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13 July 2012 Naomi Campbell vs Vendela

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Posted by Jac Fac on July 13, 2012, 5:58 pm


Story by Jac Fac

Circa: 2004

Naomi got a call while she was in her New York City digs from her runway model pal Vendela who had just flown in for a show. Vendela's hotel reservations had gotten screwed up and she was left without a room at the NY Hilton. That's because Naomi had heard Vendela was coming for the show after she'd heard that Vendela had been talking behind her back; claiming that she could kick Naomi's ass.

Naomi slipped a reservations clerk "a little something" to deliberately screw up her reservations. Now, Naomi found herself able to offer Vendela her "hospitality" which included lodging for the night. Vendela took a cab to Naomi's and after settling in with her luggage Naomi and the Scandinavian settled in on the sofa in Naomi's lounge to watch some old time fight clips.

"I remember the fights (Swede) Ingemar Johansson and Floyd Paterson had years ago," Vendela sighed. "They're two heavyweights and my Dad told me about them."

"Yeah!" chuckled Naomi. "MY boy took your boy down…and out!"

Naomi continued to laugh and Vendela protested, "B…but Ingemar WON their first fight!"
"Barely," said Naomi still laughing. "Floyd nailed his squarehead ass the second time through, and big time!"

By this time Vendela's face was reddening and she was losing her cool "Well, I know you have a so called 'Den of Doom' here. If you're going to disparage my countrymen, I'm ready for my chance to show you who's the truly best boxer in OUR set. I say I am," said Vendela.

Naomi shrugged and pointed toward the ring. Vendela went to change and put on her blue bikini. Since Naomi was already wearing her trademark black thong, she was set and ready to go. When Vendela returned, Naomi rang a small silver bell on the table and out came Sue Bird (WNBA and an earlier Naomi victim). Sue would referee the fight.

Round One: Sue signals them into the ring. "You're gonna see my toonder and lighting left hook!" yells Vendela as she fires it just missing Naomi's jaw. Naomi hammers Vendela with a vicious body shot, doubling up the Swede, then hooks and jabs that score mightily before she slams Vendela hard to the face with that long left. Naomi follows with a solid cold-cock to Vendela's jaw that buckles the Swede's legs and forces her to hold onto Naomi to remain upright. Another hammer shot and down goes Vendela just as the bell sounds. Easy round for Naomi.

Round Two: "Well you dumb Squarehead where's that toonder and lighting left you talked about?" chides Naomi as she dances about on solid long legs. Vendela goes to get Naomi with her left, and Naomi is staggered! She fires a big right which nails Naomi hard and drops her on her ass. The long statuesque black legs shoot up in the air as she lands hard on the canvas. "Gotcha there, smart ass!" says Vendela as it's her turn to laugh. Naomi regains her feet and fends off Vendela though the Scandinavian beauty connects with a flurry of body shots that wins her the round.

Round Three: They meet in the middle of the ring and exchange violent head shots. But Naomi's rocks Vendela just a little bit harder. Naomi's big right makes solid contact with the Swede's jaw and Vendela's head twists sideways sending her sweat flying. A good left hook from Naomi follows and Vendela sprawls on the mat again! Naomi stands over her looking down at the fallen Swede. "Had enough there 'toonder and lightning' girl?" chortles Naomi. Vendela angrily regains her feet but has been disoriented by Naomi's last hits and is flailing wildly all over the place. Naomi deftly dodges her wild shots as she hits Vendela at will until the Scandinavian sweetheart's sculpted beautiful legs are wobbling and buckling. Naomi's next hit to Vendela's jaw makes her stagger and she looks vacantly at Naomi for a second, then pitches forward on her tits and face.

Sue Bird begins counting her out but Naomi shoves her aside and throws a blanket over Vendela's unconscious body.

"She got a good lesson tonight didn't she!" says Naomi.

"She sure did champ; you proved you're still the best!" fawns frightened Sue.

"Damn right I'm the best!" snarls Naomi, getting in Sue's face. "You ever get any other idea about that; you let me know and I'll wipe your ass out again!"

"Yes Ma'am, I know you will and can," sighed Sue who quickly departed the room while Naomi heads to the shower.

Naomi stops at the door and looks over her shoulder one final time, smirking at the sight of Vendela's swollen face and unconscious form. "Damn I'm good!" Naomi sighs to no one in particular.

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