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26 February 2001 Krista Allen vs Carey Lowell

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Boxing After Dark


Posted by Simguy on 2/26/2001, 7:10 pm.


Before: With negotiations for a huge Theron fight in the background. Krista Allen continues sharpening her skills, taking on either great fighters part their primes or good journeywomen. Lowell, a serviceable brunette--tall, rangy, strong--Allen looks to be too quick and athletic at this point, but you can’t sleep on Carey and expect to win--it’s atypical Krista Allen opponent. Carey in pea green tankini, Krista in electric blue bandeau bikini, wet short tousle.


During R1: Krista laying down the law with her trademark lateral movement, spearing jab, occasional forays in with the snapping lead right, then dancing back out to avoid exchanges. Lowell covering up well, blocking a lot of shots--she’s turning, staying patient, but gets shutout by the more active Krista this round.

R2: Allen bounding to her right, feints and drops Lowell to her knees with a snapping left hook brought up off the brunette’s hip. Carey takes 8, looks clear eyed, but moments later--Allen luring her girl forward with a battering ram jab--Krista wide legged at the ropes, elbows in, hands at waist level--she twists her torso to slap a hard left upside the head, then swivels her hips the other way to crack the right off Lowell’s face. Carrie falling straight back to her butt, looks like she caught a soccer ball to the face--blinking, open mouthed as Allen struts away. Allen controls the rest of the round with that pulverizing jab--Lowell starting to lump up--and down the stretch, Krista puts Carey wobbly butt once more with a sweet right cross off the stick, freezing Lowell midring at the bell.

R3,4,5: Shutout rounds for Allen, makes that 5 shutout rounds in a row. Dancing one way, reversing directions, snapping hooks flush to the jaw, then pivoting around her stunned opponent--this is eye-popping stuff from Allen. Slinging that right hand from her hip to catch Carey time and again on the way in--Lowell looking stoic with a high guard but she’s getting scuffed up by the brunette’s tremendous accuracy. Many times, Krista has Lowell knock=-kneed from the jab alone, stepping and pounding it to the face without reprisal.


R6: Carey Lowell finally lands a scoring blow, using her own under-rated jab to at least mess with Allen’s timing. Krista still the boss, victimizing Carey with suck counter rights over the jab, but Allen clearly looks a little less brazen this round, Scattered booing from the cheap seats as Krista stays way outside, offering only sporadic jabs to the bell.


R7: Another competitive round, Carrie’s been touched up something awful, but she’s game as they come--stepping forward behind her guard, trying to close range, and landing the odd body shot as Allen stands flat footed more this round. Krista relying on hand speed this round, slap Carey’s face with both hands, but it’s arm punching and the crowd isn’t fooled, More boos, more points for Allen.


R8: Krista goes back the heavy, “A” stick, ramrod ding that left hand into Carey’s gut, stepping to the left and sticking it to the face--Lowell bending and straightening as she gets worked over. Allen starts stepping right off her jab at the midway point and down the stretch, she opens up a sweet angle off Carey’s left shoulder, dropping right hands repeatedly n and down on the jaw and buckling Lowell’s legs at the bell, Crowd likes the hurt being put on Lowell--Allen smiling as she struts to her corner.


R9: Shutout Krista Allen, Too fast, too in the groove at this point, Gutsy Carey turns, has her dukes up at her temples, but she’s getting punished by the heavy left hand to the chest and in between the mitts. Any offense from Lowell is met with savage, quick striking right hands from the shoulder--Allen clearly carrying Lowell at this point as Carey just can’t get set to punch. At the bell--Lowell’s face is all bruised fruit--it’s incredible she’s not discouraged.


R10: Krista loosening up the stance a little hops in with a double clutch left and catches a Lowell out of position with a wide, whipping hook. Carrie stumbling, crossing her arms, and Allen flashes that long armed hand speed, poking the straight right in between the eyes, slinging that left hand on the ear and DOWN GOES LOWELL! Carey rolling to her back, glassy eyed, just completely overwhelmed as Allen steps nonchalantly over her foe. Crowd roaring for the stoppage is bitterly disappointed as Krista goes back to the perimeter, feasting on Lowell’s reddened face with heartless jabs beating Carey into a stupor, but not heaping it on to get her out of there. Another shutout round for Allen as she cruises to a 10 round to love unanimous decision.


After: Lowell outclassed, but fought tough--doesn’t deserve the walk of shame, but is pulled roughly around the ring as Krista plays to her fans. Hardcore boxing fans are outraged--Carey Lowell a likeable, hard working fighter, took the best Krista had to offer--it’s the kind of bad-karma walk that could come back to haunt Allen some day. Krista criticized for carrying Lowell, but sheer dominance of a good opponent can’t be denied--10-0 decision, 8 shutout rounds! it’s a boxing tour de force for Allen, no question.


Reposted by Archer 1/20/13

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