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14 January 2006 Tyra Banks vs Estella Warren

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Posted by Simguy on 1/14/2006, 11:54 am.


Before: Tyra turning up for Ali with the dangerous, but respectable Estella Warren--Banks emerging as a true big woman that as she grows into her rangy post-supermodel frame. “Any chin, any time,” Tyra crows in preflight, “I can take out any girl I face. Warren? Please. Estella’s leaving this fight on a stretcher!” Estella composed , used to Tyra’s outbursts--but Warren a little terse with pres, feeling undervalued these days. “You know--I’ve owned Tyra’s overpriced butt in the past, but all you guys (the media) can talk about is Tyra’s right hand, Tyra’s aggression, Tyra’s blah, blah, blah, I’m still a force in this division--I’m still a total package fighter in a division of one-trick ponies--and it’s time I started betting credit for that again.” Estella in black bikini--Tyra in orange lace push up, green panties. Estella first into the ring, arms crossed, lips pursed, foot tapping impatiently as Tyra is carried to the ring in a Victoria’s Secret body harness strapped to a straining Kathy Ireland. Ireland reportedly battered in Banks’ sparring, clearly subjugated for Warren’s benefit at the open.


R1: Banks with a long, pushy left--just measuring Estella, nudging at her midring. Tyra leaning in with muscular right crosses--she catches Warren onna chin early, buzzing long blonde legs--Warren stepping worried to ropes, dukes up, palms out. Tyra strutting forward, stooping, pulling a wide, sweeping right loud above Warren’s hips: gasp of pain, cringing stoop from Estella, Hoisting left in the breadbasket, Banks--she’s looming over Warren, squaring away, Sweeping right across the lower back buckles Estella’s knees, then Tyra’s using the heels of her hands to shove bodying up on Warren, pounding at her belly and arms to soften up the defenses. Estella tempest-tossed--covering up grimacing, getting buffeted around in the pocket by Tyra’s thumping wallop. Tyra applying a thick coat of shellack to Estella bell to bell: blonde ragged, wide-eyed and hurting to her stool as banks lifts her mitts, grins and struts back t her corner.


R2: Warren fully focused now, dukes up, chin tucked, meeting Tyra midring with firm jabs chest and chin. Banks planted her feet, jabbing back at Estella’s mouth, then leaving into those wrecking ball right hands: Warren giving ground rather than risk getting tagged flush again, Banks taking canvas from Warren, eventually hounding her to ropes: Cat and mouse as Tyra paws jabs from an upright stance, just probing at Warren, looking for right hand opportunities. Estella defending well, but not punching: second round goes to Tyra as banks show dominant early.


R3: Warren showing leg--just a little shuffle t the left, enough to make Tyra move her feet. Warren spotting the jab up and down, stooping to reach into Banks’ tummy, doubling up to Banks’ hulking chest, tapping at Banks’ face. Nice stuff from Estella--her lateral movement and anticipation keeping Tyra’s right on her shoulder--Banks never comfortable releasing the punch as she can’t get position. Girls duel jabs at long range--Warrenm comands the ring, dictates in a tactical third.


R4: Similar stuff--not crowd-pleasing, but Estella doing exactly what she needs to, to keep Tyra from setting down. Banks with a long heavy jab could compete at range if Warren stood still--but Estella pivoting, changing directions, stepping around her foe dictates position, controls Tyra with geometry in the fourth.

R5: Banks committing off her jab, stroking that sweeping right to Warren’s midsection--she’s got blonde grunting, backing up, Estella forced to fight off the ropes this round--Banks able to muscle up, palming and heeling at Estella’s shoulders, swinging away lefts and rights wide to the gut, lashing to the flanks. Tyra bodying up, showing beef: Estella constantly pressed and smudged against the ropes just can’t get out of there.


R6: Warren light on her feet: fitness becoming a factor as banks turns, glares, but can’t vut the ring off on her agile foe. Warren dotting jabs: belly, breast, mouth--then stepping away--opening up the canvas, walking around Tyra, using every inch of ring. Estella showing some Claire Danes cutes at the ropes--Tyra closing in, looking to rumble: Warren feinting, spinning off the apron with a nifty swim move to get around her crouching foe. Banks getting outboxed, and midway through, Warren shocks Tyra a tangy one-two on the chin, temporarily putting Banks wobbly butt and insuring the shutout as Tyra’s reluctant to press thereafter.


R7: Tyra frowning, confused, tired: Estella attempting yet again, jabbing now to hurt rather than harass--she’s got Tyra covering up, Shattering right hand slants in and down against Banks’ tummy: Tyra shuddering, guard dropping as she bunches forward, Hook: Estella’s tongue pink between her lips as she twists into the shot, shoulder in tight behind it as she claps the side of Tyra’s head and BANKS GOES DOWN! Tyra blinking, lips parted as she sits up pretty: Warren tossing blonde curls off her face as she beams with delight en route to the neutral corner. Shaky 8 Tyra--she inches forward, uncertain how to proceed: Warren goes back to circling, chipping away with the jab. Nice firm stick in the paunch has Banks mouth breathing: Tyra can’t get out of the way of the shot, doesn’t dare block it as Estella’s proven she can dent Banks’ chin. Easy, breezy shutout Estella Warren--spring in her step we haven’t seen in a long time as she bounces to her corner for the break.


R8: Banks rallies--punching and clutching like a canny big woman should. Estella ridden roughshod to ropes: Banks holding and hitting, working out of the wrap, scuffing Estella up in the clinches. Warren forced to brawl mouth-on-shoulder--Tyra’s more comfortable in there, looser, more relaxed with cuffing, licking shots., Estella suffering to the body as Tyra strokes away beneath the elbows--Warren answering back the odd rigid uppercut just to keep Tyra honest. Gritty stuff from Tyra: fight’s all even after 8.


R9: Warren hurts Tyra a choppy straight right onna chin, has banks tottering backward, hitting splashy against ropes. Estella too cautious on follow up--content to lure Tyra back to midring and work her with jabs, Blonde stepping in, out and around, stabbing left hands into Tyra’s body, then sliding out of range. Banks coming forward in the final minute: right hand loaded up on her shoulder, eyes menacing, but she just can’t pull the trigger.


R10: Warren bell to bell. Tyra pivoting, scowling, taunting Estella to “Stand and fight!” but Warren’s not buying. Estella’s legs in firm control now--she’s established her distance, she’s circling clockwise and there’s not a damn thing Tyra Banks can do about it. Warren feinting right hands to get flinch, then pumping her jab--simple stick-and-move keeping Estella safe as houses. Warren’s left hand sampling the Banks rack, mouth and belly--spanking insolently against Tyra’s proud flesh, bringing a blush of embarrassment to Tyra’s cheeks. Estella lifting her mitts and grinning at the bell, glorying in her foe’s frustration. Comes back a smart, tactical UD10, Estella Warren.

Before: Warren basking in the glow--smart boxing trumping shock--Estella fighting the right fight to nullify Banks; thunder tonight. “I punched hard enough to get Banks off her feet and get her respect.” Estella grins in post fight, “but it wasn’t about out-slugging her tonight. Basically, we worked on taking away all the things she counts on--upsetting her balance, getting into her head a bit. She’s got exceptional power, but average feet: we exploited her weaknesses and took her apart. Happy? I’m thrilled! Nobody thought I could still handle Tyra, but if anything, I showed it was easier than ever. Nobody sees me coming--I feel like I’m going to sneak up on the welterweight division and take over before anyone knows what I’m up to!”


Reposted by Archer 1/1/2013

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