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17 June 2012 Downtown Julie Brown vs Jamie Lee Curtis

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Posted by Jac Fac on June 17, 2012, 1:58 pm


Written by Jac Fac

(Retro Bout Ca. 2004)

'Downtown' Julie Brown returned to work at Jill Hennessey Ltd. the television satellite firm where she had signed a contract as executive v.p. serving under her 'excellency' the c.e.o. Jill Hennessey. Actually Jill had clouted Julie into utter submission and draped Julie's body over the ropes and, after regaining consciousness, Julie had signed the employment contract Jill presented. As Julie entered her office there was a note on her desk with an immediate demand to 'SEE ME' immediately from Jill.

Julie went to Jill's large carpeted office and stood in front of Jill's desk literally at attention. Jill's eyes did not leave the paper she was reading when she icily said, "I understand you beat Eve Navarro recently in a boxing match".

"Yes!" exclaimed Julie exultantly. "I nailed her ass good and proper that little slut."

At this point Jill got up from her chair and was clad in a blue bikini bottom and white top. She approached Julie.

"So you nailed her ass did you? Why?”

"Because, Boss…." started Julie. “She insulted me in that baseball game. I caught her liner to win it too."

Now it was Jill's turn. "You don't get it do you Brown?"

"Get what Boss?"

"You don't fight anybody unless I sanction it," replied Jill as she slammed Julie's gut with her right fist. Julie groaned and sank to one knee. "You violate this contract again I'll lay you low like you've never known Downtown. Get IT?"

"Yes Boss…I got it," grunted Julie as she got up and started to leave.

"Before you go and get your assignment today Julie you might as well know; I have investors who are interested in how well you can fight.”

"You do?" asked Julie.

"Right, I do. And tonight you're fighting Jamie Lee Curtis who is my top sparring captain. She's tough nuts and I’m not sure you're up to dealing with the likes of her. She's not a candy-ass like Kim Cattrall or Diane Lane or even Reba McEntire; all those rummies you batted around. Jamie Lee’s hard core and I’m not sure you’re up to the job."

“No, I mean, yes I am Boss…I am," came back 'Downtown's’ reply.

"Then get your ass in my ampitheater ring tonight and prove it!" said Jill. "You lose and your ass is mine. All the smart money says you’ll lose and I don't invest in losers! Got that?"

"Yes Boss, yes," remarked Julie. "I'll take her.”

It's now night time and time for the fight. Entering the ring first is the referee for tonight, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

ROUND ONE: Jamie Lee is in her 'True Lies' black panties and heels and clobbers Julie with her solid left jabs. Repeatedly she connects and feints Julie badly as her blows begin raising welts under Julie's eyes.

"You're Meat!" laughs Jamie Lee Curtis as she slugs Julie hard with a right cross to the jaw that floors the purple thonged gal. Julie is getting hammered early and Jamie wins the round.

ROUND TWO: "Get in there and use those combos Downtown!" exhorts Jill. Julie reaches back for something extra as Jamie Lee continues beating her to the punch. Julie finally jackhammers Jamie with some inside shots that back Curtis up. Julie's left/right combo finds Jamie and now it's Jamie's turn to fall. Jill is leaning forward in her chair. Jamie is up but Julie now mounts her vaunted attack with a continual body assault that makes Curtis double up in agony.

"You're my meat NOW!" exclaims Julie as once again she puts Jamie Lee down in a heap. Curtis wobbles up and stumbles on those great legs but Julie has the range and a flurry of punches finishes off her quarry once and for all. Jamie Lee collapses on rubbery legs and topples over face down as Jill leaps in and counts her out.

"You just made me $100,000 with that little show!" she tells Julie. "Go take a shower and get ready for dinner, I’m taking you out to celebrate."

"Yes Boss, yes,” says Julie.

Jill snaps her fingers and Hilary Duff comes in and drags Jamie Lee's body out of the ring. Julie Brown has become Jill’s new sparring captain and, for now, she's riding high!

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