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12 July 2012 Naomi Campbell vs Charlize Theron I

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Posted by Archer on July 12, 2012, 6:45 pm


Story by Jac Fac

Retro Bout Circa 2004

Naomi was truly pumped up over her dual knockout of Posh Spice and Kate Beckinsale. Following that encounter, whenever she saw them, Naomi was submissively greeted by the defeated 'Brit/Twits' as she referred to them. They called her "Ms. Naomi" or "Ms. Campbell" - and sometimes "Ma'am" if she gave one or both that famous 'icy glare'.

Word was getting around what a truly 'bad ass' Naomi was and how she was awaiting some 'new meat in the street' to come get her. Charlize Theron had heard all she wanted about the woman she referred to on "Entertainment Tonight" interview as a "...braggart and loudmouth" and she let Naomi know it when they came face to face in an LA restaurant one day.

Posh and Kate were slavishly fetching iced tea and a napkin for Naomi and Charlize had it up to here with the snooty runway model with whom Charlize had had a run-in with when she was a teenager trying to make it in modeling herself.

"You think you're some kind of unbeatable fighter, is that it?" challenged Charlize.

Naomi purred, "I don't see a soul around here who can refute that...do you?"

Charlize's blue eyes blazed, "I'm here to prove otherwise."

Kate Beckinsale genuflected when she heard that and Posh just flushed as she looked the other way.

"See you at Caesar's next month," growled Charlize as she stalked away.

A packed house saw Naomi enter the ring first in a revealing bikini. Charlize followed in a pair of tight Afrikaner design short-shorts. That was like waving a red flag at a bull to Naomi.

The bell rang and Naomi's anger management course was forgotten as she used her long arms to telling effect as she fired her pattened left jab which caught Charlize squarely in her left eye. A whole series of stiff, head-snapping jabs followed - and almost all connected! Charlize got in a few body shots which made Naomi wince a little but ROUND ONE went to Naomi on the strength of her consistent jabbing.

Charlize opened the action landing a solid right to Naomi's chin which semi buckled the big supermodel's knees and forced her to grab Charlize and hold on, tying up her arms. Charlize went to work Naomi's body with some effect which enabled her to win the second round.

Naomi went to work in round three, landing a zinging overhand right that dropped her on her ass in her corner. Charlize beat the count but was in big trouble and Naomi went to work! A series of jabs nearly closed Charlize's right eye and her left was badly swollen by round's end. Charlize's mother who was acting as her trainer, began working on her daughter's eyes with ice as Naomi's solid jabs were closing them fast.

Charlize still was defiant but she was having trouble seeing and this round Naomi began to work the Oscar-winning actresses famously vulnerable body. Naomi started to use left and right hooks with brutal efficiency, pancaking both of Charlize's breasts and drawing winces and moans from the big blonde. When Charlize began to drop her hands to protect her 'precious puppies' she was dropped near the ropes by that overhand right of Naomi's!

Naomi raised her gloves and smiled to the crowd as she stepped over the blonde actress and went to the far corner. Charlize got up but she was hurting big time! Her pretty face was badly swollen and Naomi started having fun with her; teeing off at will until she decided that fun was fun but it was time for Charlize to go down and stay down! Naomi ripped her left glove in under Charlize's right bra cup and as she tilted forward, Naomi caught ALL of the blondes chin with a right uppercut. Naomi announced in the words of Sonny and Cher, "I got you babe!" as she rocked Charlize with the thunderous right. Charlize's head exploded and sweat flew as her arms dropped limp to her sides and her knees buckled like two spaghetti strands!

Charlize's mother quickly threw in the towel but it didn't matter; her baby girl was beaten, lying face down on the canvas. Naomi quickly pulled off Charlize shorts and tore them in two, using them to tie Charlize's ankles to the ring post. Then Naomi stood over her fallen Afrikaner opponent and hissed as she shot her right fist to the sk in a victory pose as she straddled the unconscious white girl.

Kate Beckinsale and Victoria Beckham were the first ones on their feet cheering, after all, they knew what was good for them!

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