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31 May 2012 Foxfire vs Lookout AHW II

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing/Foxfire Boxing on May 31, 2012, 9:43 pm



It had been a few years since Lookout! Boxing and Foxfire Wrestling had met in an Apartment House Wrestling (AHW) setting, but clearly, given recent events, it was time to compete again. Both parties were definitely skilled in the ring, but it was time to test their abilities in a fresh setting. All parties agreed to take each other on in a luxury hotel suite and naturally, a Hilton Hotel had been proposed, but rejected. Instead, both stables decided to meet at the New Halycon Hotel,

Paris Hilton and Jennifer Garner agree to show up, though not to compete, but to ensure that nothing happens that is out of bounds or unfair. Despite their presence, both are sure something will happen. What both hope will happen is a win for their stable. Foxfire would like to redeem themselves from their previous AHW apartment loss and Lookout!, would like to avenge a series of high-profile losses to Foxfire. Given the rivalries between the two stables, the stakes were obviously high but neither stable is willing to state exactly what the stakes are. Both stables have agreed on team colors for this match: white bikinis for Lookout! and red bikinis for Foxfire! Boxing. All fights will be barefoot as well.

Not all stable members get to compete this time around, but all are in attendance. Emily Van Camp, a fighter in demand by both stables, is also attending. One of the rumors coming out of the FCBA in recent days is that she will sign with the winner of this Stable War. But, tensions and enmity between the two stables is at an all-time high and both Lookout! and Foxfire are eager for this Apartment House Wrestling matches regardless of any stakes. Although the composition of the stables has changed slightly since the previous match, the pride on the line has certainly not.


Mish and Beth head straight for the hotel suite’s bedroom where a large circular bed with a golden bedspread on awaits them. Mish in white Lookout bikini and Beth in a red Foxfire team bikini get on their knees as they mount the bed and start circling each other warily. Suddenly Beth dives forward, encircles Mish’s waist with her arms and heaves the Lookout beauty up over her head. Mish lands on her back and Beth spins around ready to pounce, but the nimble Trachtenberg rolls to her stomach and shoots forward, ramming her head into Beth’s chin. The Foxfire girl is stunned and topples backwards off the bed with Mish trying to follow but, Beth gets her knees up into Michelle’s stomach and sends her flying backwards. Beth scrambles to her feet as Mish comes leaping off the bed trying to tackle Harnois to the bedroom carpet, but Beth is able to deflect the attack, turning it into a hip toss that sends Trachtenberg sailing through the air to land with a THUMP! On her chest. Beth runs over and does a leaping butt drop onto Mish’s back blowing the air out of her lungs. Then she twists both Michelle’s arms behind her back and moving to a seated position facing out over Mishy’s head pulls back, Mish lets out a screech of pain from her torture back. Beth wears Trachtenberg down with this Camel Clutch variant, then unexpectedly rises, and Irish whips Mish back to the bed. Trachtenberg is sprawled on her back as Beth charges in and full body splashes her into the bedspread. Dazed, the Lookout girl is unable to do more than wiggle as Beth slides into a classic Schoolgirl Pin to grab the victory. She rubs in by continuing to straddle Michelle while making victory poses until and angry Trachtenberg suddenly rears up and dumps Beth onto the floor. They seem about to start fighting again, but are dragged apart kicking and hissing by Jennifer Garner and Paris Hilton. Order is soon restored but the two will glare at each other through the remainder of the card.
Foxfire girls celebrate taking the opening stanza. Lookout girls look sullen and defiant, especially Miley Cyrus who is up next against Hayden Panettiere who is looking very confident as she approaches her Lookout rival…

The two of them decide not to fight on the bed, but in the wide open space of the living room instead. Hayden Panettiere controls the action early in the contest, but the Disney phenom refuses to go down. The two of them battle all over the living room, exchanging a number of hard hits and draining holds. Towards the end, Miley fights her way out of a devastating scissors attempt and rolls free. Hayden charges forward for a punishing follow-up but Miley manages to send her long legs to catch an unsuspecting Panettiere in the stomach. Hayden doubles over and Miley scrambles to her feet, catching her blonde rival in a headlock and delivers a DDT which spikes her head down into the carpet. Not content to just pin her, Miley pulls a dazed Hayden up into a sitting position. Miley then secures her own strong thighs around Hayden's waist and her arms behind her in a full nelson. Hayden is trapped and she knows it, but that doesn't mean she doesn't try to valiantly fight free. Finally though, she wears herself out and Miley allows her one hand free to tap out. Miley Cyrus performs a big upset for Lookout! though, listening to Paris, she predicted this outcome all along. The Twitter feeds are abuzz with this win and wondering whether Miley is better than many suspected. The rest of the FCBA, appears surprised though but not Miley, who is filled with excitement at giving Lookout! their first big win of the night.
Foxfire 1 Lookout! 1

One of the other people who are also excited about Ms. Cyrus' victory, surprisingly, is Sarah Carter. “I could've told you that would happen..” Sarah says with a smirk, “As usual, it's up to me to save Foxfire from the failings of Hayden Panettiere – again!” The look on Ashley Tisdale's face indicates that she has no intention of letting that happen. This one is a rematch of a recent title match that Sarah Carter won, taking the title from Tisdale in the process. Clearly, Tisdale hasn't forgotten as she comes out fighting hard but Carter gives it back to her just as painfully. The two of them fight on a large circular bed, or at least it starts there. The two of them fight all over the bedroom, crashing into a closet, the wall, the patio doors and the floor. The two of them make it back onto the bed towards the end, sweaty and obviously sore. Carter is on top as she bullies Tisdale onto the bed, delivering a series of brutal slaps towards Tisdale's face but Tisdale catches Carter with a scissors from behind. Flipping Carter off as she sprawls to her back, Tisdale manages to get on top with a grapevine. Catching Carter's flailing arms as she settles on top, stretching her blonde rival's thighs outwards as she slaps her tummy down over and over with a series of loud slaps that echo in the room, accompanied by snarls from Tisdale and grunts from Carter. Ashley traps her opponent in the grapevine though and after numerous attempts to escape, Sarah finally submits. Following the submission, Tisdale leans down to hiss into Carter's ear. “I'm taking those titles back and I'm going to take you down!” Carter responds angrily, “No you won't!” Some taunting occurs back and forth, which ends as Tisdale slides off, making sure to brush her tummy over Carter's face as she peels herself upwards. A furious Sarah Carter and satisfied Ashley Tisdale are separated from each other as Tisdale gets some small measure of revenge and gets Lookout! the lead in this AHW stable war.
Foxfire 1 Lookout! 2


Two straight losses now have the Foxfire girls looking worried and the Lookout girls excited. Dani assures her concerned teammates that she can take Minka, but Minka can be heard whispering that Dani is burnt out as a fighter and she will wear her down. The two agree head back to the bedroom for this fight. However it looks like the circular bed isn’t going to do much to change Foxfire’s sagging fortunes as Minka rams her right elbow into Dani’s chin as they kneel on the golden bedspread and Fishel reels back. However as Minka grabs Dani by the shoulders to wrestle her down, Fishel shows her strength by grabbing Minka’s shoulders and in a fierce test of strength, forces the Lookout girl back on her legs. Now nearly bent double, her legs trapped beneath her, Minka looks to be in trouble but she manages to get her arms around Dani’s waist and roll to one side. Dani is caught by surprise and ends up with her head hanging over the edge of the bed. Minka finally gets her legs free, but they are cramping up. Still she grits her teeth and tries to bang Dani’s head against the side the bed as she kneels on top of Fishel. Dani then thinks to let herself slide off the bed and it is Minka’s turn to be surprised as she suddenly finds herself crashing face-first into the carpet. Dani rolls out from under Minka and grabs her opponent’s legs turning them into a dreaded Step-Over-Toehold (STF). Minka pounds the carpet in agony only from the pressure on her back but muscle cramping in her legs. Crying with pain, Minka has no choice but tap out. Dani releases the hold and quickly starts massaging Minka’s legs trying to help remove the cramps. Minka seems to misunderstand the gesture and kicks wildly at Dani, hitting her upside the head. Instant chaos as both sides rush in and there are several confused moments before Jennifer garner and Paris Hilton are again able to restore order. Minka seems to realize she misjudged Dani and apologizes. Things calm down once again.
Foxfire 2 Lookout! 2


The match is now tied up and the next two fighters are bouncing up and down in their eagerness to have at it. No surprise here. Cuthbert and McAdams are bitter rivals in the boxing room and it’s no surprise this has now extended to the carpet. The fighters head straight for the relatively wide open spaces of the living room so they will have plenty of room to conduct their war.

The pair have been scowling at each other since the start of the evening and now as they circle each other, verbal taunts are exchanged. With cries of fury they lunge at each other, starting out with a classic tie-and-collar, but quickly this turns into a test of strength as each strains to push the other back. Suddenly Elisha drives a knee up into Rachel’s stomach which breaks the stalemate and drives McAdams to her knees. Elisha then places Rachel in a headlock, drags her into feet and rams her face-first into the nearest couch. Then she spins the dazed Rachel around and bends her forward before she drops to her own knees smashing Rachel’s face into the carpet. Elisha walks around Rachel stomping her whenever she tries to rise, then straddles her, plainly going for a surfboard or perhaps a camel clutch, but Rachel suddenly rolls to one side, tripping Elisha, then throwing herself on top of the blonde.

Rachel gives Elisha some bruising elbow drops to Cuthbert’s vulnerable rack and some forearm shots to her jaw. Elisha groans under this assault, but lashes out with a forearm of her own catching Rachel upside the head. The Foxfire beauty is stunned. Elisha grabs Rachel’s arms and flips her forward over the blonde and onto to her back with a crash. Elisha then jumps onto a sofa and tries to splash onto Rachel, but McAdams rolls aside. Elisha hits empty carpet heavily. Rachel rolls onto the blonde’s back and puts on a facelock so she can pull her shoulders and head back in a Camel Clutch. Elisha screams with rage and bucks like a woman possessed. Rachel is caught by surprise and falls off to one side. Instantly Elisha is on her swinging wildly with her forearms, but Rachel manages to get her legs up and hooked around Cuthbert’s head, flipping the blonde off. As Elisha lands on her back, Rachel quickly leaps on her with knees tucked in and catches Cuthbert full in the chest blowing the air out of her lungs. Rachel then settles down on the helpless blonde for a simple schoolgirl 3-count pin.

RACHEL’S NOT DONE! To everyone’s shock, a vengeful Rachel turns around and plants her butt on Elisha’s face in a reverse facesit. The furious Lookout girls rush forward to save their comrade, but the Foxfire girls move to intercept. Looks like total chaos, but Jenny O’Dell drags Rachel off Elisha and gives her a stern talking-to. The Lookout girls assist the shaken Elisha to a chair to recover as Jennifer Garner and Paris Hilton again keep their girls calm. After all they point out, there are still 2 fights to go
Foxfire 3 Lookout! 2


Laura Vandervoort and Missy Peregrym don't have much history between them, but rumors persist of beach battles between the two and Laura is eager to prove herself after a devastating loss to Maria Menounos recently. If Laura wins this match, not only will she win this stable war, but keep her stablemate Mary Elizabeth Winstead from a chance to compete as well. It's obvious from the start that Missy also knows that a win for Lookout! is necessary. The two of them opt to fight out in the wide open living room rather than the confines of the bed. The two of them exchange a lot of high-flying action in comparison to some of the other matches tonight, with the two of them exchanging bulldogs, drop-kicks, clotheslines, full-body splashes. It's closer to a brawl than AHW wrestling between the two. Late in the contest, Laura hits her brunette rival with a German suplex, hoping to turn it into a pin, which is how she won their previous stable war contest. It's 1, 2....and Missy manages to kick out at the last moment. Bridging out of it at the last moment, the two of them roll apart from each other. Both fighters scramble to their feet and as Laura charges towards Peregrym, Missy drops down and extends her legs to catch her blonde opponent off guard with a drop-toe-hold. One foot behind the ankle, the other sliding behind the shin as Laura slams face-first into the carpet. Missy then slides atop her battered blonde foe for a Camel Clutch. A short time later, after Missy wears out a determined Vandervoort, Laura submits. A frustrated Laura is led away from attacking a tired but happy Missy Peregrym, who manages to tie up this stable war heading into the final match of the night.
Foxfire 3 Lookout! 3

Mary is undoubtedly pleased at her stablemate's loss, but clearly focused as she knows that the pressure is now on her to win this match and give Foxfire a loss in this stable war. Yvonne has certainly had her fair share of success against Mary, though not recently in an FCBA ring and is determined to defeat Mary here. Knowing a win against Mary will not only give them a victory in the stable but give her some renewed confidence against her hated brunette rival, Yvonne's intensity is more obvious than ever coming into this final AHW contest of the night. Somehow, both Yvonne and Mary knew it would come down to this.

The two of them start out slow in the living room, but of course, the match doesn't stop there. Both fighters know this was the match most people were looking forward to and they don't disappoint. Both Yvonne and Mary fight all over the apartment and the action even spills out onto a huge patio, overlooking a great view. Both managers are concerned as there is no padding on the patio, but agree to let it play out. The two of them slam each other up against the railing, Winstead delivering a few European uppercuts and Yvonne fighting back with a sharp knee into the stomach. Yvonne then bullies a breathless MEW into a hot tub out on the patio, the two of them splashing into the tub under the starry sky. The two of them deliver dunks to each other, attempting to slightly “drown” each other under the water, exchanging slaps and finally Mary manages to shove Yvonne out onto her back, toppling down with a wet thud onto the patio floor. Mary tries to pin Yvonne down, but Yvonne manages to roll on top and then, Winstead. The two of them roll back into the apartment and battle once more.

Dripping wet, the two of them use their slipperiness to escape a number of submission holds. Separating, the two of them fight hard with some high-flying moves of their own as they exchange suplexes, bulldogs and finally, Yvonne hits Winstead with a flying cross-body to knock her back onto the bed. The action is up close and personal as the two exchange scissors and both even try to pin one another, but each of them kick out before the three-count.

At the end, the two of them trade smothers instead, a sign of how desperate they are and how determined they are to win. Winstead tries to use her chest to smother her blonde rival, but Yvonne fights free somehow. Forcing a battling MEW onto her back, Yvonne scoots forward and settles down for a facesit atop Mary. Securing her thighs on either side, Yvonne could pin her opponent in this situation, but decides not to and instead, goes for the submission as she keeps her opponent's shoulders off of the mattress and her face trapped into her tush. Finally, a red-faced MEW is forced to tap out against this humiliating finishing maneuver. Yvonne pumps her fist into the air triumphantly as she sits on MEW, then slides off of her. Surprisingly, Yvonne helps Mary up, although the two do get into each others faces and chest up against one another following the match. The two of them exchange a hug, but taunt into one another's ears in low angry tones that nobody else can hear. Eventually, the two of them are pulled apart as it looks like the two of them were trying to trip each other to the carpet in the hug and a victorious Yvonne walks away, with a victory for Lookout! Boxing in this match and stable war.
Foxfire 3 Lookout! 4

Lookout! Boxing wins the Apartment House Wrestling Stable War, 4 wins to 3.




The cheers, the hugs, the backslapping and general merriment are to be found on the Lookout side of the hotel suite. On the other side stand the shocked, sullen and smoldering members of the defeated Foxfire team. In the middle the camera crew is getting a few final shots when suddenly angry voices erupt from the Foxfire camp.

“You cost us ANOTHER stable match!” Laura Vandervoort is snarling at Mary Winstead.

“You think I’ve forgotten how you lost the one with HMK?”

“Don’t you DARE bring that up!” Mary hissed. “Especially since YOU lost to Peregrym--AGAIN!”

The palms of Laura’s hands shoot out and hit Mary in the shoulders causing the brunette to stumble backwards before landing on her butt.

“Hey, look, the Foxies can’t beat us so now they’re fighting each other!” came a sneering voice from somewhere in the Lookout ranks.

Jennifer Garner hurried over as Mary, who had leaped to her feet, was about to take a swing at Laura. She struggled to keep the two apart.

“You have to understand, girls,” Paris said, “they only ones they can beat are each other!”

“Shut up, Hilton!” Jen barked. “Your girls lost three times.”

“And your girls lost four times!” Paris retorted, “Last time I checked, four was more than three, isn't it?”

“Of course you'd have to check, Paris...” Jen shouted back with a roll of her eyes, “If a blonde bimbo like you can be manager, then maybe anybody can do it!!”

Paris came stomping over: “Don’t you yell at me, Jennifer Garner! I won’t stand for it!”

Mary, Laura and Jennifer all turned at the Lookout blonde leader. Jennifer stepped forward: “You are like one of those yippy little dogs--all noise and no bite. Now get back to your own girls.”

Laura and Mary seized a Hilton arm and hustled her across the room and hurled her in the general direction of Michelle Trachtenberg. Michelle caught Paris and they went down in a tangle. Instantly, Missy Peregrym and Yvonne Strahovski slammed into Laura and Mary. The four of them hit the floor and this was the general signal for both forces to rush across the room. (The two photographers deftly moved to opposite sides of the room filming all the way).

Jennifer Garner sees the Lookout forces coming forward and instantly throws herself in a cross body block that slams into Megan Fox who shoots backwards into the following Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson. The smaller girls swarm over the bigger Garner who staggers to her feet with Simpson clinging to her back while Fox and Kardashian each hold a leg. Then Lindsay Lohan rockets forward with a shoulder into the Garner midsection to take the big brunette down.

Hayden Panettiere and Sarah Carter rush to assist Garner but are met by yet more of Lookout’s apparently endless supply of flyweights: Brenda Song, Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus. Dani Fishel then does a jump off a couch and crashes into the 5-woman scrum sending them all flying.
Meanwhile Mandy Moore and Rachel Nichols rush to the assistance of Jennifer Garner who is being buried by Simpson, Kardashian, Fox and Lohan. They hurl Lookout flyweights aside, but Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly leap into the frey. The sheer weight in small girls starts to weight against Garner, Moore and Nichols through the Foxfires keep struggling to rise knocking assorted Lookouts off only to have them return to the frey.

Beth Harnois weaves her way through the melee to throw herself on Michelle Trachtenberg as she is trying to help Paris Hilton to her feet. Michelle falls onto Paris and Beth splashes down on both.

Nearby Yvonne Strahovski is in the middle of slap fight with Mary Winstead both of them are screaming at each other with incoherent fury, while Laura Vandervoort and Missy Peregrym are rolling around in the floor in an impromptu wrestling rematch.

Ashley Tisdale and Hilary Duff have hung back, initially in sheer surprise, but now they look to see where they can help the most. It is at this point that Jen Garner again staggers to her feet and finally flips the stubborn Megan Fox over her head causing Fox to crash into Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly, knocking them off Mandy Moore and Rachel Nichols. Now three of the biggest Foxfires are nearly free.

“CHARGE!” bellows Ashley as she and Hilary barrel into Moore and Nichols with their shoulders knocking the two back into Jennifer Garner (whose legs are still being held by Kardashian, Simpson and Lohan) so that she goes down, Kim, Jessica and Lindsay are now on top of Garner, Moore and Nichols are on top of them and topping off this bizarre pile are Tisdale and Duff.

Dani Fishel, Hayden Panettiere and Sarah Carter finally punch and kick their way clear of Brenda Song, Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens, who are left momentarily stunned on the carpet. The three rush over to the huge, squirming pile near them and hurl Tisdale and Duff off, Then Nichols and Moore are freed, finally Lohan, Kardashian, and Simpson are hauled off, and Jennifer Garner helped to her feet.

However Minka Kelly, Megan Fox and Leighton Meester come charging back in. Nichols grabs Megan as she leaps forward and simply tosses her aside. With a yelp of surprise, Megan slams into Vanessa Hudgens knocking her flat.

“YOU IDIOT!” Vanessa yells at Megan.

“GET OFF HER!” Brenda Song ordered grabbing Megan by the hair to haul her off and Miley Cyrus gave Megan a shove.

This caused Megan to re-direct her fury: “I am sick of you DISNEY DIMWITS!”

She was now on her feet, but she grabbed Brenda and Miley and knocked their heads together. Cross-eyed and stunned the pair, fell on top of Vanessa Hudgens.

Meanwhile, Mary and Yvonne had stopped the slapping but were grappling wearily as Laura Vandervoort and Missy Peregrym were still at on the floor. Mary finally surprised Yvonne with a hip toss and when the blonde tried to rise, Mary nailed her with a thrust kick to the head. Mary was exhausted on trembling legs, but she saw Missy was about to pin Laura. Mary got a headlock on and dragged her off. Laura staggered to her feet and launched a dizzy slap at Missy, but Missy ducked and the slap hit Mary. Mary yet out of cry of anger, dropped Missy and tackled Laura.

Missy nearly exhausted herself and considered just letting the Foxfire girls fight, but instead she headed to where Beth was still pinning both Michelle and Paris and dragged Beth off by grabbing her hair and bikini bottoms. Missy then tossed Beth aside like a bale of hay.

Unfortunately for Missy, Mary and Laura saw Beth sail by and they stopped fighting each other to charge after Missy. They seized Missy and slammed her down onto the just reviving Paris and Michelle. They were about to do it again when Yvonne Strahovski tackled them from behind creating yet another struggling pile.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Garner, Rachel Nichols and Mandy Moore aided by Dani Fishel, Sarah Carter and Hayden Panettiere were finally taking out the numerous Lookout flyweights and bantamweight. Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian were already down and Leighton Meester, Hilary Duff and Ashley Tisdale seemed about to join them.

Then Megan Fox having put out Brenda, Miley and Vanessa, suddenly realized she was fighting the wrong team. Frantic, she ran to a where a number of caterers carts had been lined up, she uncovered a whole cart full of large cream pies. Megan seized the pastries and started throwing them as fast as she could at Garner, Nichols and Moore. Being hit by cream pies stunned the Foxfire girls who lunged after Megan, who then retaliated by next grabbing a punchbowl and throwing it over them.

Hayden, Sarah and Dani were now left with Leighton, Hilary and Ashley who went on the counterattack dragging them down. Vanessa, Brenda and Miley came to just as Garner, Moore and Nichols had cornered Megan and were plastering her with pies. The Disney girls seemed to forget they had just been knocked out by Megan and instead grabbed pies to come to her assistance.

It was at this point that referee Jennifer O’Dell re-appeared having been called to the hotel lobby. No one was there and she realized she had been suckered out of the room. When word reached the lobby of a “riot” in the suite she had just left, she personally led hotel security to the scene and forced the exhausted (and pie-smeared) forces apart.

Also accompanying security was Leven Ramben, having arrived back at the hotel suite after taking Ms. O'Dell to the hotel lobby to take a “phone call.”

“Oh darn it!!”.” she exclaimed unhappily, “I missed the whole brawl!” Looking over the scene that looked dangerously close to a disaster area following the post-match battle, she genuinely seemed surprised and disappointed to have missed it.

The AHW tournament ended with both sides withdrawing to their own suites to clean up, Eventually the two stables paid for damages, but left little doubt each blamed the other for the fracas.

Celebrity guest Emily Vancamp who had somehow come through the whole battle royale without even a hair out of place commented: “Oh, I am sure the PPV will be a huge success. I personally enjoyed every minute of it.”

- Foxfire Boxing and Lookout! Boxing.

P.S. - For those of you out there who have your birthday today, we wish a very, very Happy Birthday to you. You know who you are.

And to the rest of the FCBA, like EVC, we certainly hope you enjoyed every minute of this Stable War.

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