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7 September 2012 Minka Kelly vs Evangeline Lilly

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Posted by simguy on September 7, 2012, 9:38 am


BEFORE: Special commentator and social media fight-reporter ELISHA CUTHBERT sums up the match from ringside: "Minka doesn't have the firepower to threaten Evangeline. Minka's a try-harder brunette - a grinder; she's got strong legs, so she gets into position and works, but you can't outwork Evangeline Lilly! You have to hurt her - like I did! I've got the explosive power that Minka lacks, and I'm really worried that by doubling up on Kelly tonight, Evangeline's gonna plant her flag deep in Lookout! territory. We prolly should have put our best boxer, or our biggest hitter in with Lilly - not our over-rated grinder, but it is what it is. Hope for the best, but I think we're probably going to see Evangeline take Minka out back the woodshed and give her another one-sided beating!"

Kelly in electric blue bikini top; bright yellow bottoms; small yellow mitts; hair in ponytail with bangs framing face. Lilly in pea-green bikini top; baby blue bottoms; messy ponytail with curly bangs framing face; small black gloves.

During R1: Kelly stamping out straight right hands; Lilly weaving these, her right hand at her mouth, left at right elbow on approach. Vangie bobbing in, throwing left shoulder ruff into Minka's tits, curling short right/lefts against Minka's ribs, or clouting her ears. Minka leaning in to rub foreheads and answer-back short right uppercuts and hooks-across-paunch. From minute mark on, girls are in there scrubbing hairlines, bumping shoulders, clubbing and clouting away inside. Lilly gradually works Minka to ropes, prompting Cuthbert to tweet: "Minka's already giving it up! Lilly romping". Not exactly a romp - it's good, hard-nosed, close-quarters give and take...but Evangeline definitely grinding out the points in the first.

R2: Minka eager to close and work: fighters're head to head/shoulder to shoulder again. Kelly ruff with her head - scrubbing it on Lilly's cheeks; butting it into Lilly's tits while bouncing mitts off tummy. Kelly jabbing well inside - stubby-prodding Lilly to back her up, then stepping close again, carrying the right hand thick to gut. Lilly retreating in good order, scraping the tight left uppercut off the right (back) leg, but Minka's work ethic gives her a spirited second.

R3: Grim test of wills shaping up as Minka accepts terms inside. Both girls drawing warnings for billy-goat head action - no intentional butting, but they're leaning in, pushing pate. Relaxed hands usually held at mouths while the other girl's getting off; busy fists beat willing bellies/ribs; clip off right uppercuts; clout temples in close-quarters action. Too close to call until Minka's buns press into ropes late...Lilly able to pour on the body work to shut Kelly down at bell.

R4: Just find-the-other-girl-and-work. Pate to pate - Lilly with right at left shoulder/left at right elbow as Kelly laps left/right body blows underneath...then it's Vangie's turn in kind. Kelly using that stubby, stiff jab in close, scraping at Lilly's face...leads to a jolting short right uppercut midway through, picking Lilly up tuff, stunning her. Evangeline buzzed: Minka immediately dipping torso-left like a little champ, getting an angle from which to tuck hooks in behind Lilly's right elbow. Evangeline grimacing, leaning forward...Kelly able to walk Lilly into left uppercuts to tummy underneath; right uppercuts scraped off pate; wide right hands to left-side lats. Minka retreating in order as she's getting off - turning at ropes...Lilly stubbornly creeping forward, taking a pasting.

R5: Lilly shrugs off Minka's power, gets back into groove. Kelly fighting for every inch of canvas in bruising pate-on-pate exchanges, but she's gradually giving ground. From half way point, Lilly's got position at ropes - Minka with dukes at cheeks/elbows in as she leans forward and stays busy. Lilly SO methodical; bumping her head against Minka's mitts; bouncing tight right hand off body; bouncing left off body; jerk-right uppercut to tits; short left hook to jaw. Minka sponging it up, answering in spots...just two pretty, tanned brunettes in a phonebooth, clubbing each other head, shoulders and body to bell. Lilly pushing up off Minka all "I'm Brawny"...Kelly pouting in protest.

R6: Look at Minka compete! She's in there bumpin' and sluggin' - muscling Lilly's tits with that left shoulder; pushing and grinding with her forehead; digging up the body with both hands busy; clipping tidy uppercuts. That straight, stubby jab inside creating opportunities for Minka: Lilly's leaning away in irritation, allowing Minka to step in strong with a short right hand tummy or jaw. Late the round, LILLY'S broad back touches ropes - Minka celebrates with a spanking left/right/left combo off taut Evangeline paunch as Lilly shows grumpy earmuff.

R7: Pressure from Minka backs Lilly to ropes early: Lilly fighting and pushing her way off, takes the action to midring. Girls grunting and pushing inside - punches really spank-bouncing off flank-rib and toned tummy; clouting at ears; scraping faces. Final minute, Lilly rips the left hook to waist/left uppercut combo, picking Minka's chin up/loosening her knees...Kelly backs out hurt for the first time tonight, eyes moist/staring. Lilly wades in...Cuthbert gleefully tweets: "MINKA'S HURT! MINKA'S HURT!" Lilly crowds Minka to ropes, ripping tight right/lefts to midsection; carving right uppercuts; pushing in ruff with her head; throwing her left shoulder into Minka's throbbing tits. Kelly bleak, hurting at bell...she whines in frustration as Lilly once again pushes up off Kelly in a show of dominance.

R8: Girls grinding pates, punching bodies, bumping shoulders, clubbing temples. Lats/ribs bright pink from punishment; faces puffy and scraped...it's constant mutual torment, the girls just pushing in with heads and shoulders, working hup-hup below, then hacking away extra up top. Midway through, left uppercut clips Lilly's chin, putting her wobbly butt...she reaches to clinch, but Minka crowds close, tucking right hand deep to sternum. Lilly: "G-UHH!" bunching forward stricken. Minka steps her right leg a bit farther back for more leverage on a REEFING left uppercut to midsection and LILLY'S HURT! Evangeline Lilly groaning, stumbling forward into Minka's arms...Kelly gathers Lilly up, turns her, walks her into ropes, keeping left arm in under Lilly's right while PACKING RIGHT HANDS INTO LILLY'S TUMMY! Evangeline's face upturned, eyes shut tight, lips curled off teeth as Minka plunders the proudest gut in boxing...Kelly laying in strong, backside quivering as she works to keep Lilly pinned down and taking! Minka coming off the body with right uppercut stuns Lilly again, then extra right hand short to chin sends fresh tremors down Lilly's backside/legs. Minka yanking her left arm out from under Lilly's right, opening up with both mitts: LILLY'S GETTING TROUNCED! Evangeline butt-in-ropes, ROCKED back by left uppercut to chin! Lilly staring, hands in her lap: right hand crashes across face; stabilizing left forearm pushes Lilly's tits; extra right hand crashes across face. Minka wide-eyed, buns ringing, pushin' and a-punchin' AND THE REF STEPS IN! Good lord - TKO8 Minka Kelly as Lilly goes out on her feet!

After: Cuthbert raging, standing up and throwing her headset, cursing in frustration as Minka Kelly posts her career best win on Evangeline Lilly. Always-gracious Lilly with a hug and a pat on the backside for Minka - Evangeline acknowledging the determination Kelly showed in causing the upset. "Everyone said I didn't have the right style to beat Evangeline," Minka gushes in postfight. "Said 'you can't out-hard-nose a hard-nose', but I just don't think those people know what I'm made of! Beating Lilly brings girls like Mack and Britney into range - those aren't fights I could've thought about last year, but now I truly believe I can reel girls like that in. This win does one other important thing for me: it makes me Alpha at Lookout! bantam. I'll just leave it at that, 'cause you KNOW who I'm talking about!"

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