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18 June 2012 Downtown Julie Brown vs Naomi Campbell

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Posted by Jac Fac on June 18, 2012, 5:11 pm


Written by Jac Fac

(Retro Bout Ca. 2004)

A moment of reckoning had come for these two gals, the talking head and the super runway model. Both had witnessed the others exploits in the ring and feted one another with 'victory drinks', etc. Julie had been racking up numerous wins lately and Naomi had grown resentful of all the adulation Julie was getting as a result. It was time for Naomi to step out against her old pal and set the record straight once and for all!
It began with the two of them having dinner one night in New York City at a steakhouse. Up on the walls were many snapshots of Julie's boxing victories and they were sitting directly underneath a photo of Lucy Lawless's legs buckling following a brutal Julie uppercut as the 'Warrior Princess' was in the process of being KO'd by the purple-thonged victor. Naomi pointed to that picture and bluntly announced that is what would happen to Julie if they squared off.

"No way!" said Julie. "You've let yourself get soft and you're rusty as all get-out to boot."

"Why don't we just see?" shot back Naomi. "I've been planning on knocking your ass out for some time. Just had to be the right time. You just did that loser Charisma Carpenter; I hope you don't think I'm in HER category do you?"

"Actually, I think you belt out tons of floozies, Naomi. People like Josie Maran, Beckinsale and Beckham, Vendela and that novice Peta Wilson. But they don't match up with the ones I'VE nailed."

Naomi was glowering. "You're challenged right here and now and don't wait to get that b###h boss Hennessey to OK it either because if you duck me I'll know you're chickenshit."

Julie was prepared with an answer right then and there, "Actually, Naomi, Jill has been hoping you'd spring for a fight. Let's get it on at Madison Square Garden next month. What say?"

"Done!" replied Naomi. "I'll pick up this check as the loser buys dinner next month. Treasure this meal 'Downtown' cause it's definitely the LAST ONE I'll ever buy you!”

"Sure about that are you?" smiled Julie defiantly.

"Yes I am," returned Naomi as she got up and left the restaurant.

Now fight night has arrived and NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg is ring announcer for, “This very special night in New York boxing history!" Celebrity boxing legend Mary Tyler Moore had been prevailed upon to be the referee.

Julie is first into the ring and she whips off that purple robe to reveal her powerful legs and a tight body bedecked in her trademark purple thong. She’s trained hard under Eartha Kitt while Naomi has Tina Turner working in her corner. Like Julie, Naomi has been working 24/7 in preparation for the fight. Both are warmed up, their bodies glistening with sweat.

Round One - Julie stays out of Naomi's superior reach with that long left jab and proceeds to circle her. Naomi attempts a straight right but Julie slips it and bores in viciously with a vaunted body attack which has Naomi grunting already. 'Downtown' fires a nasty flurry of scoring shots to the runway model's mid-section which doubles Naomi up in severe pain. Julie dances away quickly as Naomi fires a grazing right to Julie's cheek which is only a glancing blow. Julie comes back inside with another foray of hard shots. As Naomi drops her gloves Julie connects with a phenomenal head shot that snaps the London born gal's head back. Naomi's long legs buckle wildly as they bell rings. Julie is looking top notch. The crowd is into this fight.

Before round two Tina Turner exhorts her fighter to 'box' Julie with long jabs and don't try head hunting. “Julie is no easy target,” she warns Naomi.

Round Two- Naomi snaps off some quick long left jabs which find Julie's cheek. Julie retaliates with a great right to Naomi's mid-section which is hurting. Again Naomi retreats. Julie is attacking ferociously now as she pursues the taller model and slams her with a left/right combo to the head. Naomi is reeling backwards and FALLS hard into the ropes as her legs crumble. Mary Tyler gives her a standing eight count as Naomi pushes hard to regain her feet. Naomi is truly hurt and the 'Killer instinct' in Julie Brown has come to the fore. "Eat this one Naomi" snarls Julie as she batters the taller gal with solid head shots in center ring. Naomi is disoriented as she marches on rubbery legs to the sound of the blessed bell at the end of round two. Julie has this round easily.

Round Three- Tina Turner has no advice for her apparent outclassed fighter. Julie delivers a massive left uppercut which, once again, buckle those long fabulous legs of Naomi Campbell who is taking the literal beating of her life. 'Downtown' Julie Brown wades in and punishes the model with a flurry of body shots as Campbell is crumpling with every blow. Naomi's arms are hanging at her sides as Mary Tyler Moore yanks Julie off of her and raises Julie's right arm in victory. Naomi is out on her feet and FALLS solidly on her ass unconscious; spread-eagled flat on her back with sightless eyes. Julie is leaping up and down in victory as the place is in pandemonium. Julie is the undisputed champion having taken Naomi's full measure and was NEVER threatened during the entire fight.

Postfight. Julie had someone apply smelling salts to her still pal Naomi. There was no 'victory drag' which Julie loves doing after most of her other fights. This win put a special stamp as to Julie's place in the celebrity boxing kingdom and established her among the elite. Now she must decide about challenging her 'boss' Jill Hennessey for the outright crown. This will take more doing.

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