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22 June 2001 Cat Bell vs Liz Hurley

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Posted by Simguy on 6/22/2001, 6:32 pm.

Before: Tune up for Bell as she awaits the winner of Jewel/Gina Gershon--Cat’s met and bested Liz before, sense is that Bell likes to go to Hurley in these situations--times when she needs work but wants to be comfortable and Hurley doesn’t like it. “I’m not Catherine BELL’S SPARRING PARTNER,” lIZ SAYS WITH CURLED LIP, “I AM A WORLD CLASS CELEBRITY BOXER AND Catherine Bell will be hard pressed to compete with me. She may thinks taking me for granted, but I assure you this: no one uses Liz Hurley, especially American TC tramps.” Well then. Liz in dark brown bikini--Cat in electric blue bikini.

During R1: Cat a little too patient this round--stalking Hurley around the ring with her hands high, out front--Hurley stepping to her right out of the southpaw stance, decoy jabs at the face setting up licking left/rights to the body as Hurley pivots around the right hand. Tactical round to Liz as both women take a look.


R2: Cat busier--both girls fighting at arms length, getting off with fluid, sharp 3 punch bursts working the body to finish up on the face. Midway through, Liz dips to her right to pull some slinging left hands hard into Bell’s bikini top, shutting Cat down and even putting concern on her face. Hard right hook on the cheek has Bell stepping funky, sweeping left hand skids across face and suddenly Cat’s in real trouble, Liz walking in with hands low, loose and limber as she lashes punches against Cat’s fat free frame. Bell covered up and abused at the finish as Hurley nods fiercely after the bell,


R3: Cat hard eyed as she comes out with hands up, palms out--stabbing jabs to the forehead have the British girl wide eyed and a gorgeous lanky hook off the jaw pounds the mouthpiece off Liz’s teeth. Hurley a completely different fighter after that single punch--she reels hurt to the ropes, looking to slip and dip her way out of the round, but Bell’s having none of it, Cat Bell squares up and treats Liz Hurley to a dreadful rib bombardment--double and triple lefts, then rights--Cat just cranking away up and down Hurley’s sides with horrifying efficiency. Busted up Liz trying pathetically to push the American back--Cat just wades back in to lay on the hurt with both hands without expression. Final minute--Cat has her girl throbbing to the body--she starts cashing in on chin as Hurley stoops forward from the ropes in agony. Hooks, right hands--stupefying punches bash Hurley’s exquisite face this way and that as the leather train keeps a comin’ and THE REF JUMPS IN. Cat turns away and doesn’t look back--KO3 Cat Bell.


After: Exclaimation ppoint beat down and stoppage--Hurley a slick boxer just taken out back the woodshed and shot by a heartless Cat Bell in top form. Bitter defeat, psychologically speaking for Liz--she knows she got handpicked and thrashed just the way Cat intended--it’s a sick feeling to be worked like that. As for Bell, “I really don’t care if it’s Gina or Jewel--if I box the way I did tonight, I’ll be the new lightweight champion.” Doesn’t seem like boasting after a performance like this.

Reposted by Archer 6/21/12.

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