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19 June 2000 Terry Farrell vs Tyra Banks

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Posted by Simguy on Monday, 19-June-2000 11:04:10


Before: Farrell stepping waaay up in class, takes on the biggest punching model on the planet in Tyra Banks. Banks itching for a shot at Cindy Crawford actually takes Teri as a tune up. Predicting KO3 in pre-fight, Farrell in navy aerobic two piece, braid, Tyra in purple push up, black lace panties.


During R1: Banks loading up her big right hand, and Farrell obliging early as the girls stand and trade in a wild opening sequence. Banks missing with the whip action right, Farrell ramming a straight, awkward-looking right into Tyra’s jaw and BANKS IS HURT! Tyra wobbly butt, takes a series of clouting right hands as Terry simply pitches, finally bludgeoning the stunned supermodel to her hands and knees. Banks wide-eyed and faltering goes on to take a beating as Farrell stalks around the ring, bats away on Tyra, and follows as the model bails and staggers around the ring.


R2: More slugging from Farrell as she abandons he carefully set fight plan to put her glamorous foe in trouble! Terry chugging with lanky lefts and rights, digs at the torso of Banks as the girl leans over in pain, then chases her around the ring with lunging right hand spears. Banks on shaky pins, continually clinching, on the verge of going down as Terry lands several monster right hands to the head. After 2, Tyra is dazed, vibrating in her corner as Farrell goes a-slugging early.


R3: Terry using the power to set up the jab rather than the other way around--she gets back in her toes and circles, poking and pushing the left into Tyra’s breasts and bitchy mouth this round. Banks very tentative--paws with her own left, but won’t throw the right.


R4: Banks finally sets down on a leaning right hand, countering neatly over the top of Terry’s jab to turn the brunette’s head in a shower of sweat. Farrell showing good respect, stays with the stick, leaning outside and circling as Tyra regains some confidence.


R5: Banks stepping, posing menacingly, but she doesn’t pull the trigger as Teri legs around, flicking and stabbing with the jab to all points on Banks’ upper body. Tyra obliging, left side of her face puffing up from Terry’s banging work early and Banks more respectful than most thought she would be.


R6: Banks still more or less stationary, left hand low, right hand coiled--Farrell still moving to her left, keeping the left on Tyra as much as possible as the fight becomes a stare down. Banks wins the round with a single right hand, once gain timing the jab and jerking Terry sideways with the cross on the chops, Bell sounds to save Farrell who looks stunned by the blow.


R7: Terry needs to regain some of Tyra’s respect and does so with flair, stepping in with a powerful, spearing jab to back Tyra up, then leaning into the right hand on the eye to bash Banks’ head back with authority, All Farrell, all round long as she mounts fencers rushes at Tyra--Banks pulling straight back in panic and getting clocked on the side of the head as she turns away.


R8,9: Weird role reversal as Farrell becomes the puncher, walking Banks down--Tyra the boxer, Banks very effective lifting the jab off her hip to spoil Terry’s timing, clouting the tall brunette on the ear to turn her with hooks, and controlling the overall tempo by getting off first, Farrell not hurt in these rounds, but without Tyra’s help, she doesn’t look a convincing brawler.

R10: Banks caving in mentally after having a good stretch, and she looks almost desperate clinching and holding to gain repeated warnings this round, Farrell scraping uppercuts inside at close range, but she’s getting swamped as Banks refuses to fight. Bodies hit the canvas as neither girl can keep her balance in one another’s arms--strange end to unpredictable bout. UD10 Farrell as she pulls off the upset.


After: Terry gambling appropriately, hurt Banks early and often, taking the big gun off the table for most of the fight as Banks lost her stomach for combat in long stretches of this bout. Still, Tyra had her moments, but the animal ferocity characterizing her best performances was absent. Farrell unable to finish her prey had to contain her, pulling off a decent upset in the process in a fight which ranged wild to tepid, often in the same round.

Reposted by Archer 9/9/12.

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