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6 July 2001 Title Ch Eliza Dushku vs Michelle Williams

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Posted by Simguy on 7/6/2001, 7:48 am


Before: Dushku philosophical in preflight: “The challenge for me is not in winning this fight--I’ll beat Michelle Williams one way or the other. The challenge is getting her to roll over for me, get her to submit, I want to rule this division with an iron fist and that means I’ve got to break Michelle’s spirit.” Lofty goal--Williams determined to reverse the prior verdict, “She better watch what she wishes for. She keeps yappin’, I might just have to take her for a walk.” Dushku in red leather bikini, Mish in navy velvet, sports bra top, white lace trim. Williams bumping chest hard during ring instructions, almost precipitates a brawl right then and there.


During R1: Eliza out to send a message, wades right on in and gives it to Williams hard in the belly at the open, Mish backed up from a steady assault on her stomach, smudges into the ropes with a hurting grimace--Dushku’s hurting her! Eliza laying in, getting off to the sides, then bodying up with the shoulder and left elbow, propping and punching with grinding rhythm, Williams bangs her way off the ropes in the middle minute, teeth clenched, cheek to cheek as she crams her mitts into Eliza’s stone-flat tummy. Girls trading recklessly down the stretch--Dushku hacking her way into Michelle’s face with a tight left hook probably does more, but Williams looks comfortable in this kind of fight.


R2: Mish grinning, nods, and wades in shoulder to shoulder as Eliza seems determined to beat the blonde at her own game. Williams uptempos 2 and 3 short left hooks into the midriff, shoulder bump, right cross as Dushku falters back. Eliza back with clubbing lefts and rights downstairs, arms shivering upon making meaty contact with Williams’ sturdy frame. Down the stretch, nice little move inside frees Michelle up--she turns southpaw, pivots to her right and clips Eliza with a little right uppercut off the right hook across the waist--Dushku stops punching, covers up as Mish swaddles her in leather to the bell.


R3; Dushku straight back in--no angles, no jab--all power shots from both women as the crowd is treated to a slam bang back and forth slugfest. Eliza with nice cudgeling hand speed downstairs, ripping her punches off against Williams’ cuddly tummy or shoe shining the blonde’s breasts, coming out of a crouch in close to nail the right uppercut or chopping left hook on the jaw. Much the same look from Mish--she keeps her sweaty head on Eliza, punches blind to the waist and hips occasionally reaching around the champ’s right side to hold her for a stream of curling right hands to the stomach. Eliza getting the better of things with her hand speed, but down the stretch, girls get hooking and missing as each bobs effectively into her crouch, but Williams finally TAGS champion chin with a clouting left and lifts Eliza off her feet. Dushku takes a seat at the ropes, staring in disbelief as Mish grins down, is pointed to a neutral corner. Dushku takes her 8, and gets on her bicycle to run the clock--Williams steals the round late.


R4: Eliza told to “quit playing with this girl”--comes out tentative, not all the way in, but not fully committed to boxing either--it’s a recipe for destruction. No doubts on Mish’s behalf--she storms in, crowding Dushku, wedging the left hand in and around Eliza’s protective elbows downstairs--brunette clinching more often, looking to palm up on blonde’s arms and waltz her down a peg or two. Williams fights her way through the grappling--she’s tanning Dushku’s sides, bringing that guard down, then licking at the chin with a tight Lamotta-like hook--curling her left hand over and over against the head and body as Eliza bobs and rolls at the ropes. Another round for Williams has her hooting at the bell--Dushku ashen faced after 4 tough rounds have her hurting.


R5: Cue comeback. Eliza knows what she needs to do--starts to execute this round. Starts with the footwork--she’s pivoting around her hook and jab, cutting off her moves crisp and Williams connect percentage plummets. Dushku touching Michelle’s face with the jab, hooking off it, turning the blonde--Eliza keeping the fight at midring, slicing Mish up this round off the blonde’s right shoulder and posting a classy shutout to get back in the race.


R6: Dushku getting her second wind--Mish coming forward, but covering up, almost expecting to get hit now as Eliza gets into rhythm. This is the Dushku that humiliated Salma Hayek--sharp pivots to the left, vicious accuracy from both hands, creative combinations off the jab as she helps herself to Williams looking a little lost, starting to lump badly over the right side of her face courtesy Dushku’s crunching little hook.


R7: Dushku just doing her thing--it’s up to Mish to stop her, and early on, she can’t. Eliza pressing in with her left shoulder, then pivoting around, finishes the move with a chopping short hook on the eye, busting Williams up and putting the blonde wobbly butt this round,. Final minute--Mish steps over to cut off the ring, girls exchange hooks and DUSHKU IS HURT! Shattering collision sees Eliza stagger straight back, wide eyed as Williams collects herself and plunges on in. Mish having some fine moments in the dying seconds, pushing up on Eliza at the ropes, then clobbering away two handed to the ribs as the champ covers up. Williams steals it late to keep the upset alive.


R8: Dushku visibly wincing, fighting through the pain--her ribcage and tummy have to be throbbing, Eliza gets back to what’s been the second half story--lateral movement, jab and combinations, Williams goes back to getting chewed up, but stubbornly following Eliza, looking for spots, Final minute--Dushku’s been beating Williams senseless this round, and she wheels sharp to the left, puts everything into a juicy left uppercut from the side, splitting Williams’ gloves and banging blonde head back with authority. Mish undone, fists drooping as she soaks up the punch but she is HURT! Dushku smells blood--back into the body with the left hook, another left uppercut from the side, Williams’ head rocking back and she stumbles in full retreat to the ropes, Mish out on her feet, hands at her stomach, eyes vacant--she bends over to her right as Dushku gets on and the champ unleashes the leather storm. Hellish flurry as punches slam into the helpless blonde-- Mish laying over on her right side, soaking up dreadful abuse and THE REF JUMPS IN! Nothing back from Mish--Eliza leaps away with something close to relief in her step--Williams sobbing quietly in the ref’s arms the KO8 loser.


After: Eliza with a coarse in-ring celebration after a tough win, then brazenly goes to Williams’ corner, eye contact, “let’s go,” says Eliza, and it’s a meanspirited walk of shame for a game challenger on the night. Williams out on her shield, but she gives another die hard performance, obviously bitterly disappointed as Dushku guides her around the ring after dominating the champ over the first half of the fight, “I’m satisfied,” a sweaty and shiny Dushku says in post fight, “I feel I beat her at her own game, wore her down, then boxed her out, really outclassed her down the stretch. Rounds? No she had MOMENTS in this fight. Watch the tape, you’ll see I won the rounds.” Official look at the cards had Mish ahead going into the 8th--Dushku’s extra gear saves the belt.


Reposted by Archer 8/17/12.

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