on ‘Miss Demure’ whenever I want, so save it. I want to win and I deserve to win. No one could do Marilyn as well and just like Marilyn they’re going to deny me because they’re all jealous. I wish this was the FCBA where I was in complete control of these envious little tramps.

A call goes out through the tent, counting down when those waiting would make their red carpet run. “… Fourteen minutes, Miss Chastain. Fifteen minutes, Miss Williams.”

PR specialist becomes massage therapist as the woman kneads Mishy’s shoulders. “You’re at the top of your profession, sorry professions. Acting. Boxing. You are the ultimate. Pound-for-pound. It’s not Claire, that’s laughable. It’s you, Michelle. And just like you’d kick Eliza’s ass and steamroll Hayden Cant-get-a-job-ierre, Meryl and Viola don’t stand a chance tonight. The public LOVES you. Your colleagues LOVE you. They will choose you.”

The anger in Michelle’s soft cherubic features fades away. Her ego salved, Mishy’s tension is released and she reflexively transitions into a combination of ‘Miss Demure’ but also playful Marilyn sexy. “You tell me if I go over the top,” Michelle stresses. The PR woman nods.

Suddenly, a young man in a cheap tuxedo rushes up to Mish.

“Sorry Miss Williams, but you have a phone call. I’m told it’s quite urgent.”

“What? Are you kidding me? I’ve only got a few minutes and then I eclipse that silly Chastain woman.”

The boy shrugs and motions in the direction of some semi-private, if makeshift, dressing rooms set up in the far corner of the tent. The two walk to the somewhat secluded area of the big top and the man pulls back a piece of tarp to bid entrance to the soon-to-be Oscar winner.

“The caller indicated you’d want some privacy for this message,” the boy says deferentially.

“Fine,” Michelle says, entering, “but this better be THE most important phone call I’ve ever received.”

From behind, Mish hears a familiar voice, “Aren’t all the calls from your conqueror important?”

Williams eyes’ go wide as an ‘oh shit’ look covers her features and she spins to face off with someone who was more appropriately placed in some Hollywood back-backlot with The Rock than deserved to be in the same city limits as an Academy Awards ceremony.

Mishy turned around and there she was, none other than Vanessa Hudgens. Vanessa Hudgens was wearing a tight white gown that fit snugly around her body with her brown tresses framing her face and indeed, her make-up was down perfectly across her face. Vanessa looked positively angelic as she smiled sweetly at Michelle and Williams wasn't buying it for a second.

There was practically nobody on else on Earth she would least like to see, but that didn't appear to matter. Here she was. Obviously shocked, she tried to keep the wide-eyed look out of her face and Michelle tried to replace it with a dismissive one instead.

“Just what are YOU doing here, Nessa?” Michelle said, “I didn't even know they invited you here. Are the standards that low to get invited to Academy functions nowadays?”

A flash of anger appears across Nessa's eyes, but she still smiled that same maddening smile as she said coolly, “Now, Mishy, that is NO way to talk to me. Not when I just came here to congratulate you on your big night here.”

Michelle shook her head in disbelief “I know you and I know that's not the only reason you came here. You know, I really don't have time to waste with you tonight, so if you could skip to the end, Vanessa.”

“Just two quick things then, Mishy, if you're in a hurry..” as Hudgens held up two fingers as she smirked, “First of all, congratulations on making it to the Academy Awards here, becoming an Oscar-nominated actress. You've come such a long way since Dawson's Creek.”

“And you've come such a long way since the Journey 2. Oh that's right. You haven't. That was just last month!” Michelle said with a contemptuous little smirk of her own.

“Mish!” Vanessa said in an angry tone, stepping towards her blonde rival with her hands at her side, clenching into fists, “Just because I may never be nominated for an Oscar...”

“Currently one of the safest bets in Hollywood.” Michelle interjected with a laugh, enjoying the look of rage that flashed across her rival's face.

“We'll see about that, Michelle.” Vanessa said, just glaring at Michelle, “But, for now, just wanted to wish you the best and good luck tonight.”

“In that case, thank you...” Mish responded in a quizzical tone, looking at Vanessa carefully.

“And that brings us to the second thing.” Vanessa said as she smiles sweetly, “I want you to take off that dress of yours right now.”

“Want to take a good look at my body?” Michelle laughs, “Didn't you get a good enough look at it when I jugged you out last time? Why don't you go buy the GQ magazine if you want to see it, though I'm sure you already have plenty of copies at home.”

Vanessa raises an eyebrow and grins wickedly,”No, that's not the point, Mishy. I know what your body looks like, but I'm trying to be nice here. If you don't take off that dress and oooh – does it look expensive – then I'll rip it off your body when I kick your ass right here.”

“You can't be serious!!” Mishy exclaimed furiously, “First of all, do you have any idea who designed this dress and how much it cost? No. Of course you don't. Silly question. Fashion is not something you're familiar with.”

“Of course it is, Mishy!” Vanessa responded with a look of faux shock, “I've more than familiar with fashion. I'm also familiar with beating you down, which is what I'm going to do right now. I won't ask again. Take off that dress.”

“Second of all, I don't have time for this. I'm walking down the Red Carpet in just a few minutes, so just get out of my way and I'll be happy to smother you out another time, alright?” Michelle hissed as she stepped towards the exit.

Vanessa crossed her arms over her chest and looked at Williams, stepping back to position herself between the exit and Michelle, “Make time, Mishy.”

“Fine. I've got about ten minutes left before I have to walk down the red carpet. It should take about two minutes to kick your ass. Still leaves me plenty of time to get ready.” as Michelle stepped back to remove her dress, fuming that she had to deal with Vanessa here instead of preparation to deal with red-carpet interviews. Removing her black dress as she hung it up carefully, keeping a look on Vanessa out of of her eye.

Vanessa was swiftly slipping out of her own white dress, with a smirk across her face. Michelle reflected on the fact that perhaps this was a bonus. A gift from Above. Getting to embarrass Vanessa again, walking down the red carpet, taking home that trophy. This could be one of the best nights of her life. However, she didn't get to reflect on it much longer as she suddenly felt a sudden tug on the back of her hair, scalp throbbing.

Stumbling backwards as Vanessa yanked her backwards and tripped her over her carefully placed, outstretched leg. Arms flailing as sprawled back to her butt, in just her bra and panties now. Vanessa stood over her in her own pair of bra and panties, glaring down at her.
Michelle gasped, furious, “How the hell did you get your dress off so fast? Are you a strippe-.” as Vanessa doesn't say a word, just cuts off Williams' intended taunt by slamming a foot forward into Mishy's abs. Mishy gasps as she falls towards her back, then rolling over as she scrambles towards her knees.

Vanessa lunges forward to sink her fingers into Michelle's hair again, tugging her forward onto all fours. Vanessa found herself squealing both from the pain and from the knowledge of how long it had taken to get her hair ready in the first place. But, she had bigger things to worry about, especially as Vanessa delivered a crushing backhand to her cheek to send her rocking to the side.

Pushing herself upwards as Michelle launched herself towards Vanessa to deliver a hard slap of her own, hissing. Hudgens staggers to the side, clutching her cheek but retaliates as Michelle comes forward for a follow-up assault by swiftly driving her knee upwards into Mishy's abs. Williams doubles over for a moment, gasping as she sees her tawny rival dart forward.

As Mish is clutching her abs, her chest is left defenseless while Nessa sinks her nails into her cleavage, with Michelle's sheer bra not offering much protection. Squealing as Nessa drives her backwards into a make-up table, as a few bottles of eyeliner roll off to the floor below from the impact as the edge of the table juts into Mishy's back. Mishy grunts, but reaches for Vanessa's wrists with a snarl, “Jealous, are we?”

“Certainly not!” Vanessa hisses back as suddenly it's her turn to gasp as Mish manages to drill her knee up into her opponent's belly button.

“I think so..” Mishy snarks, “But don't worry, you'll get another good look at them here in a minute and I'll remind you why you're jealous.” as she pumps her knee up into Nessa's abs again, holding onto her wrists tightly. Curling her fingers inwards as she digs her nails into her rival's wrist and tugs her backwards away from the table.

“What you should be worried about is how much I'm going to make you regret coming here to mess with me tonight out of all nights, Nessa.” as she looked into Hudgen's gasping face as she then shoves her down, letting Vanessa crash to her butt on the ground with Williams standing over her


Part II:


Posted by Lookout! Boxing/HISC on 2/25/2012, 6:04 pm



You’re out of your element. This place is for winners,” Mishy snarls, landing a stomp to Hudgens’ hip when Vanessa has the foresight to turn away from a potential low blow. It still elicits a grunt, as Nessa, in white bra and panties tries to sneak away from her black lace-clad enemy.

“Oh no,” Michelle snaps, “you came all this way trying to ruin my day.” Mish plants her stocking clad foot on Hudgens’ tush and give a nice little push, sending Vanessa splaying across the floor. “You aren’t leaving till I teach you a lesson that apparently didn’t sink in with that JMD match.”

Mishy dips and grabs a tawny shoulder with one hand and a handful of long dark cascades with the other. She rips Hudgens to her feet and swings her around in a wild semi-circle, stuffing the front of her thighs into the edge of a dressing table. With one hand tight to the back of her rival’s head, Mishy’s other hand squeezes tight into Vanessa’s cheeks, forcing the ex-Conqueror into a ‘fish face’, cheeks pushed in, rosy lips in a figure-eight.

Michelle looks into the mirror in front of her, the reflective surface surrounded by soft white light bulbs, giving both women a gauzy beauty. Williams forces Hudgens’ gaze into the mirror, bouncing back to Mishy’s hazel eyes.

“Little girl, this rivalry is burning you out. I’m the number one contender out of all of this back and forth and you can’t buy a win. You sold some DVDs from that apartment fight, fine, but this is a losing proposition and after tonight you’re going to know that. Michelle pulls Vanessa into a tight side headlock and gives Nessa’s noggin a couple rough grinds between her bicep and side cleavage.

Williams quickly sneaks behind a rattled Hudgens and slips her arms beneath those of the tawny lovely, snaking them up and then locking them together with meshed fingers behind Nessa’s neck in a full nelson. Mish wildly swings Nessa’s head from side to side, trying to shake out what little senses the Disney ditz has in her to begin with and, from the increasingly glassy appearance of Hudgens’ dark peepers, it appears to be working.

“You should be glad I can’t get myself too messy or I’d put you through all of your paces, instead of just putting you to sleep.”

With that, Williams’ limbs nimbly sweep around neck and temple, Mishy clamping on a sleeper hold. Vanessa, knowing well the straits she’s in, flails wildly, trying to escape. But Michelle just bears down, leaning into her shoulders and neck, letting her weight and constricting arms cut off Nessa’s blood supply and ultimately leave her with a short night of bad memories.

“Don’t play with the big girls anymore,” Mishy purrs, leaning her chin on the nape of Nessa’s neck and whispering into her ear. The blonde can feel Vanessa slacken and Williams knows she’s got her conqueror right where she wuhh… That is until she also feels an explosion between her thighs, Vanessa sending a blind, mule kick behind her and into the sweet spot, freezing Mishy, the blonde wide-eyed and slack-jawed, her arms falling to her sides as she leans heavily on Vanessa’s back, stricken.

Vanessa slumps forward for a moment underneath the weight of her blonde rival, taking in a deep breath as she gulps in air past her parted lips. Gasping loudly as she mixes that in with a sigh of relief, glad to be free of Mishy's vice-like arms around her throat. Reaching up to rub her throat with one hand as a raspy snarl escapes Nessa's lips, “Funny, Mishy. That's the same advice I came here to give you tonight. Don't play – with the big girls...”

Planting both palms against the table to push upwards and peel off of the table, aiming to free herself from Williams' compressing weight. Mish is still dazed and in pain, hands drifting down to her sides and then between her thighs to recover, unable to keep Nessa from pushing her backwards. Michelle staggers backwards, blinking in pain as Nessa whirls around. Chest rising and falling as she catches her breath, but Nessa knows she can't afford to take the time to recover. More time to recover means more time letting Mish into the fight and that's something she has no plans of doing again.

Darting forward as she extends her forearm, slamming her forearm into Mishy's defenseless cleavage to knock her backwards. Mishy losing her balance as she is lifted into the air, eyes widening and then crashing down awkwardly onto her back and side into the floor with a thud. Vanessa's eyes flash with malicious pleasure at the effect her impromptu clothesline had on Williams. Glaring down at her as Vanessa has started to recover, a wicked smile crossing her lips, “Clearly your little victories lately have given you some confidence that you don't deserve, Mishy. I'm here to take that away.”

Mishy starts to respond furiously as she blinks in agony, her mouth opening in an angry shout and pushing upwards towards a sitting position. But, Vanessa just darts forward to deliver a backhand to Michelle's face with a stinging slapping sound echoing through the room that sends Michelle sprawling back down to the floor, “And I'm certainly not here to listen to you at all, so just keep your mouth shut if you know what's good for you. Although you frequently don't, so it'll be up to me to remind you.”

Michelle's blonde, elfin features contort with rage as she rolls away from Vanessa, not able to take one more moment of looking up at her rival. Scooting backwards on her tush as she doesn't want to turn her back for a moment on Nessa, but seconds later, she doesn't have a choice but to roll as Nessa buries her sole right into Mish's unprepared ribcage. A loud yelp escapes her lips as she gasps out, Michelle is forced to maneuver towards a position on all fours, which is just where her rival wants her.

A lithe Nessa slips up in front of Michelle now, cutting off all avenues of retreat and recovery for Williams. Vanessa's hands reach forward to the Oscar nominees' expertly styled tresses to tug forward on her hair, sliding her thighs apart in order to allow Michelle's face to slip between her thighs as she then clamps then shut in a standing head scissors. Vanessa extending her thighs as she wraps them around either side of Mish's head to squeeze as she reaches out towards one of the nearby tent walls for balance, the other hand buried into William's blonde hair, gripping a fistful of her scalp to elicit a pained but muffled wail from her rival.

Squeezing and pumping her thighs around Michelle's head, Nessa grins as she starts to crush her rival down between her legs. The only regret that Vanessa had with the standing head scissor is that she wasn't able to fully witness the panic and frustration etched into Nessa's eyes. After she knocked her out, she'd have to wake her up again so that she could see that. But for now, she was content to contain a struggling Mish between her toned legs.

And Mish certainly was struggling, pushing and shoving at Vanessa's legs frantically. Vanessa stumbled a bit, but managed to keep her thighs wrapped around her opponent's head for the time being. Vanessa licked her lips as she kept her balance, just squeezing as she pushed the weight of her legs and the leverage from above to help wear Michelle down. Soon, Hudgens was feeling confident enough to release Michelle's tresses as she listened to Mishy's grunts of exertion between her legs and seeing her body slump down towards the floor. Nessa then used her free hand to swat down against Michelle's upturned butt as Michelle squealed, clearly enraged between her would-be conqueror's legs.

“Hopefully you won't forget this anytime soon, will you, Mish? If you ever end up sitting there in the audience, waiting to hear how you've lost to a better actress again, you're going to have real trouble sitting down, won't you?”, Vanessa delivering sharp swats that were accompanied by loud cracks of pain and muffled yelps from Mishy.

The slaps though, while painful, were more humiliating than anything she could recall recently. The crushing feeling of Vanessa's legs around her head and the indignity of being spanked was a combination that she would not tolerate tonight. Not tonight, of all nights. Surging forward against a surprised Hudgens who was paying more attention to Mishy's reddening rump than anything else, Michelle's own legs pumped forward and her shoulders slammed into Vanessa's thighs. Michelle's arms reached down to tug at Vanessa's ankles to further take her off balance.

The sudden shove combined with the tugging against her legs is enough to take Vanessa off of her feet. Arm flailing as she tugs on the tent wall, but is unable to get a firm grip as she loses her hold and then, in the next second, her balance. Vanessa crashes to her butt and upper back, slumping down to the floor with a spasm of pain and a loud shout escaping her legs. Gasping in pain as she blinks and her thighs loosen from around Mishy's head.

Vanessa extends palm reaching for the floor to sit up, wincing in pain as the other rubs along the small of her back while Williams slides her head out from between her own tawny thighs. Gasping loudly as she reaches forward with one hand to secure her hand around Mishy's hair to pull her back down, but Williams presses her palm into Hudgens' face to shove her back down.

This enables a dangerous and disheveled Michelle to pop her head free from the scissors and glare down at a dazed Vanessa who is still catching her breath from the unexpected descent to the floor.

“You little Disney slut,” Mishy pants, torn between fixing her now bird’s nest of a hairdo and dealing with the downed Hudgens. With the clock ticking toward her expected stroll down the carpet, the walk just a few minutes away, Williams tries to do both. She fluffs her platinum locks while gazing into the mirror and tries to do so between stomps to the little pretender at her feet.

“Next time I get you in the ring, I’m going to finish you off. This isn’t happening again,” Michelle huffs, keeping her stockinged foot pressed tightly into Vanessa’s navel, working her tummy like a bellows, the tawny actress groaning and pushing at Mishy’s ankle.

With Vanessa fidgeting her way free from under the foot of the distracted blonde, Mishy makes a few further adjustments above, patting her nose and cheeks with powder. She grabs the stool next to her and flips it so the seat is pointed at her sworn enemy. She rushes at a rising Nessa and thrusts it into Hudgens’ chest, flattening Nessa’s jubblies and sending her stumbling in a backpedal. Still, Vanessa somehow remains upright, if swaying on rubbery legs, dark eyes slitted, lips pursed.

Gripping her weapon, Mishy takes a moment to cast a glance around the dressing area and find her dress. It hadn’t been touched, thank god. She’d have to maim Hudgens if anything happened to her Oscar garb.

Hearing her name called over the PA on a three-minute warning, Mish knows she has to work fast in laying the brat out for good. Positioning the end of the wooden stool like a battering ram, Williams rushes the reeling tawny beauty, this time the furniture aimed at the forehead of the stooped Hudgens, Vanessa huffing in a deep breath, her head stooped.

“Time to put you to sleep and go get my prize,” Mishy grunts. She surges toward Vanessa, brandishing her makeshift armament, but Nessa shows some of the quickness her youth afforded her, shifting to the side and slipping a leg between those of the advancing Mish, tripping the blonde and sending her crashing into a pile of hair and beauty products that go spraying all over the floor in front of her. Mish lands on the floor amidst the products, the startled nominee rolling from chest and face to butt cheeks and palms, shaking out a couple cobwebs.

Clearly struggling to clear her pretty blonde head as Mish lays dazed upon the carpet, Nessa stands towering over her rival as she glares down at her. Reaching down for Mishy's hair as she peels her head upwards, Nessa sinks her fingers into blonde tresses and drives her head into the floor. Hudgens is rewarded by a loud thud against the floor and a dazed moan in the meantime. Lowering herself down onto her own derriere next to her opponent as she extends her own proud thighs to wrap them around Michelle's body.

Though, not just her body, but specifically Mishy's proud cleavage. Squeezing her thighs around Mishy's chest, with Mishy's bra not offering very much protection. Winded from the fall to the floor, Williams gasps instantly as she reaches both hands to shove down at Vanessa's thighs to push them away from her orbs. Hudgens reaches down with one hand, swatting and shoving her hands away to keep her thighs wrapped around her rival's chest like a vice.

“Maybe this will teach you a lesson not to put these things in my face or to pretend like your jugs are better than mine, Mish..” Vanessa says with a smirk, “That's part of why I'm here, sweetie, to teach you lessons. This is just the start.”

Vanessa keeps squeezing, thighs clamped around her opponent's chest with an occasional pump of her thighs which draws a pained gasp and squeals from Mishy. Michelle twists and squirms, though struggles to breathe as her chest is compressed. Williams' legs kick wildly, drumming against the floor as her feet kick out bottles of beauty product that go bouncing against the floor but come nowhere close to striking or dislodging her rival from her sapping scissors.

Vanessa keeps shoving Michelle's hands away each time they try to push or slap at her thighs. Steadily, those thighs continue to squeeze. Flattening William's breasts with each flex of her thighs, Mishy is clearly laboring for air and as her oxygen level decreases, Vanessa's confidence increases. Reaching down for her opponent's hair, Vanessa clearly enjoys pulling it back and forth. Occasionally giving it a sharp tug that elicits a squeal from Mishy, Vanessa suddenly arches up an eyebrow that coincides with her lips curling up in a smirk.

Over the intercom, the PA system blares Michelle William's name on a one minute warning. Michelle's eyes widen as Vanessa eyes glisten wickedly, licking her lips, “Oooh, Mishy, I don't think you're going to make it, do you?”



Part III:


Posted by Lookout! Boxing/HISC on 2/25/2012, 6:11 pm, in reply to "Re: Michelle Willliams & Vanessa Hudgens - A Night Out At The Academy Awards ( Part 2)"

Punctuating the question mark with a powerful squeeze of her legs and realizing she needed to move quickly as well, Vanessa sees a frantic Mishy squirming wildly but it only seems to tire her out more than move her any closer to freedom. Vanessa decides to hasten her departure into the world of unconsciousness as her hands shoot out, one palm pressing against Michelle's nose, pinching it shut between her thumb and forefinger.

The other hand presses against Mishy's mouth to shut her up, cutting off her air entirely as Vanessa leans forward, smiling down sweetly at Michelle, “Don't worry, Mish. If you can't make it down the road carpet.” as she squeezes her thighs again, a muffled groan escaping Michelle's parted lips against Vanessa's palm, “Then I'll be happy to take your place, okay? That's how good of a friend I am to you, Mishy.”

Michelle's eyes open again for a moment with a hate-filled glare that certainly is anything but friendly, but the lack of air overcomes her considerable rage. Nessa flexes her thighs and another pulsing squeeze of her legs against Mishy's jugs sends Williams' eyes fluttering closed. Vanessa doesn't relent right away, ensuring her thighs remain around her rival's cleavage to make sure she is out cold and once she is, she releases her hands from around her rival's scarlet features. Nessa runs her fingers through William's platinum-blonde locks, just grinning as she relinquishes her scissor around Mishy's chest as well. Looking down at her opponent as she laughs wickedly, glancing down over at Mishy's sore, reddenned chest as she giggles, “You might want to avoid any dresses with a plunging neckline for a little while, Michelle.”

As she mentions 'dresses', her eyes instinctively flicker over to Mishy's Oscar dress as her eyes light up. Listening to the PA system call out repeatedly, “Williams? Williams?”, over and over, sounding like a bored economics teacher from a John Hughes movie. However, Vanessa isn't in any hurry – right now, anyway.

Shoving her rival face down into the floor as she pushes her away from her, Vanessa contemplates tying her up but decides on a different strategy in the end. With a grunt, she hoists Michelle up to sit her at one of the make-up tables and props her up against it. To anybody who would walk in, it would look like Mishy just simply fell asleep in the process of putting on make-up as Vanessa laughs, looking over her rival's features as she leans forward.

Wrapping her arms around her head for a moment, forearms sliding over her shoulders as she lowers her chest down into Michelle's face with a grin, “This is your future, Mishy!” as she flexes her forearms, chest compressed against her face. Grinding down for a moment as Hudgens rolls her chest over Michelle's features, Vanessa presses her hands against William's shoulders to shove her back down against the table. Adjusting her bra with a little impish grin, “But right now, it's the present, Mish and it's Oscar night! Hope you set your DVR to catch it, honey, because you're going to miss it.”

Sauntering over to Mishy's dress, hanging on the rack, it's soon on the body of Vanessa Hudgens. It takes some minor adjustments due to the differences in height and body shape as it was apparently tailor-made for Michelle, but looking herself over in the mirror, Vanessa had to admit it didn't look bad at all. In fact, Vanessa thought she looked positively stunning. But, then again, she was biased. A second opinion would be helpful.

“Mishy, don't you think this looks much, MUCH better on me than it ever did on you?” Nessa coos down to her unconscious rival, reaching out to grip her cheeks as she nods her head up and down. Hudgens smiles down at Michelle, “I'm so glad we agree on that. It's about time we agreed on something, right?” as Vanessa pats her cheek condescendingly, Michelle's head limply rolling to the side.

Vanessa takes another minute or two to straddle Mishy in front of the mirror, taking the opportunity to sit on top of her blonde rival as she does her hair, make-up and making sure her look is absolutely immaculate. Looking down at Michelle's slumbering face as she blows a kiss after applying a perfectly matching shade of lipstick, “And don't worry, IF you win, I'll be sure to have a speech prepared for you to thank all of the important people in your life. That includes ME of course. How could you forget your conqueror, right?”.

Pushing herself off of Mish as her blonde rival was unable to stay upright in the seat, slumping down with a soft, muted thud into the floor. Sliding on the matching heels as Vanessa simply stepped over her Michelle's body the way you would something a small dog has left behind on its evening walk, with a little wrinkle of her nose and smirk on her lips while Michelle remained in deep repose.

By this point, Rooney Mara has already taken Michelle's spot on the red carpet entrances, but Vanessa graciously took the spot after her. As she's waiting for her entrance, she is approached by Michelle Williams' frantically searching personal assistant, who she summarily sends in the direction of the Kodak Theatre fully-stocked bar, saying with a little pout and an air of concern, “I think she's off celebrating a little early. I told her that it's a little much to be celebrating an Oscar win before she has it, but that has never stopped Mishy before, has it?”. Vanessa adds a little sympathetic shrug of her shoulders as she whispers under her breath at the retreating form of the assistant, “Good luck finding the arrogant little b*tch.”

The hateful sneer is replaced by a warm, glowing smile though as it's time for her own red carpet walk, looking regal as she wears the dress meant for Williams down the red carpet. Heels clicking over the carpet as she conducts interview after interview, making sure to work in some little remark about Michelle here and there. Vanessa suggests to many interviewers, if not outright telling them, about how Michelle was a little tied up tonight, how she wanted her BFF Vanessa Hudgens to help her out, how Michelle may or may not be out drunk, how Michelle just couldn't handle the pressures of the Oscar night, how she couldn't stand to lose again or in one case, intimating to an interview that she missed the big event because she couldn't pick what to wear. To somebody so stylistically inclined as Michelle, Vanessa know that little remark would hit her where it hurts. All of the remarks are made to do just that.

Numerous little digs are made, subtly so and many in offhand asides apart from the interview process, so as not to detract from the overwhelming positive spirit and vibe of the Oscars. As they get closer and closer to seating the nominees, the assembled celebrities, entourage and Academy members can't help but wonder and the crowd is buzzing over the notable absence of Michelle Williams. Vanessa continues to feed that buzz, often telling curious parties that she doesn't know with an innocent little shrug of her shoulders but suggesting in other little conversational asides exactly as to various theories or reasons as to why Mish is indisposed.

None of them are good.

It's a glorious, glorious night for Vanessa Hudgens. One of her best – EVER – in fact. By now, she was certain that Michelle was awakening from dreamland to discover that her own Oscar dreams had turned into a nightmare. Vanessa generously accepted the offer to take a seat for Michelle as she is currently unavailable, although Michelle later turns up early into the broadcast but well after all the red carpet pageantry, interviewers and moment in the sun is over. Michelle is wearing another dress, one that still has her looking gorgeous as always, but nothing nearly as good as what Vanessa was wearing now.

Vanessa enjoyed the murderous glare in Michelle's eyes as she was guided to a seat right next to Nessa, who whispered into Williams' ear with a wicked grin, “Glad you made it, Mishy. You're just in time to lose tonight.” as she laughs, “Again.”

And as much as Michelle would like nothing else than to smother and destroy her rival here, with the eyes of Hollywood and numerous cameras trained on her, Michelle could do nothing else right now but to smile and hiss back through gritted teeth, where she could barely be heard over the sound of applause for one of Billy Crystal's routines, “You're going to pay, Vanessa!”

Vanessa threads her arm through Michelle's with a lick of her lips, making it appear for the cameras and anybody else watching, that they were the best of friends. Patting her arm with a smirk, “We'll see, Mishy, we'll see.”

Will we see Michelle get her revenge on Vanessa after Nessa steals away her moment of red carpet glory and very nearly the Oscar evening itself?

Will Vanessa be able to build on her finest moment yet in humiliating Michelle on what was supposed to be Michelle's night of triumph?

Will Michelle be able to redeem anything from tonight and win her first Oscar to salvage some kind of professional triumph to overcome her very personal loss to Vanessa tonight?

And from the camp of Michelle Williams after the Oscars, the official answer for her absence from the red carpet - “wardrobe malfunction.” As to how the malfunction appeared to have given Vanessa Hudgens the same dress she'd been spotted arriving in, there was no answer at all.

But, seeing a seething Michelle Williams sitting beside a confident Vanessa Hudgens at the Oscars, certainly raised a lot more questions that would be answered, one way or another, soon. The only question now is whether Michelle would be an Oscar-nominee or an Oscar-winner when she sought to destroy Vanessa the next time.

You can find out the answer to at least one of these questions by watching the 84th Academy Awards on February 26th, 2012 at 7 pm (Eastern time) And for the rest of the answers, you'll have to continue to watch the Female Celebrity Boxing Association (FCBA). Nothing like the red carpet to make a red-hot rivalry even hotter than before.

-Lookout! Boxing


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