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12 September 2012 Roxanne Pallett vs Georgie Thompson

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(Kear's Kats vs Fight Club UK)


Posted by Paulskin/Alli Kear on September 12, 2012, 3:35 pm


Fight info: Cardiff International Arena, Cardiff, Wales, announcer is Denise Van Outen, referee is Frankie Cocozza, the bout will be scored by three judges: Chris Fountain (England), Ryan Thomas (England) and Jill Halfpenny (England), ring card girl is Perrie Edwards, this is not a title bout, the bout is scheduled for 10 rounds, three KD rule is in effect, save by the bell is in effect, only the referee can stop the fight, mandatory 8 count is in effect, fight stopped due to an accidental head butt: Tech. Draw through 6/Scorecard after 6, game will check for injuries, game will adjust ratings for weight class, use judges bias is set to 'use bias rating', Scoring System is 10 Points
In the red corner: Roxanne Pallett - Record: 0-11-0 - Career Stage: Prime - Conditioning: Broke Training Regularly - Trainer: Gail Kim - Cut Man: Gillian Taylforth
In the blue corner: Georgie Thompson - Record: 0-1-0 - Career Stage: Beginning - Conditioning: Top Condition - Trainer: Shobna Gulati - Cut Man: Kathy Lloyd

The commentary for this fight is provided by Sky Sports babe Hayley McQueen:

Thank you Charlotte, and welcome to Cardiff everyone, with this fight tonight between by colleague Georgie Thompson, and everybody’s favourite punchbag, Roxanne Pallett. Although Roxy’s been beaten up by every girl she’s faced, Georgie’s only had one fight, and didn’t last a full minute as Mollie King hammered her to defeat!

Well, let’s find out who’s the jobber, shall we?

Georgie’s in the ring already, and the blonde girl’s looking good tonight, really made an effort. She’s in a scarlet one piece swimsuit with the sides cut away to reveal some fairly toned flesh. But here’s Roxanne, and she’s really up for this one – she’s in a lacy black bra and panties number that leaves nothing to the imagination, and referee Frankie Cocozza cannot take his eyes off her! She knows it, too, and she’s pouting for him – oh dear!

Round 1

The girls look anxious as they wait for Round 1 to start. The bell rings and its show time. Both girls come into this fight predicting a win... Not that you'd expect anything else. Thompson just comes up short with an uppercut there, and now Pallett fires a straight right. She split the gloves with that punch, and Thompson fails to connect with that punch. She pushed it out there instead of cutting loose with it, letting Pallett in to fire a light jab to the stomach Roxy Pallett’s receiving a lot of encouragement from her corner. If this helps win fights, she has a real good shot tonight. Now Pallett lands a jab. She's using it as both an offensive and defensive weapon on occasions, and she lands a devastating uppercut! Oh, boy! Thompson looks hurt... She's stumbling backwards on rubber legs! Thompson’s got it together again, but doesn't connect with that cross. Pallett takes a half step back as she tries to create some punching room, but misses with her jab. She lets go with a left and that fails to find its mark, too. Both girs are standing off a little now, looking to measure one another, but now they seem to be throwing caution to the wind as they go at it blow for blow. Pallett gets her head on Thompson’s chest as she tries to outmuscle her on the inside, scoring with a nice short hook to the head, but there Thompson lands a nice jab. She tries to follow it up with a cross but it misses, and Pallett gets a jab in but it was more of a push than a punch. Thompson exactly doesn't have to look for Pallett – she’s right there in front of her. The bell approaches, and Pallett is holding on to Thompson. She seems to be taking a breather, but now finally lets go of Georgie Thompson as the round ends, and the crowd is up and standing as the girls finish the first round, which I have to say I gave to Roxy!

Round 2

We’re underway again as the girls move to the middle of the ring. Whatever Gail Kim said to her in the corner between rounds must have had some effect as Pallett has some spring in her step here in the 2nd round. That said, Thompson scores with a punch that's part uppercut, part hook! Pallett backs into the far corner, and Thompson closes in, but just can't find the range with that cross. Pallett is recovering, and throwing punches in bunches and lands several wicked shots in the process – she has Thompson cornered, and she pins Thompson's arms. Now they move apart, as referee Cocozza separates the two fighters. The action slows for the moment. But now they clash again, and Thompson is still trying to find the range with her punches. She's just missing with some of her shots. Quick hands and feet can take you far in this game. Of course, having a good chin helps, and neither of these girls has demonstrated they have one! Thompson misses with that uppercut, but now she pins Pallett in the corner! Thompson catches Pallett with an uppercut as she tries to duck. I’m please say that Georgie Thompson is moving nicely, using every inch of this ring. The girls are back at ring center, and Thompson misses with the left and then fails to connect with the right as well. Pallett retreats into the near corner, where Thompson fires a wild overhand left and misses everything. Again Thompson has Pallett pinned! But Pallett picks off the combination by Thompson. Both girls keep straying from ring center. Now they're back in the middle of the square. Georgie Thompson throws the jab and it lands cleanly, and that ends Round number 2, which I gave to Georgie!

Round 3

It's Round 3 of this scheduled 10 rounder. Thompson's corner men did their job with quiet efficiency and confidence. Straight away Pallett goes to the head and the body, though neither punch had much on it. Thompson has her arms wrapped around Pallett... Now they separate, and Thompson uses her shoulder to force Pallett out of the clinch. Pallett does a great job of moving as Thompson tries to work inside, and oh my goodness! Thompson has been knocked down with a strong hook! Cocozza moves into position over Thompson and begins the count – Georgie’s looking dazed but she’s trying to get up, very shakily, but Thompson’s still on her knees, and trying to clear her head as Cocozza reaches the count of 10. Thompson can't beat the count! It's over! Thompson has been stopped cold here in round 3.

Fight Result

Denise Van Outen has the call...

Ladies and Gentlemen! The winner by knockout at 01:04 of round 3...

Roxanne Pallett!

It’s finally happened! Roxy has won a fight! And Georgie looks desperate on her stool as the actress – for the first time in her career – advances towards a beaten girl’s corner! She’s got Georgie up, and she’s dragging her across the ring on her knees – Roxy wants her ass kissed, and she’s getting what she wants! Haaah! Georgie’s kissing and even licking at Roxy’s butt out there, and Roxy’s loving it – and she’s turning around, cocks her legs over Georgie’s head, and now the blonde girl’s facing the front of Roxanne’s knickers – and she’s kissing her there as well! Frankie Cocozza’s getting involved now, and he’s whispering something to Roxy, and she’s nodding and grinning – I thinks we all know what he wants! And as the three of them exit the ring, I’ll hand you back to the studio!


Katie Price, the owner of Fight Club UK released a post-fight statement regarding the future of Georgie Thompson:

"Right, you had two chances to prove yourself as a member of the FCUK now Georgie. And to be fair you have blown it big time. You may be best of retiring and doing your announcing. I am officially releasing you from your contract with FCUK. Good luck with whatever you do we dont need losers here."

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