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22 October 2001 Gwyneth Paltrow vs Sela Ward

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Posted by Simguy on 10/22/2001, 6:54 am.


Before: Pundits don’t know what to make of Gwyneth Paltrow’s plans for to launch a ring career--part image change, part honest need to compete, who knows. Ward no joke to debut against--Sela may have a little water under the bridge, but those legs are sturdy and most think she’s a better all around fighter now than she was in her youth. Reports from the gym suggest Paltrow has a little pop but not much variety in her game--despite getting a big studio push in this fight, most experts like Sela, and question Gwyneth’s commitment to glove work. Sela in retro cut red bikini with twist-tie halter top-Gwyneth in pink, floral bikini, long battle braid.


During R1: Paltrow flat footed, right hand at her cheek, elbows in--seemed well-schooled as she steps to the opponent. Ward relaxed, hands up, steps her jab into Gwyneth’s chest as the women shoot stick to open. Paltrow just pushing her jab, measuring, but gets over the top with a meaningful right cross that catches Ward napping, DO)WN GOES WARD!


Sela’s legs give way--she rolls to her back and sits up shellshocked at the unexpected knockdown. Ward up at 8, starts the long process of chiseling her way back into the round. Gwyneth with almost no follow up --keeps her hands high, jabbing with Sela, rotating slowly midring as brunette gets her bearings, outboxes blonde to the bell and stalks to her corner shaking her head in disgust at herself for getting caught.

R2: Sela still fuming at the early embarrassment, joins Paltrow at midring and begins banging back blonde head with purposeful jabs up the middle,. Ward glaring as she gets off, jamming her left in between Gwyneth’s gloves with satisfying smack--brunette appears to have things under control. Midway through, Paltrow just standing in no mans land, getting shined up by Ward’s insistent stick, when a sudden blonde left brushes Ward’s lips, followed by the same crashing, heavy right hand on the jaw that did damage in the first and SELA GOES DOWN! Ward on her back AND SHE”S NOT GETTING UP! It’s ALL over as Sela lies groaning in dazed heartache while a placid Gwyneth Paltrow smiles serenely, struts the ring like she’s been doing it all her life. KO2 Gwyneth



After: Had it been a higher profile fight--they’d be calling this the Upset of the Year--Gwyneth Paltrow shocking a strong brunette veteran who suddenly looks shot, old fighter after absorbing some drifting right hands from a novice. Ward flabbergasted 9n defeat--studios ecstatic over the blow out win, and Paltrow talking coolly about a few more “tune up” fights against the likes of Lynda Carter, maybe a Sandra Bullock before getting into the mix at sub 130. “Yeah, that was a nice whack,” sneers one old-time scribe, “but I’d like to see her do it again before I start engraving any plaques.”

Reposted by Archer 7/18/12

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