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9 January 2013  Undercard Celebrity Boxing on the Beach Charity Event

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Posted by FCBA Magazine on January 9, 2013, 6:59 pm



Boxing On The Beach Charity Event: Jessica Biel versus Kaley Cuoco

Tonight, was a charity event sponsored by Lookout! Boxing, but with no Lookout! Boxing fighters participating, but instead giving some underrated fighters some opportunities to shine alongside the main event of Jessica Biel versus Kaley Cuoco. Theses match were done in conjunction with Independent Female Celebrity Boxing (IFCB), who signs their fighters to typically single-match contracts depending on location, venue or availability. Of course, IFCB were more than willing to come to the beach here in order to showcase some of these fighters who were looking for future appearances or even potential signing opportunities in the Female Celebrity Boxing Association (FCBA). (Although fighters who appear at IFCB events may be signed to FCBA contracts, the majority aren't and the same is the case tonight.) Most of the audience came to see Biel versus Cuoco, but if you are curious about the earlier matches, you're in for a treat as there were some fantastic match-ups and here is a brief list of the results as summarized by our reporters on the scene:

Emilia Clarke versus Alexis Bledel


Emilia Clarke 01.jpgAlexis Bledel 01.jpg

This one was an extremely competitive match-up, with Alexis Bledel (most recently seen on AMC's Mad Men) and Emilia Clarke (from HBO's Game of Thrones), for at least two rounds, with Alexis taking the first and Emilia taking the second. However, in the third, Emilia manages to catch Bledel off guard with a right cross around her cheek and sent her stumbling to the side, dazed. Alexis stays on her feet, surprisingly, even withstanding the flurry of offense that follows. Alexis covers up and weathers the storm to make it to the fourth round as Emilia tries to take her down, but Alexis shows a lot of heart making it to another round. However, in the fourth, Clarke takes control as Emilia smothers her foe against the ropes, punching her way to glory with a series of rights and lefts that send Alexis spilling to the mats. Emilia looks every inch the “Dragon's Daughter” this particular match as she is on fire and coincidentally enough, upcoming is the year of the Dragon. Will that be true for Emilia as well this year in the ring?
Emilia Clarke def. Alexis Bledel (TKO4)

Lea Michele versus Shiri Appleby


Lea Michele 01.jpgShiri Appleby 02.jpg

Lea Michele coming in with a lot of confidence after her recent match with Ellen Page in taking on Shiri Appleby, who has not had as much success in either the FCBA or the BBU. Lea, looks to keep her opponent's streak of in-ring futility intact and of course, Shiri hopes this will be the night to change that. Initially, it appears that it will as Shiri comes out extremely motivated. Punching wildly and bumping up against Lea, she displays a lot of boxing ability in the first few rounds to club away at her foe and wear her down. Lea, however, displays a lot of patience in maintaining her composure in the first three rounds, then comes back firing hard in the fourth, aggressive with that right hand of hers to force Shiri to slow down. It's Lea who is picking up the pace in the fifth, she scores with a big knockdown to send Appleby face-first to the canvas. Slow to get up, but Shiri beats the count and legs out the round to keep her chances of a comeback alive. Lea comes out determined in the sixth to put her opponent out, but Shiri stays busy and fights out of her guard to prevent the knockdown. Lea chipping away for points, however and in the seventh, comes out swinging. Punching right through Appleby's guard, Michele catches her with a right uppercut that picks Shiri up and a quick left hook that puts her down. This time, however, Shiri doesn't get up and Lea is awarded the match to give her plenty to be gleeful about in the new year.
Lea Michele def. Shiri Appleby (KO7)

Jenna Dewan versus Briana Evigan


Jenna Dewan.jpgBriana Evigan 03.jpg

Brianna Evigan looking to get noticed once more and looks to do so against Jenna Dewan, who has been rather successful here with IFCB. Jenna started her career as a dancer and does exactly that through the opening rounds, showing good footwork to catch Evigan at odd angles and harass her around the ring. Jenna coming forward on her lithe legs to keep pouncing in and darting away, flustering Evigan from the start though not causing as much pain as she might hope. However, it does wear Briana down and frustrate her immensely as she can't get into any sort of rhythm in the first three rounds. Jenna just scoring at will, trying to keep punching away, snapping out swift jabs towards Brianna's belly and then whipping her gloves at her face. But, Evigan refuses to let herself get pinned down against the ropes or allow this fight to slip away so easily, punching up through Dewan's flying mitts to catch her against her cheek. Dazing Dewan as it's her turn to lunge forward, battering away at Jenna's torso as the next three rounds were controlled by Briana, who started accumulating plenty of points of her own, ripping away shots and peppering at Jenna behind a constant jab. Briana trying to land a big shot, but unable to as she keeps coming in fast and landing some well-timed hooks to keep Jenna on the run. But, in the seventh, it's Dewan who takes advantage of her eagerness and lands the big shot of her own. Slamming in a straight right punch to Evigan's face, Brianna falls down to her butt as Dewan struts away. Evigan beating the count right before the bell, though clearly a rocked from the punch. Unfortunately, that carries over into the next round as Jenna catches her against the ropes. Trapping Brianna butt-in-ropes, she starts slamming in leather around her rival's head and shoulders, forcing her foe to go earmuff. Occasionally slipping through, clipping Evigan's face as Dewan just is determined to finish the match here and now, pounding with pure aggression. The ref doesn't see much coming back as Evigan slumps in the ropes and the ref stops the match, awarding Jenna the match and a big victory here. Better luck next time Briana!
Jenna Dewan def. Briana Evigan (KO8)

Emma Watson versus Ashlee Simpson


Emma Watson 05.jpgAshlee Simpson.jpg
This was definitely one of the best matches of the evening between two underrated blondes competing for pride and attention – clear motivations for both. Certainly a fast-paced match between the two, with Ashlee surprisingly setting the tempo early. The two of them trade blistering punches and leather, as well as some surprising knockdowns between them both. Ashlee Simpson scoring knockdowns in the second and fifth rounds, while Emma scored by sending Simpson to the canvas in the fourth and seventh rounds. Watson hammering at Simpson to try to finish her foe off in the 8th, but Simpson counter-punching nicely to keep herself from being finished off, then recovers nicely in the 9th round by pounding at Emma's ribs. Emma comes out from behind in the 10th and fires away, sending in sweeping hooks along Simpson's head and shoulders. Managing to connect with a straight left that sends Simpson down to all fours. Ashlee gets back up to beat the count, pounding away at Watson and the two of them are slamming in their mitts towards each other's tummies as the bell rings,. Simpson is unable to score a knockdown before the bell and that's the difference to give Emma the victory as the ref raises her hand in victory. Watson wins while Simpson storms away, furious. Emma appears prepared for a breakout year in Hollywood and hopes to do the same here in the FCBA.
Emma Watson def. Ashlee Simpson (UD10)

Julia Stiles versus Erika Christensen



Julia Stiles.jpgErika Christensen 02.jpg

Julia's boxing career matches her Hollywood career to some extent as she largely appears to shun larger venues for the allure of independent boxing, where she has made quite a name for herself. Having not in the FCBA in years, Julia remains classy after all this time and looks forward to taking on Erika Christiansen. Erika with a similar story in both Hollywood and boxing, though Erika has been more active in the FCBA from time to time over the years. But, it's no surprise that carries over into their boxing match with a crowd-pleasing and classy bout between the two. It's a little chippy at first as the two charge towards one another, but it settles down into a good back and forth, leaning in as they pound away. Erika batting at Stiles' torso, whacking away and aggressively pursuing her to ropes, just hammering away and forcing her opponent to clinch. As Julia tries to clinch, Erika hammers her opponent with a hard shot that clips across her chin and sends her opponent down to the mats in the fourth. Julia manages to rise, beating the bell and bobbing around the ring, evading Christensen's attempts to send her back down. Stiles moving around the ring swiftly, buying her time to recover and Julia trying to scrub down at Erika's torso, lowering her guard through the next few rounds as she keeps ripping away to torso whenever the opportunity presents itself. This, in turn, opens Erika up for a hard cross in the sixth round that puts Erika down to the canvas. Erika beats the bell and the following round, comes out busy to deliver a beating from bell-to-bell to turn things around after the stunning knockdown as Stiles finds more Erika than she anticipated. However, Julia is able to follow up in the eighth, finding success, finding Erika's chin early and continuing to follow up with short, but pesky uppercuts that continually keep her opponent staggering. Unable to put her down that round, but does in the 9th with a quick combination in the opening minute and although Erika is able to rise, she is not able to last the round. Julia traps her in the corner and whacks away at her body as Erika has to cover up, trying to counter but unable to get out of the corner as the ref steps in to put a stop to Julia's crushing corner work. Julia Stiles is awarded the victory as Erika accepts the loss gracefully, accepting a hug from Stiles as the two leave together and more importantly, leave the crowd impressed.
Julia Stiles def. Erika Christensen (KO9)

Danielle Panabaker versus Amanda Bynes


Danielle Panabaker.jpgAmanda Bynes.jpg
It's a tough match to follow up, but Danielle Panabaker and Amanda Bynes come out seeming ready for the challenge. Amanda up-tempo early, going after Panabaker's ribs and forcing Danielle towards the ropes. As they near the ropes, however, Panabaker able to twist her foe into the ropes and pins Bynes down among them up. Whacking away at Amanda's abs, Bynes is able to fight her way off of the ropes with some strong left and rights that startle Danielle by driving against her face. It's these type of bitter exchanges that punctuate the first four rounds of the match, a buzzy back and forth between the two with each of them very busy. Both of them punching wildly in a phone both at times and then pursuing each other around the ring, scoring points in punches with sweeping hooks and short little jabs to pound away at the body. Heading into the fifth round, it looked like more of the same as the two of them are stuffing shots at one another, trying to knock the other out of position and then suddenly, Danielle catches Amanda over the top, beating her to the punch as Danielle rocks her with a right hand. Amanda is able to beat the count, staggering to her feet, trying to bring up her gloves but is clearly woozy. Panabaker can smell blood in the water and leaps forward, sending another hard right hand into Amanda's cheek that swivels her head and sends her crashing down to the mat for the second time in as many minutes. Bynes is beaten, unable to rise as Panabaker is awarded the win as she bounces around the ring in excitement at her win here and nothing will dampen her win here tonight for Danielle Panabaker!
Danielle Panabaker def. Amanda Bynes (KO5)

Morena Baccarin versus Freema Agyeman



Morena Baccarin 02.jpgFreema Agyeman.jpg
Next up is one of the anticipated matches of the evening between Morena Baccarin (Homeland) and Freema Agyeman (best known for Doctor Who). Given the venue on the beach, neither fighter disappoints as the two of them slide around the ring, smoothly jabbing and pivoting around one another from the start. Freema definitely well-known on the Comic-con circuit as well as British fighting circles, showing off her experience in effective fashion at the start. Freema slinging in left and rights, sending her mitts out towards Morena who is quick on her feet, preventing Agyeman from connecting in a consistent fashion. When it does land though, they are powerful shots, trying to put Morena down early with hard hooks towards temples and trying to drill her across the face. Baccarin backing up, but executing some impressive counter-punching from her position as Freema keeps running up the score initially. Agyeman pounces forward, leather smacking in across Baccarin's tummy as Morena slides to the right. As Freema moves in to follow, Baccarin catches her over the top in the fourth to score with a hard cross that puts her foe on her butt with a thud! After that, Freema is on the defensive for some of the subsequent rounds, forced into a defensive crouch to sponge up punishment from a rejuvenated Baccarin . Morena pouncing, trying to move into an up-tempo pace to keep Freema on her heels, with swift criss-cross combinations that whip Agyeman's head back and forth. Freema unable to really get off like she would like as Morena starts to settle into a rhythm, hooking and pivoting to keep Freema off balance. Freema manages to turn things around in the 8th, scoring with a straight right that catches Morena flush to the chin and knocks Baccarin down to her butt. Morena shaking her head, staggering to her feet to beat the count and keep this match going. Freema coming in swinging as she looks to clean up, but Baccarin denies her the finishing round and Freema is unable to follow up in the next round as she suffers under a withering display of hooks and jabs that smother Freema along the ropes. Freema isn't hurt by the exchange too much, but feels the match slipping away from her as she heads into the tenth. Coming out to turn things around, she is caught off guard by a feint from Baccarin, timed to perfection, resulting in a slick right cross that catches her across the cheek. Freema staggering to the side, trying to leg away so she can recovers, but Morena in hot pixie-cut pursuit. Morena merciless down the stretch her gloves pound away towards Freeman's temples, head and shoulders, forcing Freema butt-in-ropes. In the final minute, Agyeman is hit by a right uppercut from Morena that sends her sliding down to the mats and is unable to beat the count. Morena Baccarin takes the tenth and the win over a tough opponent here on the beach, strutting out confidently in victory.
Morena Baccarin def. Freema Agyeman (KO10)

Malin Ackerman versus Eva Green


Malin Akerman.jpgEva Green 01.jpg

Malin Akerman (Watchmen) and Eva Green (most recently seen in Dark Shadows) engage in a fast and furious contest to keep the crowd buzzing leading into the main event. From the opening though, it's Malin who is more aggressive and quick, leading to some separation between the two in terms of punches landed, as well as the precision and timing of those punches. Eva leggy and determined though, showing good footwork as she uses some slick counter-punching to keep from getting pushed around the ring. Malin is, however, outworking her consistently as Akerman manages to keep crashing her gloves in over the top, leather crashing into Green's face to send her backpedaling. Akerman establishes control behind a steady and rangy jab, charging forward to keep Eva from being able to focus on a consistent plan of attack. Malin keeps coming forward, patiently busting Eva up from behind that jab as Green is forced to fight from behind her guard. Engaging in quick, strafing combinations that keep Malin from completely imposing her will. However, each round, it's Malin who continues to pound away at Green's guard, occasionally poking through to smack into her foe's face or stuffing hard shots to torso. Green does come out from some different angles in the fifth, using her legs to maneuver around Malin, using a speedy jab of her own to frustrate and hammer away at Malin to take the fifth. Akerman adjusts nicely though, cutting off Green's avenues of attack and then batting down with a sudden trip of hooks to Eva's tummy. Akerman gets back to beating Eva off of the punches, ripping at her torso and then catching her across the face . Eva spooked as her head crashes backwards after a particularly rough jab, then a follow up cross sends her falling near the ropes. Eva tries to do a push-up to rise, but can't and spills back down to the canvas as Malin stands over her. Malin looked ready for the FCBA tonight as she controlled every round except for the fifth and then responded beautifully in the sixth and as it turns out final round of the match. The crowd is roaring as the evening of thrilling bouts winds down to an exciting end as Malin poses over a still unconscious Eva.
Malin Ackerman def. Eva Green (KO6)

The crowd appeared to enjoy each and every match-up building up to the main event. As you can see, there were some fantastic match-ups in there with fighters who definitely are under-appreciated in the FCBA, but obviously, plenty of of venues to box in and hopefully FCBA Magazine will be able to cover these events in more detail in the future. But, in regards to today, although the fighters may not have been especially charitable towards one another, especially in the main event, a lot of money was raised for Knockouts For Giving! Thanks a lot and hope you enjoyed the event so far as much as we did.

And now, on to the main event...

FCBA Magazine

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