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19 June 2012 Downtown Julie Brown vs Jill Hennessey II

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Posted by Jac Fac on June 19, 2012, 1:24 pm



Written by Jac Fac

(Retro Bout Ca. 2004)

This battle had been brewing for close to a year. Downtown Julie Brown had functioned effectively as Executive VP of 'Hennessey Enterprises' but was developing the feeling that Jill was planning to dispose of her down the line and bring in new blood. Julie had done a solid job of new client development; making scads of money for Jill with her boxing victories. Photos of Julie's explosive knockout of Emily Proctor - in which she plowed the North Carolinian clear out of the ring - were prominently featured throughout the Hennessey Enterprises offices. Jill made a cool million on that fight but afterward the tension had built between the two willful ladies over Julie's continuing demands to be made co-chairperson.

Julie demolished the three 'Lipstick Jungle' gals: Shields, Raver and Price - making considerable money for herself in the process. That didn't sit well at all with Hennessey and the day came when Jill showed up in Julie's office, sat on Brown's sofa crossing her incredibly sexy legs and issued her decision. “I'm ready to relinquish control of the firm - if you can beat me in the ring ‘Downtown'.”

Julie simply replied, “Good. ‘Cause I've been ready to take what's been my due for a hell of a long time.”

Jill just smiled demurely and as she got up, she remarked, “Let's have our own ‘Thrilla in Manila’ shall we?”

“Next month, lady. You're mine - all mine!” Jill taunted at the Tawny Vixen.

Julie and Eartha Kitt got to work immediately with grueling gym workouts and lots of roadwork. Kelly LeBrock served as Julie's sparring mate as usual and took solid batterings during rugged ring sessions. Julie used Jamie Lee Curtis as her trainer and spar mate. Curtis had once fought Julie and been KO’d brutally.

* * *

A hot mid-July night in Manila and the fight is being beamed worldwide with Hannah Storm announcing and Ann Curry (Hannah's conqueror in a previous match doing the color. The crowd is overflowing at the Municipal Stadium and local bars are packed wall-to-wall.

Julie arrives in the ring first glistening with sweat as she strips off her robe and is bedecked in her trademark purple thong. The crowd oohs and aahs and really lights up when Jill comes through the ropes and slides off her robe and looks dazzling in her lavender bikini panties. Both have heels. Elke Sommer is the ref. Jill shows some signs of nervousness since the ownership of her firm hangs in the balance. They touch gloves, go back to their corners and the bell rings!

Round One- Julie is feinting well and lands a wicked body shot to Jill's gut which makes the former Crossing Jordan star wince in pain. Hennessey's legs buckle slightly as she backpedals. Julie is head hunting and connects with a left hook to Jill's jaw and the Canadian born actress is sent down on her ass. The crowd is jumping up and down and chanting for Julie to end this thing fast. Not to be. Jill is back up and counters with a flurry of her own to Julie's body as payback. Julie feels this volley and moves back. They exchange head shots with Jill landing the heavier blows. Jill is getting into her rhythm now and is delivering telling left jabs around Julie's eyes. Hennessey scores with a bullet right to Julie's jaw and smashes the Welsh born Brown into the ropes as the bell rings. The round is scored even.

Round Two - Eartha is imploring Julie to 'close with this wench and punish her inside'. Julie repeats her hard right to Jill's solid body which doesn't bother Jill quite as much this time. They're mid-ring now and letting it all hang out. Julie fakes Jill with her right and wallops Hennessey again with that left hook and once more Jill goes down. Both gals have expended lots of energy but Jill seems hurt much more. Brown and Hennessey both have severe swelling around the eyes. Jill is up at 8 and is a tad glassy eyed. Julie's legs seem steadier at the moment but she gets careless and 'hot dogs' it with her left arm at her side. Jill's right is 'on the mark' as she slams the 'Dark Destroyer' wickedly on her jaw. Julie's face is contorted as her legs crumple under her as it is her turn to fall. The bell rings after Sommer has counted to 6 as the crowd roars it's appreciation.

Round Three - Eartha Kitt is going ballistic at Julie. “Damn fool girl! You let her back in the fight!” The two fighters touch gloves again for round three as they then continue landing blow after blow on each other's faces. Julie's left hook sends Jill into the ropes but Hennessey rebounds and fires another telling right to Downtown Julie Brown's jaw. This punch is the one that was photographed and became a classic. Julie was knocked senseless and her dark legs crumple as she dives facefirst to the canvas. Her right arm is above her head and her left is extended by her side. Julie never hears Elke Sommer counting her out or the roar of the Phillipine crowd.

Jill Hennessey has retained control of the firm! She asks for the ring mike and makes an announcement once Julie is brought around by smelling salts. “As of now, the firm will be called Hennessey/DJ Brown Enterprises and Julie will have 49% control of the stock plus she’ll make ALL important management decisions. I beat a great fighter tonight and I pay her the ultimate tribute - she has earned it.”

Sommer raises Jill's right hand in victory and the two gladiators embrace and kiss. Both are obviously somewhat stimulated afterward. “Stop by for nightcap later, Ms. Chairwoman,” leers Jill.

“Don't mind if I do CHAMP,” replies Julie who then drops to her knees and kisses Jill's feet in acknowledging her defeat. “You're the best, Jill; that’s all I can say. Congratulations.”

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