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9 July 2006 Kaley Cuoco vs Cobie Smulders

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Boxing After Dark

(Main Event)


Posted by Simguy on 7/9/2006, 1:30 am.


Before: “I felt like I outfought Kaley in terms of the tournament,” Smulders tells assembled press in preflight. “I’m not trash talking Kaley--I respect her as a fighter, but do think she gets TOO MUCH respect for what she can do. As a fighter, she’s 5 dressed up as a 9 and I just wish people would quit hyping her as something special.” Cuoco cutting her eyes across the dais, arms crossed, lips pursed: she’s definitely not amused at Smulders’ harsh assessment. “When Cobie lays out Erica Durance with one punch,” Kaley sneers, “maybe she can talk. Until then, she’s got a lot of fighting to do to earn her stripes. I’ve never said I was ‘special’, but I’m a damn good fighter--and if people want to talk me up, more power to them. I have fans--maybe that’s what Cobie resents. I can’t help it that I’m wicked famous and she’s like…not.” Cobie in maple-leaf thin-strap sports bra, sold red trunks, two-toned (white/red) boxing boots with tassels. Kaley in baby blue sports bra, navy velvet trunks (snug),l white boxing boots with tassels, White gloves, both vixens.

During R1: Cobie jabbing--Kaley immediately countering with BRISK hooks or chop-right hands to the mouth. Smulders eventually pulling her horns in, keeping dukes at her temples and just walking Kaley down: Cuoco’s sharp counter-punching effectively gives her initiative rest of the way. Cuoco using her legs to turn Cobie’s flanks, walking brunette into potshot ting lead rights and clawing walk-away hooks--blonde very smooth, very classy in painting Cobie to the bell.


R2: Hard stomp-feint, Kaley--Cobie flinching to cover up--Kaley steps right with a grin, Hard stomp-feint, Kaley--Cobie covers up: Cuoco loops a hook to ear, pivots sweetly, pitty-pat jabbing Smulders in the guard to keep the hands there. HARD right hand lead to the solar plexus, Kaley--she shoots that baby in, then swivel-pivots ‘round Cobie’s right flank as Smulders doubles forward--Cuoco grinning, attempting, deliberately showing-up her foe. Smulders blushing, wincing from that body shot, but facing Kaley and stepping-to her--Cuoco eases back onto right foot, then slides out of range, walking to the right with her hands down at her sides. Cobie reaches in a jab: Kaley RIPS a simultaneous hook, catching Smulders on the chin and COBIE’S STUNNED! Kaley shifts her feet, eyes wide as a jungle-cat’s: another hook rips Cobie’s chin, ANOTHER--Kaley keeping ‘em short ‘n biting and COBIE GOES DOWN! Smulders stretching out on the canvas on her back, legs stiffly locked--right arm rigidly pointing up into the air, eyelashes fluttering like hummingbird’s wings--SAVAGE KO2, quick-mitted Kaley Cuoco!


After: Cuoco a sweet girl, but yo0ung--and moment of youthful exuberance sees Kaley in immediate aftermath mock poor KO’d Conie with mimicking stiff-right arm out front: that’s something Smulders won’t soon forget. Kaley looking very daunting tonight--withering hand speed substituting admirably for raw power as she flicks Cobie’s off switch with a brace of blinding hooks. “The first hook put her out,” Cuoco chirps in post fight, white towel around her neck, “she was out on her feet when I clipped her a couple of insurance shots. Girls aren’t seeing my punches--I’m too fast, I took Erica out before she knew what happened, and I did the same thing to Cobie. I don’t know--maybe I AM special. When Cobie wakes up, why don’t you ask her?” Ouch!


Reposted by Archer 8/1/12.

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