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29 December 2000 Title Ch Kelly Hu vs Lucy Liu

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Posted by Simguy on 12/29/2000, 10:01 am


Before: Nasty rivalry brewing between two of the most talented, most dynamic fighters in the FCBA. Asians reserving their hardest hearts for each other, similar to Latinas in the ring, each knows the other will go for the hurt rather than points. Add to this the undisputed bantamweight title, a diadem Liu feels she MUST have, and Hu feels she MUST deny and you’ve got yourself a super fight. Staredown actually lowers temperature ringside--nothing like the Asian hate glare. Kelly in black push up, black boycut trunks, Lucy in black push up, leopard print boy cut trunks--slick ponytails for both.


During R1: Kelly in her closed stance, points her left shoulder and Lucy, and dictates the round with her legs. Hu’s strategy is to make Liu come3 forward, slide away from the challenger and make her taste the jab from the hip, licking right hand counter, and it’s effective this round. Liu with her hands low, touches the left hip of Hu, but can’t really open her up much this round--tactical round to the champ.


R2: Liu turns southpaw, steps to her right and punches Kelly in the back with a slicing right hook--Hu grimacing at the foul, nevertheless turns to protect herself opening up a little. Both girls touching each other up from outside--Hu doing it with a slashing jab from the waist--Liu lunging, jumping side to side and sweeping punches at the face of Hu--but both girls adept at leaning away from anything dangerous. Until the last minute: Liu flicking out little right nuisance jabs, lunges in with a slinging left hand that catches Kelly bending to slip--Hu caught off balance, staggers to the ropes momentarily stunned and Liu catches her with a running right hand on the face that has the crowd roaring. Bell sounds before Liu can follow up, but she sends Hu back to her corner wide-eyed and tingly in her extremities--Kelly knows she dodged a bullet there.

R3: Liu cocky, walks toward Hu with stands at her side, suddenly stepping in with a slapping left hook--Hu leans back, rolling her shoulder under Lucy’s punch, then springing back with a licking right hand counter on the mouth and LIU GOES DOWN! Lucy scooting to her buttocks, caught perfectly on the teeth and she is HURT! Hu now cautiously on the attack, backhanding Lucy’s belly with her jab, right hand coiled to finish, Liu swooning, but still rubber-waisted, moving her head, dancing around the ring--she runs shamelessly to escape the round and clear her head as Hu shows a little too much patience--shutout Hu.


R4: Liu bounding outside, hands at her sides, suddenly darts in, leaping into a southpaw right uppercut between the mitts to pound back Kelly’s head--HU’S IN TROUBLE! Kelly collapsing backward--Liu right in her shorts, sweeping straight arm lefts and rights across the champ’s face stampedes Kelly to the ropes. Hu under siege, closes up her stance, leaning her right side up against the ropes, trying to slip the incoming as Liu flails away ineffectually, but finishes her flurries with a savage right hook on the kidney that has Hu shouting in pain. Crowd in its feet as girls unleash hell--wild looping swings from the floor from Liu as she just grazes the champ then suddenly LIU IS DOWN! Another short, rifling right hand from that closed stance from Hu, perfectly timed to short circuit a Liu uppercut puts the challenger on her back--Lucy in terrible shape, arms and legs reaching pathetically into the air for a moment as she churns to get onto her side. She beats the count, but Liu’s damaged goods and HU COMES ON! Kelly Hu opens the flood gates and pours on with blistering hand speed, slashing through Liu’s non-existent defense to leave Lucy dazed and bloodied at the bell,. Hu taunting the challenger as the ref separates them--Liu stepping uncertainly, hasn’t been this hurt since Brooke Langton.


R5: Shutout Kelly Hu, Champ consolidating her good work, circles the legshot challenger, slapping and cuffing with a playful jab, drilling those smart bomb right hands to the face--Liu fielding a lot of shots she was slipping earlier on as she pivots, eyes swelling shut--she’s ashen-faced as Hu potshots her this round, Hu pumping her fist at the bell, tells the ref to stop the fight--Lucy staggering away offers no comment.


R6: Kelly slashing in and out with her brilliant combination punching, fists slicing across Lucy’s face and chest in catspaw arcs--Liu looking stunned as another woman touches her face with impunity. Midway through the round, Liu faltering backward, bending side to side and back on her hips--Hu a little overanxious in pursuit and Liu ROCKS the champ with a sudden jolting left uppercut from the floor! Fight turns just like that--Hu is hurt--Liu jumping to the champ’s left side starts throwing straight arm right hands into the face that sort of clothesline Kelly, jerking her off balance. Liu keeps the exaggerated angle, punching, jumping to the left, punching again--Kelly wobbly butt to the bell as SHE starts to lump up through 6.


R7: Once, Lucy Liu fought ba perfect round against Gillian Anderson which effectively ruined the redhead for months thereafter--she’s never been quite that good again--until now. It starts early, Liu flat footed, supple on her hips, bobbing her head down below Kelly’s waistline, lurching up with those insane uppercuts and she catches Hu in the first seconds with a blistering left hand blast under the chin. Hu ruined, but there’s SO much time on the clock, Liu prowling, stepping to the bright and hoisting the right uppercut from the side, in between Kelly’s gloves and spanking back the champ’s face. Liu popping out of her crouch, countering Hu’s jab with bang-bang left/right across the face--Hu’s knees give way and she nearly goes to canvas. Midway through the round, Liu with her hands at her sides, shimmies backward at an impossible angle--Hu overextending to make contact and Liu pivots to her right, lands the southpaw uppercut as Hu charges past and KELLY SPILLS TO THE FLOOR! Kelly on all fours, mouthpiece on the canvas--those beautiful eyes stare blankly into the audience as she beats the count of reflex alone. Seconds later, Liu bends in to touch Hu’s hip with her cheek, Kelly stumbling back to get punching room and Liu lights her up with another lunging left uppercut--Hu lifted off her feet and dropped to her back at the ropes, Kelly climbs the ropes in tragic shape--no longer able to defend herself and Liu pours it on ion the final 60 seconds. With Hu reeling along ther ropes, Lucy steps with her, PASTING that beautiful face with crushing power shots from either hand, bending away from Hu’s desperate slapping blows, then leaning back in again to do more damage. Liu beats Hu corner to corner when the bell sounds to end the bombardment--Liu lifts her mitts in triumph--Hu lolling against the turnbuckle--she’s been broken, but refuses to submit.


R8: Liu at her cruelest. Forgetting her own pain and swollen features, Lucy taunts Kelly, stands in front with her hands down, making Hu’s tortured punches miss with supple upper body undulation,. Hu staggering forward, just pushing leather and a thudding Liu uppercut from the floor buries deep into Kelly’s creamy midriff. Hu bunching forward, gagging, covering her belly--Liu touching up with her shoulder at Kelly’s face, walks the girl around, goes to the body with another insolent right hand to drive Hu weak-kneed to the ropes, Liu with a crippled, helpless champ in front of her, deliberately goes to the groin with her third whipping right hand, drawing exhausted anguish from those lips--Liu shouldering Kelly back into the ropes, hooks the chest with her left, then sweeps in and down with a shattering right hand off the face. Hu’s head spins as she stands straight up, then topples forward face first to lay out cold at Lucy’s feet. KO8 Lucy Liu.


After: Controversy: Liu demands to take Hu for a walk of shame as Kelly is being attached to a stretcher--Kelly too badly battered to suffer further humiliation as Liu struts the ring in triumph. Liu fans rejoice as the Tyranny of Lucy extends to the bantamweights--others see it as a malevolent cloud looming over the FCBA. Hu snake bitten again, losing the shootout to Liu despite heaping punishment upon the challenger--that disastrous seventh ribbing Kelly of any chance to compete thereafter--champion goes out on her shield rather than punk out in her corner. Liu reveling in her victory, lording it over Hu in interviews to follow, proclaims herself the greatest celebrity fighter in history.


Reposted by Archer 12/29/12.

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