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6 August 2004 Kaley Cuoco vs Dani Fishel

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Posted by Simguy on 8/6/2004, 6:39 am.


Before: “It’s time for me to start beating girls like Dani on a consistent basis,” says a matter-of-fact Kaley in preflight. “Nothing against Fishel--I really like and respect her--but I’ve been the best athlete in the division for a long time now, and it’s time I started being the best fighter--no excuses,” Dani non-plussed--to her it’s more big talk from a BSE ingénue--Fishel obviously irritated, “I’ve been walking girls like Kaley down all my life,” says the pint-sized juggernaut. “I like Cuoco, I do, but she needs to hear this from a friend: Kaley Cuoco’s not a professional prizefighter. I just think she’s more concerned with looking pretty in the ring than hurting her opponents, and I’m sorry, but this is the Hurt Game, You want to be an ‘athlete’? Go back to playing tennis.” Kaley in white cami-strap tankini, Dani in teal sports bra, grey stretch cotton boy cut trunks, long ponytail.


During R1: Kaley gets into her stance: left at her hip, right at her cheek, does a little dance-pivot to her left, and Dani mocks her by adopting the same look, affecting the same footwork outside. Cuoco not amused--minute’s worth of maneuver and probing ends when Kaley lights Dani up a shrieking right uppercut on the chin--Fishel sent REELING backwards, hitting the ropes in shock and covering up against the whirlwind. Kaley pouncing, clawing and swiping quick hooks, chop right hands, and short-arm uppercuts--Dani staying low, weaving side to side rides it out in good shape. At the bell, Fishel grinning, slapping gloves with Cuoco--Kaley landed a vicious shot, but as Fishel suggested--scraping follow up doesn’t do much additional damage.


R2: Kaley outside, roaming midring, prettiest footwork you’ll ever see in a boxing match. Mostly clockwise rotation, Cuoco constantly twitching and turning her shoulders--now showing the left shoulder, now the right--backhanding the jab, measuring with extended rights, then turning into biting hooks and dancing away. Kaley hopping laterally to clear her back from the ropes, batting down on Dani’s head with flat palms, staying out of range as Dani’s reaching hooks brush tummy but can’t land. Nibbling work from Cuoco--she’s basically untouchable fighting this way, but Dani taunting, waving her to “stand and fight”--Fishel shutout, but laughing en route toi her corner, clearly disdainful if Cuoco’s class.


R3: Dani gets loud to Kaley’s torso, driving ingénue butt into the ropes. D with the Frazieresque bib, crossing her arms, moving her hand position as she jitters and landing a crunching hook against the Cuoco right flank and toned midriff. Fishel bumping her forehead into Kaley’s chest, then ripping her--Cuoco gritting her teeth, digs down to fight--entire round contested ion a little patch of canvas at the ropes, both women slugging with bad intentions. Kaley pointing her left shoulder at Dani, turning into sudden right hands hard on the face, clawing the hook at Dani’s ear--Fishel grinning back, pushing and elbowing her way in, then going body with gusto. Spirited banging--Fishel’s round--she nods, slaps gloves with Kaley as Cuoco holds her in the cauldron.


R4: Dani chasing Kaley down, big booming right hands tol the chest and stomach--Cuoco legging back from the blows, hopping to the side, patting down and pushing on Dani’s head to sidestep her. Cuoco rangy from outside, leaning forward a little--she’s batting lead rights, slicing hooks, then backhanding the left--ref shouts a warning as Kaley takes liberties with her lanky delivery. Fishel crossing her arms, bending, trying to weave through it, but taking a pasting--she’s going to have to pay a toll to get inside. Midway through--Kaley with a pushing right, suddenly uncoils a slashing hook, squashing Fishel’s head flat against her shoulder. Crowed shouting in response--Fishel wobbly butt, but grimly determined--little slugger trudging forward intent on…and forward and lighting her up a LETHAL right uppercut--perfect punch spins Dani’s noggin as she’s charging in--Cuoco sidestepping as Fishel splashes face first to the cnavas and it’s OVER! Good lord--KO4 Kaley Cuoco.


After: Cuoco leaping, cavorting, bounding: Dani deep in slumber, muscular shoulders relaxed as she rests cheek-first ion the canvas--you just don’t see her chin dented like that very often. Cuoco showing tantalizing signs of greatness, has BLONDE! Editors salivating--if only she punched like that EVERY fight. “I wonder if that was ‘professional’ enough for Dani, says Kaley sweetly in postfight, She’s keeping her voice from dripping too much venom, but those eyes are dancing with glee--if these girls ‘liked” each other any more, we’d have to call the cops. “This was a huge win,” says on breathless BLONDE! correspondent. “The knock on Kaley is that she has an amateurish approach and she’s supposed to be soft in the ring, but she got uppercuts on Dani, set down on them and took Fishel OUT. You just don’t see Dani on her face very often--Kaley proved she can stop any bantamweight in boxing tonight, and that’s critical for her.”


Reposted by Archer 8/15/12.

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