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10 November 2012 Ch Sayuki Matsumoto vs Krystal Forscutt

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Posted by Alli Kear on November 10, 2012, 9:55 am


I like the look of this fight! These girls are both full of energy, with Sayuki unbeaten in 9 fights, and Krystal also unbeaten in BBU, although she has lost in Australia.

Here comes Krystal, and she’s a stunner for sure, wearing a black bikini tonight, waiting for Sayuki, the champion entering the ring to a great ovation in her red bikini.

Round 1

And these girls are tearing into one another from the bell! They’re testing each other out straight away, and Krystal’s getting the upper hand, I think! Yes, she certainly is beginning to make Sayuki back off, and she’s giving the champ some heavy punishment to the body – Sayuki’s getting a taste of her own medicine here, but she’s a skilful boxer, and she’s fighting back, slips a good right hook under Krystal’s guard, and that livens the challenger up a bit, has her stepping back, with Sayuki coming in after her, but Krystal greets her with three lovely punches to the face, and I think Sayuki felt those – in fact, I can see a little mouse swelling up on the champ’s right cheek, and this is just the first round. This is a good finish from Krystal as well, putting Sayuki right on the back foot with some good left hands to her ribs.

Round 2

Sayuki won’t defend for long, and she’s come off her stool looking to avenge her losing opening round, and she gives Krystal a couple of right hooks to the midsection there, the Aussie forced backwards, and Sayuki sees an opening and goes for it – she’s finding Krystal with that right hook, and the challenger can’t seem to stop it, so she fights back instead, and those are some lovely punches from Krystal, and she’s got Sayuki covering up again, her powerful punches seeming to push through the Japanese girl’s guard, and she landed a lovely right to the champ’s mouth there – she’s marking up more that I’ve seen before, with a red mark on her lips to go with that mouse on her cheek, and the round’s coming to a close with Krystal still in command, giving Sayuki some punishment in that neutral corner.

Round 3

Krystal looks confident and keen, and she’s at Sayuki immediately, and I think she hurt her to the body there, certainly her left hook got through – but Sayuki’s changing her tactics, bobbing, weaving and dancing more, and she’s looking better as a result. She’s snapping off some sharp jabs at Krystal, and the challenger finds her head’s taking some punishment – she needs to cover up, but she’s still taking the fight to Sayuki, and she got a good left hand between her gloves which has shaken the champ up, and she’s going backwards again, with Krystal coming in after her – too slow though Krystal! Sayuki swipes her across the face with a lovely right hook, and Krystal suddenly looks bothered, her knees buckle and she takes another right hand just on the bell there, which almost has her down!

Round 4

Sayuki is the girl looking confident now – she had Krystal going in the last round, and she’s not changing her approach in this one, as she skids in towards the challenger and cuffs her hard to both cheeks, and here comes the attack on Forscutt’s body! Sayuki is so good at this, just finding the gaps in Krystal’s defences and smacking punches in there, and Krystal’s hurting now – I can hear her squeak as those shots land in her ribs and midsection, but hse’s not giving the champ a clear shot at her face, which is good. Krystal clinches, but she’s still getting rapped with short punches inside, and as they break, Sayuki cracks a couple of shortened uppies into Krystal’s impressive rack! The Aussie doesn’t like that at all, and she’s glad this round is over!

Round 5

Krystal’s started this round well, and she’s caught Sayuki with a couple of punches straight away, making the champ back off, but now Sayuki starts to move swtlyound the ring, and she hurt Krystal with a good right hand dig to the tummy there, and again – Krystal’s hanging on a bit here, and having to clinch. The ref’s parted the girls, and Krystal looks a little tired at the moment, with Sayuki dominant, and she’s pressurizing the challenger, catches her with a neat left to the jaw, and Krystal sits down! That’s the first knockdown of the bout, and the challenger looks dazed, but she’s up at 6, takes another good shot from Sayuki, then punches the champ back – those are good punches from Krystal, and she’s drawn blood from the champ’s nose with a good right jab, the round drawing to a close with Sayuki trapped and taking punishment as Krystal comes back from that knockdown.

Round 6

Sayuki’s not used to having her opponent fight back like this, and she’s shocked even further I think, because Krystal’s really taking the fight to her again – the battering the Aussie got hasn’t weakened her overmuch, and now she’s taking it to Sayuki, and she’s trying to set her up on the ropes to punish her! Sayuki’s too mobile, though, and she gets out of trouble with a nice one-two, then a skip and a sidestep, and she’s now got Krystal on the ropes, hits her hard to the tummy – but takes a left hook to the cheek! Sayuki stumbled a bit after that, and Krystal gives her the right as well, follows with the left again – and Sayuki’s clinching now, looking desperate. The ref prises Sayuki off Krystal – she’s been cut by that last left hook, and her right eye looks a sad sight now, bruised and bleeding, and Krystal gets her again, but she won’t go down, clinches and hangs on till the bell.

Round 7

Krystal must reckon she can take this title now, and she powers forwards into Sayuki, just whacking the Japanese girl around the body here, and she’s taking the speed out of the champ’s legs, and she’s got her on the ropes again – once more Sayuki has the skill to get out though, and she clips Krystal neatly, and again! Oh, this is a good champion here! Sayuki’s getting back into the fight, and she tagged Krystal with a good combination – but Krystal’s still taking it to her, and she thumped her backwards there, a short right uppercut to the jaw has Sayuki stuck in Krystal’s corner, and Krystal’s hitting her as she likes – Sayuki’s down! The champ just slid down the ropes and hit the canvas, and she’s on her hands and knees, but she gets up at 8, knows the round’s almost over, and just covers her face as Krystal thuds punches into her ribs to the round’s end.

Round 8

Sayuki’s looking refreshed, and she’s giving Krystal a hard time again – she half-turned the Aussie’s head with a double up left hook, and now she’s after that body again, and doing well, but Krystal gets back at her, and there’s that uppercut, sending Sayuki backwards, and Krystal follows her up hard, giving her some good blows to the tummy, and there’s a left hook! Sayuki staggers, but she doesn’t go down this time, and Krystal has to chase in after her, throws punches, but they’re blocked, and Sayuki starts to turn Krystal around and has her on the ropes for once, and the champ goes for the challenger’s body and now the head – but Krystal gives Sayuki a straight right to the mouth, misses with her follow up hook, takes a couple to the ribs, and ends the round defending.

Round 9

Both girls are breathing heavily, Sayuki’s cut, and Krystal’s squinting out of bruised eyes, and it’s Sayuki making the first move of the round, jabbing the challenger and doing her best to regain the advantage. Krystal’s having to defend this time, and I’m not seeing her throwing any of those damaging punches now – she’s backing off, her arms and legs seeming a little disorganized, and Sayuki’s got her on the ropes, just where she wants her, and here comes the assault on Forscutt’s body! Sayuki’s landing shots here with her left and right gloves, picking the Aussie apart, wearing her down, and that’s a good following couple of punches to her face, and she’s got the challenger hurt – great right hand from Sayuki there, and Krystal hangs on, but gets pushed back, and Sayuki nailed her with another right hook, and another – now Krystal’s cut! Sayuki hurts her to the body again, and the round’s over, but Sayuki carries on – the ref pulls her away, and I just don’t think she heard the bell!

Round 10

This fight is too close to call, I reckon, but Sayuki seems to want it more than Krystal now, and she’s pinning the Aussie in the corner and working her to the body – Krystal’s trying to get out, but she can’t, and she clinches – the ref breaks it up, but Sayuki’s landing again with her right hand, and Krystal drops to her knees! She’s exhausted, but she’s up again at 7, and she is now throwing some leather – credit to the girl – but Sayuki’s not even pausing, she’s just hammering the punches home on Krystal’s face, and she’s got her going again – good left hand there to the mouth, and Krystal’s down again! She’s almost flat on her back this time, but bravely gets up at 7 once more – aww, it’s all coming apart for her now as Sayuki skips in to maybe finish her off! Krystal’s trying to fight back, bless her, but she’s taking a beating in there now, in a neutral corner, and I don’t think she can see much any more – that’s the final bell though!

Here comes the result, and it is unanimous, if close!

Sayuki Matsumoto has beaten Krystal Forscutt on points to retain the BBU lightweight title.

Well, I think that was the right result, but one of the judges had Krystal in front going into that final round, and she sure gave a good account of herself in there tonight – that’s the closest I’ve seen to Sayuki losing a fight!

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