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22 June 2001 Claire Danes vs Michelle Williams

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Posted by Simguy on 6/22/2001, 7:56 am.


Before: Danes drawing comparisons to welterweight Terry Farrell in crafting one of the longest win streaks in boxing this year--finesse game featuring opportunistic power, unexpected durability, overachievement and beating girls not supposed to. The stepping stones have been stepped--final exam tonight against a fighter who can punch and a girl who has been there many, many times before--Mish Williams. “Claire has to realize this won’t be personal,” says Williams in pre-fight, “I don’t feel it’s enough to beat her--I expect to beat her. What I have to do is give HISC boxing a black eye--leave Claire throbbing, embarrassed--that’s the quickest way to force Eliza’s hand. I want to look good, and unfortunately, that means Claire’s going to look very, very bad.” Danes in white bikini. Mish in red push bra, white bikini bottoms.


During R1: Claire has the right idea--lateral movement, flicking out the jab--but execution is everything. Williams’ pressure overwhelming, she collapses distance and soon has her mitts all over Danes’ slender body--gloves in the belly, gloves around the elbows, gloves on the ears, shoulders. By the final minute--Danes all wrapped up--hands at her face, rolling with punches, trying to blunt the damage as Williams wails away at the ropes, Cudgeling 3 hook blast to the liver has Claire sobbing out loud at the bell--Mish hops away happy--Claire trembling, hurting en route to her corner.


R2: Mish catapults off her stool and chews into Claire with alternating lefts and rights as she steps forward.. Danes backing straight up,. Getting clocked--she’s in disarray as Mish piles on too much too fast. Claire’s butt on the ropes where it doesn’t belong--Mish working ala Boom Boom Mancini--bang/bang to the waist--shoulder/elbow shove to reset Danes--clubbing overhand right juuust in around the guard on the jaw followed by swatting straight arm lefts to the lower rightside ribs, Danes getting rag dolled--no one punch does it, but going into the final minute Claire is hurt, hands loose at her face as she just leaves everything up to her legs and heart to get her to the finish line. Williams keeps up the steady shove and slug--immersing herself in the fresh waters of Lake Danes, coming away refreshed.


R3: Claire with a hounded, hollow look in her eyes--she’s been fighting hurt since the opening moments and still doesn’t loom right, Mish getting her head on Danes’ chest, laying on the blonde, using her hands at Claire’s hips to prevent escape, then sinking in tough two fisted bursts to the creamy midriff at intervals. Danes sagging into the ropes, manages to get off counter uppercuts by rocking back onto her heels--nothing in the punches but at least it breaks the monotony of being beaten senseless by Williams.


R4: Williams takes a breather--she had her girl hurt, punished, but Mish couldn’t get her out of there with a high tempo effort and Danes regains a little ground, Mish bot quite as sharp--Claire can leg left, paint the jab against Williams’ face, reallty almost keeping the left arm extended and just brushing and poking to keep Williams occupied. Chopping right hands follow the rangefinders, capped off a slender-armed hooks that bite and shiver against Williams; right eyebrow. Down the stretch, Mish pressing, walks into a perfectly timed right uppercut on the mouth and WILLIAMS IS HURT! Mish covering up, stooping forward with gloves at her face all wobbly butt midring as Danes steps to the right and licks wide to the body at the bell. there’s that opportunistic power--Williams staggering slightly as she S curves to her corner.


R5: Danes establishing something with her busy little jab. Pesky right hands, effective keeping Mish outside. Danes getting off in flurries, then grabbing Williams by the shoulders to turn her to turn her with a hop to the left or right--Mish getting foot conscious, stops punching and Danes touches her at will this round.

R6: Is Mish hurt? Williams coming forward, arms in, all covered up ala Billy Irwin, ut not moving her head, just blocking some, taking some as Danes continues to fade away and punch at distance. Occasionally Danes with jam a left, right, left right into Mish’s face--none of which hurt, but the constant contact makes Williams lean to one side and stumble a bit--she’s LOOKING like she’s getting beaten up as Danes sells the buzzing activity to the judges. Williams getting a lecture in her corner during the break--she’s GOT to move her hands.


R7: Better opening minute for Mish, but Claire won’t fold. Lateral movement gets the blonde off her body, then Danes takes over with the constant, niggling jab, potshotting right hand routine. Williams’ face a shiny bright red from the constant scrubbing, and well placed punches to either eye have Mish lumping up nicely through 7. Gets worse in the final minute: errant thumb sends electricity through Williams’ body--she pulls away, waving the ref in and Danes walks her down, landing straight right hands and whippy left hooks to drive Mish the length of the ring! Williams stung by suddenly hard punching--she loses focus and gets tagged by a free-swinging flurry of wide lefts and rights, Mish left staring one-eyed at the belly, tell-tale spasm at her right knee showing that Claire got her good that round.


R8: Claire on that eye! Badly swollen from the thumb, Williams’ right eye is shut and Danes goes to work with heartless hooks and crosses, bouncing her fists repeatedly off the grim purple. Mish breaking down, struggling forward and taking punches--Claire in a sweet punching groove whereby she can measure Mish with the jab, step back and walk the blonde into accurate power shots from both hands as Williams cooperates.


R9: Claire goes flat footed just to take a look--Mish covered up midring, not punching--Danes leans in a little, dips a shoulder and cranks a hard hook CRACK against the jaw in around Williams’ gloves. Mish moping forward, Danes steps to the right with jher palms on Williams, then dips and slings the hook to the stomach, drawing the boozy grunt from Williams. Like that for almost a minute--Claire palming, turning, then setting down and taking target practice with her hardest punches as Williams plods forward and takes like a mule, End of the first minute, Danes doubling up on the hook gets that busted up eye--Williams finally breaking down and losing form--Claire piles in with straight rights and lefts into the opening as Mish leans back and MISH GOES DOWN! Punched squarely in the face all night, Williams loses her balance and looks shopworn on her butt as the crowd goes wild. She’s up quick, scrubs her gloves on the referee’s shirt, but Danes climbs back into brat mish up against the ropes at the bell. Claire feeling it--she can’t wipe the smile off her face as she sends Mish back to her corner in a funk.


R10: Danes dancing, grinning--she’ll stop and plant to spank left/right to the waist, then hook uptop to leave Mish stopping while Danes escapes to the left. Williams chasing, gloves up, eye alert as Claire continues to touch and nibble and evade. End of the first minute, Danes goes to the ropes, looks to spin out as Mish cuffs an innocent hook upstairs then DIGS a vicious hook in underneath Claire’s right elbow and DANES IS DOWN! Claire on numb haunches, hands on the canvas--she’s wide awake, but gasping trying to rise but she WON’T! Body shot KO10 Mish Williams as the victor groggily wanders away.


After: Crowd in shook--HISC suits open-mouthed--Eliza clapping and shaking her head ruefully as Mish proves it ain’t EVER over baby! Dramatic sea changes in this bout--Mish buckling Claire early looked to be cruising, but spending up a lot of energy in an attempt to close Danes out left the door open for a comeback. Claire crafting a Packardesque beating, winning every round from the 4th to the 9th--accumulation finally getting to Mish when she stumbled to the canvas late and then he final round heroics. Danes a sobbing wreck, shouldn’t be too hard on herself. Mish a battered victor shouldn’t be too proud. “I don’t want to hear any crap about a lucky punch,” spits Mish in-ring afterwards. “I as walking her down, wearing her out and I was setting that punch up all the way. If she hadn’t played rabbit all night, I’d have had her out long ago,”


Reposted by Archer 3/30/13.

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