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1 December 2001 Krista Allen vs Jewel Kilcher

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Posted by Simguy on 12/1/2001, 10:23 am.


Before: Krista dutifully hunting down and beating up all available contenders in an effort to force Gena Lee to the negotiating table. “Jewel wanted n part of me when she was champion,” Krista explains in pre-fight, “she knew I was going to be a big steo up in class and now that she needs to rebuild--suddenly I’m on the map. She’s got as beating coming and no one to blame but herself for what’s going to happen.” Jewel at a physical disadvantage, but wins over Terry Farrell and Tyra banks have some pundits arguing that Allen can’t afford to be complacent: “Look, Kilcher’s a smallish welter, doesn’t have the height or reach of some of these girls, but she makes up for it with pressure. Krista expects girls to be respectful of her talent, mindful of their manners in the ring, and Jewel doesn’t play that. Allen, like Banks, can be outworked if she doesn’t execute and stay sharp for the entire fight.” Krista in dark green bikini, Jewel in cut off blue jean bottoms, crotchet teal bikini top.


During R1: Bang--Jewel immediately in Krista’s trunks, staying low, working out of constant bob and weave to bash away at the ribs and hips with brisk lefts and rights. Allen worked over with her back tio the ropes, finally clinches, walks Jewel to mid ring, then steps back to work her with the jab, Down the stretch, Kilcher able to slip punches, get to Krista’s chest and slam away with a Black Rhino style batting array to Krista’s flanks and jaw line. Allen already flushed with embarrassment, unable to exert her will this round as Kilcher piles on the points.


R2: Jewel out with that low, puncher’s crouch, bobbing under Allen’s jab--Krista looking to keep the blonde at arm’s length, Suddenly Jewel hops inside, gets her entire body behind a hurtling right hand across Allen’s mouth and KRISTA GOES DOWN! Brunette soaking up a devastating shot, struggles to her feet at the ropes and swoons with fluttering eyelids as Jewel storms in to finish. Allen stupefied, lolling back against the ropes, guard up but weak--Kilcher able to fight off Allen’s chest, putting punches together to savage the brunette’s luscious waistline, work her way up the torso, then finish with clouting blows on Allen’s groggy face as Krista absorbs punishment, At the bell--Allen is ashen faced, staggering back to her corner--Jewel with a healthy glow of triumph as she bounces back for the break.


R3: Krista can’t keep her back off the ropes. Hurt, lumping up, taking a bashing attack to her body that’s effecting her legs, Allen sits listless in the ropes, hands up but offering no protection as Jewel’s ripping punches come off the body to clobber face around the guard. Jewell fighting her fight--Allen grimacing, laying in, but unable to get distance or use the ring, is just there to sponge punches, jewel settling in on Allen’s delicious jugs this round--blonde will keep her weight on the brunette, simply shifting position to wedge in a punch to the tits, then shift back to fit the other hand in--all while keeping constant contact with the victim.


R4: Allen rights the ship. Getting leggy, brunette is able to step to her left, keep the jab on Jewel--Kilcher turning, can’t come forward and the rest of her game suffers as a result. Straight stick and move shutout for Krista--she’s just getting her legs back, establishing her range.


R5: Jewel with a busy first minute, lands some juicy stuff mitts to Krista’s reddened midsection, but Allen able to clinch, walk the blonde to mid ring, and box at range the rest of the way. Kilcher can evade the jab, but she’s having trouble with the lateral movement, unable to come in this round as Allen starts to dial in from the outside.

R6: Krista continuing toi show class, starts to mix in the odd right hand as she inches closer and closer to Jewel’s chin. Kilcher not the same fighter when she’s getting backed up or turned, clearly needs forward momentum to be effective against the classy brunette.


R7: Grinding, brawling round for Jewel, Kilcher buckling Krista’s legs early with a thudding straight right beneath the heart--brunette gurgles to the ropes where the blonde can set up and work. Allen a good inside fighter normally, but Jewel getting underneath her, has the brunette suffering from a constant series of bursting explosions to the midriff and head Jewel using her left to pull down on Krista’s head, stooping the brunette forward for repeated clubbing right uppercuts to the mouth. Kilcher also rough with her head, grinding her sweaty blonde locks under Allen’s chin, keeping her hands inside Krista’s shoulders to maintain good punching position in close. Allen shaken up, shut out this round.


R8: Krista in retreat, keeps her distance for a minute behind a don’t-hurt-me jab, but Jewel finally walks her down, wraps up around the hips, and muscles the bigger brunette into the ropes, Clubbing beat down the rest of the way--Allen mauled, pushed up on, batted and cuffed as she stands in to take. Krista pouting, often clinching up around Jewel’s head and left arm, but not able to walk her way off the apron this round.


R9: Better boxing round for Krista as she owns it outside, and inside, she effectively cinches up Jewel’s head and left arm for breaks BEFORE the blonde can really get to work. Jewel lumping up nicely under both eyes--she hasn’t really felt a clean Allen right hand, but the jab is doing good work upstairs.


R10: Jewel hurtling forward, sells it downstairs, but comes in hard to the chin with another huge right hand with her entire body behind it--Allen’s butt shoots out, she jerks a quarter turn to her right and stumbles sideways to the ropes with a hurting look in watery eyes. Kilcher storming the gates, hammers away at the tender midsection of her foe until Allen can clinch up head and arm. Krista able to get referee’s break, walk back to open canvas and drill the jab she keeps her distance the rest of the way as Kilcher bobs, follows, but can’t get any more work done. Come back UD!0 Jewel Kilcher.


After: Allen in the famous “What have I done?” pose--taped hands in her hair, eyes tightly shut as she wanders around the ring in heartbroken disappointment--Jewel pounds out another upset. Kilcher with a knack for burrowing under these taller , sometimes more skillful opponents’ skin and simply scrubbing them down for points--she negates a huge Krista Allen arsenal in this fight by keeping the brunette’s back to the ropes for most of the night. Allen just too inconsistent, allowing Jewel to come forward too much, letting the blonde get set and get off--Allen blaming herself for not clamping down on Kilcher in this one.


Reposted by Archer 1/22/13

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