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13 April 2012 Kayleigh Pearson vs Ola Jordan

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Posted by Knowlesey & Technetium on 4/13/2012, 11:57 am


Kayleigh lost her last fight – badly, against Samia Ghadie, and she knows that Ola will be looking for a debut win tonight. She has no intention of making life easy for the pretty little dancer!

Into the ring they come, and they’re gorgeous! Kayleigh is wearing a scarlet bkini tonight, with Ola wearing a baby blue bra and briefs set.

Round 1

The girls start off pretty quickly, and they trade punches early on, with Kayleigh getting through Ola a little, using that slight reach advantage she has, and she starts to boss Jordan a little pushing her around. Ola defends well, and punches nicely as she moves backwards, even turning Kayleigh a time or two, but overall Kayleigh has the better of the round, and she rocks Ola late in the round with a couple of stern right hooks to her face.

Round 2

The action in the opening seconds is crazy, with Pearson knocking Jordan back, then getting caught by the dancer when she counters, getting tagged to the mouth, before ripping the dancer with a right hook, almost knocking down Ola in the first minute. Recovering quickly, Ola answers back and has Kayleigh hurt and stumbling after landing a doubles up series of shots to her face. The girls are not laying off at all here, and in the closing stages, Kayleigh takes the initiative again, landing three, four strong, determined punches and that sends Ola down for a count. Jordan’s on her feet at 5, in the last seconds of a crazy round, with crazy action.

Round 3

Once again, the girls bat at each other’s faces straight off their stools, sustained from the girls, both fighters punching and scoring, but Ola is getting ahead of Kayleigh as the round progresses, connecting with an uppercut, then working the model to her body and sending her to the ropes for punishment. Still, her attack is not successful, and Kayleigh comes back late in the round to send her to the mat again, that right hook splitting Ola’s defence and dropping her for 8 this time. It seems that Ola is having some problems in her guard here – her lack of experience perhaps brings her to leave her defense less strong, and she gets worked over in the final seconds, backed up to the ropes.

Round 4

Kayleigh comes out very strong this round, and she batters Ola into the ropes, hurts her to the body, cuffs her with a neat right, and Ola is down again, although not seeming to have been hit particularly hard this time, and up at 6. Ola’s making mistakes, leaving herself open as she tries to take the fight to the taller girl, and Kayleigh’s taking advantage. Ola doesn’t get discouraged, though, and she starts to fight back. Unsurprisingly, the pace slows in the last minute, with both girls probably trying to get some oxygen after four rounds packed with action. That’s 4 rounds, 3 knock-downs, and Kayleigh firmly in charge now.

Round 5

Ola is making some adjustments to her style, and she’s keeping her gloves in tighter, maybe throwing less punches, but looking tighter, with her great athletic condition allowing her to keep pushing. Now she has Kayleigh in trouble, banging her hard with three good left hand shots to the ribs, and the model runs away and keeps out of Ola’s range for a section in the middle of the round, with Ola barely able to touch her. But then Ola gets careless and it’s Kayleigh again, slamming good punches through Ola’s guard, exerting steady pressure on Ola at the ropes, not knocking her down this time, but Ola’s unable to answer back.

Round 6

Kayleigh looks a little tired off her stool, and she’s not as active right now – and Ola punishes her! Now the little dancer starts to connect, and when she finds Kayleigh’s chin it bad for the Brit fighter, Pearson. Looking dazed, her knees quivering a little, and in comes a left to the jaw, and down goes Kayleigh, falling on her butt, dazed, not expecting this reaction from Pearson, and she takes an 8 count. The round continues with Ola dominating proceedings well, and Kayleigh’s on the defensive, and she covers her body well, tucking her chin in, too – Ola can’t score and Kayleigh doesn’t want to, but at last, it’s Ola’s round.

Round 7

Jordan is still strong, and she makes a good start to the round, giving Kayleigh plenty to the body, but she can’t push the bigger girl around and now the model is answering. As the round moves on, it’s all Kayleigh. Ola just got too impatient, thinking she could finish Kayleigh in the first minute of the round, and Kayleigh manages to find holes in her guard again, and she’s now ripping into Ola’s face, the pretty dancer struggling to stay on her feet as the model gives her a beating late on in the round.

Round 8

The girls still putting on a good show, even if they are clearly tired. Kayleigh’s trying to stay outside, using her reach, but Ola moves in and traps Kayleigh again, the smaller girl using those strong dancing legs to wear down the model. Ola belts the struggling Pearson as she now is backed up to the ropes, and a left uppercut from Ola sends Kayleigh down again – that’s the second knockdown for Ola! But the dancer looks spent form the efoort, and, digging deep, she gets a vehement reaction in the last minute, gives Ola another savage beating in her own corner, and the dancer’s saved by the bell.

Round 9

Ola pours out of the ring again, ignoring the painful swellings on her face - she wants to get to Kayleigh and send her down again, but Pearson doesn’t get caught. On the contrary, it’s her that controls Ola, and she’s using her natural advantage of height and reach again, outboxes Ola in the midsection of the round then in the last minute she has Jordan in trouble again. She escapes, doesn’t get trapped, but gets hurt by the model on several occasions, and she’s bleeding quite badly from a cut over her right eye.

Round 10

This is the final round, and Ola is in need of a knockout. And she goes for it, despite being exceptionally tired! But Kayleigh is right with her, and the two little girls trade huge punches, both of them bleeding from cuts and damaged noses, until, finally, they slow down. Ola still punches, but Kayleigh escapes, and waits, waits. In the closing stages there’s a strong finish from Kayleigh who shows a little more guile, and again she’s looking the more likely to finish the fight off, although it would be a shame for the little dancer to get knocked out this late. The girls are exhausted as the bell tells them it’s time to stop, and they fall into each other’s arms and embrace – it’s good to see that they have no animosity left, and maybe there’ll be a rematch.

The result comes, and it’s a unanimous win for Kayleigh Pearson, a sporting Ola Jordan nodding her agreement.

This was a very hard fought, competitive debut for Ola, who was not discouraged by the three knockdowns, and came back to put Kayleigh in trouble – all in all a very good show from both girls.

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