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14 January 2006 Title Ch Eliza Dushku vs Evangeline Lilly

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Posted by Simguy on 14 January 2006, 12:00 pm.


Before: “I was very impressed with Lilly last time we fought,” Eliza admits at the podium, “obviously--I mean--she beat me, and I was probably 75-80% or so that night, But this is a title fight. That’s me at 100%. We don’t know how Lilly’s going to bear up under title bout pressure. A lot of girls do just fine as long as nothing’s at stake: I’m not convinced that Evangeline belongs in the penthouse with me just yet.” Lilly cool, composed as always--reminding many of the Sheriff himself in terms of poise. “As far as I am concerned, beating the girl who beat Jaime Pressly for the bantam titles will make me not just the champion, but the number one pound for pound fighter in the game. So I KNOW what’s at stake, and I’m welcoming it. I wouldn’t want to strip the belt off the waist off any other girl!” Eliza in red leather bikini--Evangeline in evergreen bikini. Small work-out gloves, both vixens.


During R1: Furious exchange of tight biting hooks midring--Eliza chin-clipped, wobbly butt in the opening moments, fades to ropes to dig in hurt. Lilly hard-eyed, focused, dukes collected at her cheeks, steps-to--she squares up strong, grinding her forehead in between Dushku’s mitts to go to work. Ripping tic-tac-toe beating--small gloves spanking out wet PIK! PIK! PAK! Patterns as Lilly doubles up one hand or the other, spelling off every third punch. Right dug twice to breadbasket, Lefts cuffing ear, then tucking in behind elbow, Scraping uppercuts gnawing at the closed gates of Eliza’s guard. Dushku gritting her teeth, managing the pocket: she’s blocking a lot of shots, sponging the others like a trooper--Lilly gallops bell to bell, treats herself to a licking of the champ, sends Eliza all tingly and concerned to her corner.


R2: Right back atcha round for Eliza--she greets Lilly midring with jabs, eases in shoulder to shoulder and fit’s a tasty right uppercut tight to chin to open festivities, Eliza busting Lilly up and down at close, shoulder-shrugging quarters--both girls with dukes at cheeks, both rubbing foreheads and propping with extended left elbows in scrubbing action. Ringing exchanges--short, brisk, crisp: both girls snapping mitts off meat then bringing hands back fast, knowing the receipt will be hot and fast in coming. Dushku the busier vixen, the bossier--she steadily outworks Lilly amidships, putting challenger’s butt in the ropes by the final minute and pounding the paunch with a series of robust, curling rights and lefts at the bell.


R3: More of it: tight, defensively sound punching--many shots blocked on rigid guards, well--placed elbows--girls grinding hard with foreheads, nudging each other elbows and shoulders in tight little counterclockwise dance. Eliza doubling up her hook ear and body--fitting in snug behind Lilly’s right elbow. Give Evangeline credit: she’s stoic, taking some firm body clout with just the slightest trace of discomfort on firmly clenched lips.


R4: Lilly working hard out of tousle-grinding crouch, picking Eliza up short, muscular right and left uppercuts--small mitts skidding off guard/face as Dushku retreats. Ropes: Lilly banging the body, then leaning in to shoulder Eliza back--Dushku breathing hard, dukes at temples, waiting her turn. “Evangeline the Punch machine” erupts--tireless little beauty working up and down from her tight crouch, snappy punches snatching at Eliza, bouncing off Eliza. Lilly using her head and shoulders to reset Dushku into the ropes after ripping her--methodical, muscular shove and slug steadily wearing the champ put. Body shots and uppercuts, body shots and uppercuts--Lilly puts mitts on meat bell to bell in an FCBA rendition of Henry Armstrong at work, leaving Eliza breathless. Only as Dushku’s staggering back to her corner does her corner realize she’s hurt--rhythmic pounding has champ in a bad way through 4.


R5: Eliza rallies, and rallies with vigor! Dushku gambling with pre-emptive right hands, chopping them in to catch the crouching Lilly onna temple, then picking ‘Vange up the left uppercut--Dushku stepping Lilly back, stacking her in the ropes for payback. Eliza a carbon copy of Lilly in execution: compact punching, hands brought back quick to chin, head constantly bobbing after every punching sequence. Snap-snatching attack to taut Lilly abs, systematically tattooing up torso spanking off lats, jugs, chin and temples, Lilly ear muffing up, grimacing, bobbing at the waist, riding it out--she’s as rugged as Eliza had been under the thudding lather, Dushku treating herself to Lilly-esque double right hands underneath--poor Evangeline can only huddle herself forward and soak them the best she can. Late the round, crumpled Lilly bent double, gives up her back: Eliza greedily swipes kidney, pounding away with the sides of her hands on Evangeline’s glossy lower back. Bell: ref’s rebuke for Eliza; Lilly wincing, arching her back as she clutches at her kidneys, This thing’s getting mean.


R6: Lilly’s turn to punish Eliza--backing champ to ropes and systematically savaging her Becoming mindless as girls swap rounds, each just breaking out the baseball bat and going for her foe with single-minded brutality. Dushku numb, sullen, dukes at her temples--Lilly all over her with forehead grinding, shoulders bumping, elbows propping and constant, tic-tac-toe punching. Small gloves spank and bite, pelting off Eliza’s shoulders, her scalp, her flanks and tummy. Wedging Eliza up with a shoulder I the chest, Lilly scrubs away to jug, face on face with Dushku as Eliza groans. Bell: Lilly steps back panting, mouth open from her exertions. Eliza slumped exhausted in the ropes, head tilting back, looking loike she’s just spent an hour wrestling in sauna.


R7: Girls growing sluggish, falling in with each other shoulder to shoulder, pawing and pushing at each other before punching. Nipping, clipping shots--Dushku fitting Evangeline for clever little uppercuts inside, then pivoting, turning Lilly midring. Lilly defends against the uppercuts by adopting crossed-arm: Dushku reads it, goes back to chopping at the waist line to droop Lilly forward again. Eliza just shoulder-shrugging that left uppercut, sliding back half a step to let Lilly fall forward, then tucking the left hook in behind the elbow--Dushku managing Lilly well this round, outclassing her in the seventh.


R8: First minute--Eliza head down, pounding Lilly’s guts with chugging rights and lefts: poor Evangeline grimacing, hands plaintively cupping Dushku’s ears, helpless to stop the bombardment. Second minute--Lilly’s gotten to Eliza with alternating uppercuts, reversed position to put Dushku’s back to ropes and REEFING Lilly hooks to the body have Dushku cramped up! Crowd roaring as Eliza wilts forward, teetering on the brink of knockdown and LILLY’S POUNDING AWAY! Evangeline baring her teeth as she digs hooks to ribs, shoving in Dushku’s right flank--sensational slugging paralyzes the champ, but Dushku simply won’t go down,. Desperation clinching around the hips stalls the assault--but Eliza’s ruined--after ref pushes Lilly back, she’s able to wade back in and work Dushku over with clubbing lefts and rights to the bell.


R9: Fight’s even going into championship rounds, but look at Dushku: eyes lidded, mouth open, lips cringing--she’s hurt to her body, starting to break down as Lilly brings more brawl to her doorstep, Evangeline pressing Dushku at the ropes, pouring the work to her: Dushku covering up, blocking, soaking, nipping back opportunistic counters. Eliza fighting out of the pocket, getting out punched 3 to 1 but hoping to score off the block--she’s clipping Lilly just enough to keep Evangeline from opening up full throttle, Lilly still operating out of that tight crouch, dukes at her cheeks, weaving side to side after ripping three punch burst into her foe--tasty two-way slugging has a ringing, tart quality to it as both girls are pink and throbbing through 9.

R10: Eliza defending the pocket at the ropes, blocking and rolling, looking to time hooks and uppercuts. Evangeline grinding her forehead in between Dushku’s mitts, working the paunch, hook-hooking behind the elbow, raking Dushku uppercuts. Tidy punching so much like Eliza’s own in its efficiency. Lilly carrying the minutes, but not leaving herself open much--she’s bringing the hands back quick, she’s moving her head--Dushku really only getting the left hand slung underneath clean and Lilly’s absorbing those shots well. Bell: both girls still chugging--ref has to spread ‘em to enforce the break. Comes back UD10 for the winner and NEW bantamweight champ-Evangeline Lilly!


After: Dushku pale, drained: beaten again by Lilly and this time for belts--no question Evangeline has made herself a factor in Eliza’s life now. Lilly puffy, scuffed up, but beaming--hard fought title win a brilliant, breakthrough achievement. “I broke her I the 8th,” Lilly says of the seesaw contest. “She definitely quit after that body beating I gave her--the rest was all mop up.“ Future looks bright--what’s next for Evangeline Lilly? “You know, I pay guys to chart my course, I just fight the fights. Any girl, any time--you know? Life’s too short to pick and choose. Start with the biggest money fights I can get and work my way down the list.”

Reposted by Archer 1/1/2013.

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