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14 March 2001 Title Ch Cindy Crawford vs Elle MacPherson

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Cindy Crawford 2.jpgElle MacPherson.jpg


Unified Middleweight Title


Boxing After Dark


Posted by Simguy on 3/14/2001, 7:53 am.


Before: Surprise tough defense for Cindy--most experts assumed she’d patty cake her way around the division, avoiding any serious challenge until a lucrative payday emerged, but Elle one of the strongest contenders in the big girl ranks. MacPherson loaded with confidence after DESTROYING Famke Janssen on Swedish TV in a one on one competition show featuring the usual obstacle courses, hoops, footraces in the sand etc, but also bearhugging, stomach punching and apartment wrestling which left the brunette beauty struggling to comprehend how badly she’d been used. Elle in beige push up bra, dark chocolate boy cut trunks, long braid, black gloves, shoes and socks, Cindy in light blue push up, navy boy cut trunks, white gloves, shoes and socks.


R1: Cindy starts as expected--jabbing, moving to her left, but she changes up on Elle midway through, stepping in on the blonde, reaching under MacPherson’s arms and bodying the blonde into the ropes, holding for breaks. Cindy getting strong on Elle and Big Mac clearly not expecting it, Crawford able to get the blonde moving backwards, holds and hits her way to a rough-house shutout first.


R2: Elle comes out swinging--Cindy slide-stepping away from her, timing the blonde’s big right hands, and Crawford bends into a sweet short right cross to beat Elle to he punch--ELLE TAKES A KNEE! Mac up quick, but eyes wide with hurt--she’s out on her feet and Crawford swarms in! A palming left sets up crashing right hands on the face as Elle stares blankly, taking punches and THE~ REF SYEPS IN! Cindy Crawford leaps away in giddy triumph As a stunned Elle MacPherson trembles against the ropes. TKO2 Crawford!


After: What the…” Crawford gets big on Elle, mauls her in the first, then pounds her out in a wildly unexpected fashion, Elle still stunned when Cindy takes her for a gleeful walk of shame--MacPherson stumbling around the ring just got car jacked in a rare early stoppage for the brunette.


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