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16 June 2012 Downtown Julie Brown vs Liz Hurley

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Posted by Jac Fac on June 16, 2012, 5:23 pm


Written by Jac Fac

Retro Bout Ca. 2004

It was one of those L.A. 'scorchers' and Downtown Julie Brown stopped off at her gym for a quick dip before dinner. As she approached the pool to dive in she noticed that Liz Hurley was doing some laps there all by her lonesome. Julie dove in and caught up with Liz in the middle of the pool.

“Didn't know you were a member here,” Julie said.

Liz cooly and annoyingly noted her presence, then essentially ignored Julie. This was a major 'diss' to Julie who pursued Liz and announced that maybe she might like racing a couple of laps.

“With you luv, no problem,” said Liz in a condescending smarmy way.

They both shot out of their lanes quickly and the taller Liz gained a little lead. As they hit the wall Julie fired up those powerful legs and matched Liz stroke for stroke, overtook her at the last 15 feet, and beat her by about two feet. Julie shot up out of the water. Liz was aghast as she'd been working out in the pool for months.

“Keep at it there amateur,” teased Julie. “One day you might beat a kindergardener.”

This fried Liz big time. “You know that you need a good boxing lesson there Brown old girl! You beat Kim Cattrall but she can't break an egg with those fists!”

“You the one to do it there sweetie?” sneered Julie.

“Damned right I am!” shot back Liz.

“Ready when you are. Let's pass the word. I want lots of folks there to see me wipe you out!”

A month later; the scene is the L.A. Forum and Liz is wearing a blue bikini while Julie is back in her trademark purple thong outfit. Julie gets lots of howls from the guys.

Round One
Liz loads up a big right but Julie is under it quickly and fires a hard right to Hurley's gut. Liz grunts. Julie pounds Liz hard with combinations and hammers her twice in the face with a left then a right. Liz throws an uppercut which connects solidly with Julie's jaw. Julie staggers as Liz fires a vicious left hook to her body and then buckles Julie's knees with a right cross to the jaw. Julie stays up but is hurt. Bell rings with the round scored evenly. Julie's trainer is Sue Anne Langdon who warns her to keep on the game plan by working Liz' body.

Round Two
Liz tries to capitalize on those jaw shots but is hit viciously by a flurrly of Downtown's body blows. She crumples in half in pain. Julie continues battering the taller gals midriff. 'Gonna beat the starch out of you Hurley' snarls Julie. Up yours answers Liz and is immediately hit under the left eye by Julie's right cross. She stumbles backwards. Julie pursues her and connects cleanly with a left uppercut to the jaw. Hurley FALLS hard on her ass as the bell sounds. Round two is Julie's. Kim Cattrall is in Hurley's corner. 'Stay away from trading punches with her warns Kim who was pounded out cold by Julie months earlier.

Round Three
Liz is fired up from the knockdown. She delivers a long left jab to Julie's face. Both gals are swelling around the eyes. Liz finishes this flurry with a right cross. Julie is knocked back but not down. They stand in the middle of the ring and exchange blows.

“No!” screams Cattrall. “I warned you Liz!”

But Liz isn't listening at all to the advice; she's determined to take Julie out with a knockout. Liz swings and misses her long left hook but Julie is right on the money with a blazing shot to Liz midsection again and then, as Liz bends in pain, Julie rounds out the attack with a solid right to Liz's jaw. Hurley's head goes sideways as sweat flies everywhere. She’s backpedaling and Julie is following. Julie hammers Liz with another combination and Liz's legs are bowed outward now.

Liz knows she's lost and one more right to the jaw proves it; sending Liz hurtling into the ropes. She bounces off and lands hard on her back. Her eyes are shut and her head lays sideways on the canvas. Julie is parades around the ring with her gloves raised high.

Julie undoes Liz’ blue bikini bottom and ties it to her ankles, then does a slow 'victory drag', pulling Liz face down and oblivious around the ring on her tits to thunderous cheering from the crowd. Hugh Grant looks downcast over his former lover's defeat but sends a rose into the ring for Julie which he’d originally hoped to give to Liz after her victory..

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