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20 March 2008 Elisabeth Harnois vs Kristin Kreuk

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Posted by simguy on 3/20/2008, 6:36 pm

Before: "Mishy's set the bar pretty high," smiles a confident Kristin K at the podium. "Perfection. That's what we're striving for now at HISC - we're not accepting anything less. Can I shut this girl out? Damn right I can. Skill and speed trumps big dumb blonde anyday!" Harnois a weight class bigger, she's a taller girl, a longer girl - something for Kreuk to consider. "I like my chances," Elizabeth says in prefight. "Krissy's smooth and quick, but I just have to take that away from her and make her fight. I saw how she hurt Alyson and Ashley Tisdale, so I'm not completely discounting her power, but if she tries to impose will on me, I do believe I'll hurt her for it. " Kris in thin black leather sport top to a high neck - bare midriff; black tie-side bikini bottoms; black boxing mukluks to mid-calf with pom-pom tassles; small black mitts; hair in slick battle braid down her back. Harnois in evergreen crochet bikini; small black mitts; tan suede boxing moccasins to the knee. ON FIGHT NIGHT: Kreuk flat-eyed, fuming in the ring as a beaming, delightful Elizabeth Harnois comes skipping and dancing to ring to Iggy Pop's 'Lust for Life'.

R1: Kreuk hops to spots, feints, pots her shots, scoots clear. Krissy smooth to either side - dipping in to jab 'Beth's tummy - skirting wide - bopping back in with a lead right to 'Beth's chest. Elisabeth dukes up, wary - turning midring and missing her receipts: Kreuk's quicks very much in evidence early; pom-poms dancing as she bops about. Krissy stamping her punches onto the Harnois torso - bouncing away and walking around - nibbling her blonde while managing the clock. Final 10 seconds, Kreuk hops in, flurries SAVAGELY to 'Beth's jugs - pasting them a scrubbing shoeshine at bell...AND BEYOND! Krissy banking insurance-jug - ref pulls her back as Elisabeth scowls in protest.

R2: Back to back shutouts - Kreuk. Same recipe - lots of step-arounds, circling, jump-ins, tummy jabs, surprising right hands off feints. Smaller woman keeping larger off balance, making Harnois move her feet, tapping blonde body to start sapping blonde strength. Kreuk landing several vicious buggy-whip right hands in above Harnois' left hip whenever blonde's leaning forward behind her gloves: Kreuk crowing "Ooooh! Like that don'cha?" "Oooooh! That's tasty!" Nasty punch - Harnois pulling away wincing, regrouping behind her jab: she just can't give Krissy that shot. Bell: Kreuk unbearably cute scuffing back to her corner in her mukluks, pom-poms jangling around, head inclined demurely towards canvas as she thinks through her moves.

R3: Harnois gets the jab out, timing it better: she's picking Kris up on the way in, slowing brunette lunges. Kreuk putting cute, swatting lefts and rights together - clapping at Harnois' jawlines: blonde sturdy, getting her face slapped, but standing her ground, always looking to punch-with. Down the stretch - Harnois eats Krissy up with jabs as Kreuk's trying to penetrate: leads to a sweeping sidearm right heavy in Kristin's jugs, pounding her onto her heels in wonder. Bell sounds - Kreuk's wobbly butt, agonized face betraying her; 'Beth brightens.

R4,5,6,7: Battle lines drawn. Kreuk committed to movement - never standing around to appreciate her handiwork, attacking from all points on the compass around Harnois. 'Beth understands her situation - keeps her guard up, pumps the jab, trying to track Kris and set her up for more heavy rights. Each round sees Kreuk dominate time of possession - Harnois landing glancing blows, sticking the occasional quality jab - but brunette tidying up nicely, really outworking her blonde. Kreuk very determined when it comes to Elisabeth's torso: lashing buggy whip rights pink up Harnois' left flank; clip-clap right/lefts lather at tummy - Kris disengaging with a stiff jab on her way out. Not negligible damage from flyweight fists: 'Beth frequently cringing forward behind her mitts, eyes shut tight, mouth open to shout in pain as Kristin digs at tummy.

R8: Krissy feels she's done enough to soften 'Beth up - brunette's pushing in now, lingering longer, snatching combinations at 'Beth's tummy and ribs on the inside. Harnois' face screwing up in pain when Krissy gets in there especially good: lithe brunette tearing up blonde belly, pushing bigger girl back and walking her down in spots. 'Beth mouthbreathing, trying for uppercuts and hooks: Kreuk seeing it well, ducking and slipping, then stepping in behind her jab to resume the body attack. Dying moments - series of lashing buggywhip rights takes 'Beth in her left side: she slumps right hip against ropes in agony, teeth bared like a wounded animal. Kreuk seething, looks to land insurance-hurt after the bell, but ref intercepts.

R9: Harnois' doubles the jab, slowing Krissy's attack: right hand takes Kreuk loud in the gut, popping mouthpiece off her teeth... KRISTIN'S HURT! Kreuk hugging her body, stumbling away weepy: Harnois eyes wide, goes over to offence, sweeping Kristin to ropes. Kreuk clinching, ties up to catch her breath: ref restarts action midring. Kris back to her in-out acrobatics - not anxious to taste another Harnois right hand. Kreuk dominates rest of the way - touching 'Beth in her body to set up clapping swipes to either cheek. Cute tic-toc action on the face punching: Krissy hopping in on left foot to swat the right hand, switching to right foot as she claps 'Beth the left. Blonde lumping up nicely by the bell: she's taken a good shot from Kris, but she's taken a lot through 9.

R10: Harnois competitive - trying for heavy right hands scooped at Krissy's tummy. Kreuk showing respect - still bouncing in and out, jabbing to the midsection, feinting - using all her tricks. Harnois a tired, ragged beauty, but she's edging forward, gritting her teeth to receive Kristin's slashing body blows, then punching back with vigour. Kris able to duck and pivot away from most harm - she's rarely touched stiff as she manages her blonde for points. UD10 Kris Kreuk.

After: Harnois hurting Kreuk on occasion, simply outclassed by the lissome little brunette sport-chassis: at least Kris was denied perfection on the evening. "I tried," Elisabeth shrugs, swelling around her eyes becoming noticeable. "She was too fast, and she's much more aggressive than I remember. I thought she'd be elusive, but she was always looking for attack angles and coming in hard: it really exhausted me mentally, I have to admit - always adjusting to account for her." Kreuk much less charitable, shrugging off Harnois' shining moments in the fight. "She's got nothing," Kris says. "She thinks she hurt me, but I was off-balance when I got hit a couple of times - made it look worse than it was. I clapped her face - that's something I love to do with taller girls - move my feet, smack 'em either side the jaw, then scoot away. And my body work! Oh my LORD, I crippled that girl tonight downstairs. She was all 'UHHHHH!" "UHHHHH!" you know - screaming into her gloves when I was gutting her. Those were my chocolate punches, and they were sweet, let me tell you!"

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