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5 January 2003 Angelica Bridges vs Jenny O'Dell

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  Boxing on the Beach


Posted by Simguyon 1/5/2003, 9:28 am.


Before: Bridges referring to O'Dell as a "hubcap thief", "hobo", etc--Qiueen of the Beach feeling her supremacy, showing no respect--Angelica riding the longest Kom streak in boxing confidentally expects to add O'Dell to the list, Jenny a hard-nosed girl who'll give everything she's got as long as she's got it--vintage beach brawl expected from two girls who don't like to back up. O'Dell in baby blue bikini top, orange bottoms, Angelica in green crochet bikini. Fought outdoors, beach n' bleachers set up.


During R1: O'Dell gloves up at temples, bending at the waiust, moving her head low and trying to rotate up out of the crouch with hooks., Bridges loose-limbed, right hand at her chets, left across her stomach--she's wading in, twisting into clouting side to side power shots, disdaining a jab in an effort to get Jenny in trouble early. Thick two-way punching, but O'Dell getting the better of it. Jenny riding back nice with Bridges' right hand, taking the edge off, then jamming back a stubby right to the chest, and that clanging left hook off the jaw, Bridges butt in the ropes late, not answering back as O'Dell plugs gut with shoving leather to the bell.


R2: Girls flat footed, falling in with power--Jenny still setting up her hook with rolling upper body movement, getting firm clouts on Angelica's jaw. Bridges bringing in lefts and rights wide, but finishing up close on Jenny, landing drifting blows herself on occasion in slinging trade, Even till late--girls turn into simultaneous walloping hooks and O'Dell's legs give way. Jenny wide-eyed, hands drooping--she totters back on her heels, micnes forward a few steps--she's hurt and Angi wades in. Bridges with her slinging, walking barrage, clouting lefts and rights clobbers O'Dell to the ropes--Jenny shipping groggy at the bell.

R3: Jenny shakes it off, hands up high, blocking shots against her ears and jaw, dipping down and getting into Bridges breadbasket with stubby rising rights, turning over the hook on the chin. Bridges backing up, then did-digging underneath with limber left/rights, girls falling in, struggling for more work. Jenny showing improved head movement, making Bridges miss over the top, creating with some openings for the blonde in a close third.


R4: Jenny in that tight guard, dips under a bridges right hand, comes back with a rolling hook o the chops--Angi's turn to funky foot hurt. Jenny hard-eyed as she steps close, jams a downward chopping right onto Angi's mouth, dig-digs her belly a hook and nails her a hard right cross as Angelica falters straight ack, hands down. Bridges dazed on the ropes, right hand up, left low--she closes up her stance as O'Dell climbs aboard. Classic Jenny O'Dell scrubbing--scalp rubbing hard against Bridges face and upper chest, palms and shoulders shoving the redhead back, chugging, clubbing assault--short and thick up the middle, or bashing flat 'round the sides, Constant pounding assault leaves Bridges slack-jawed, throbbing as Jenny goes bell to bell--struts back to her corner beaming.


R5: Jenny with bounce--jabbing Bridges to chesy, stepping perky to the right, leaning in with her peek-a-boo guard to draw Bridges right hands, slipping them, answering with crisp hooks. Angelica sneering, a little shopworn--she's swinging hard byt aving trouble labelling the unusually elusive O'Dell. Down the stretch, O'Dell walking in, swinging away left/right to the gut when Bridges finally catches her juicy clock on the chin. Jenny wobbly butt, staggering back oin her heels again--she's suddenly destitute as Angelica regroups, comes for her hungry. Angi wading in hands at her chest and waist level--she's just stepping and lashing, swivelling Jenny's head side to side as the blonde totters backwards in stupor. Redhead steals blonde round with late power.


R6: Jenny shakes it off, gets back on--frustrating Angi with little rock-back moves to ride out the power, getting into the body with thumping spank, moving the redhead backwards, All Jenny OD till late--flat footed free swinging exhange of hooks turns the tide again. O'Dell's legs unhinged as Bridges shocks her to her toes--Angelica once again coming forward on a stupified O'Dell, lashing her chin with with stroking lefts and rights to drape Jenny ropeside, then squaring up to really unload, Jenny on stiff--"A" frame legs, butt in the strands, right hand at her left cheek, left across her gut as Bridges unleashing a lanky torreewnt of body and head work to glom another blonde round late.


R7: Jenny's breaking down--eyes are hollow, head movement non-existent--that earmuff guard now framing her pretty gfave for punches. Bridges stalking, sweeping a hard single right hand to the body just to get O'Dell to stiffen forward, Bridges working off the right body leads with slinging clouts on the ears, buffetting Jenny off balance, breaking down the tight guard. End of the first minute, Bridges dips and catches Jenny with a perfect, sudden right uppercut on the button--O'Dell's support legs shoots out, nearly causing her to do the splits on the canvas--she recovers but reels to the ropes in desperate trouble. Angi bully-strutting on in, hands at her waist, sneer on her kips as she bends into finishing strokes--great lusty wallops up and down Jenny's torso and skull as the blonde stands shabby at the ropes. O'Dell beaten senseless, but defiant at the bell--she's swaying in the wind, taunting Bridges with "That's all you got?"--Angelica pushes back by the ref befoire she can answer.


R8: Angi catching Jenny tragic--booming clouts past the weak guard, smashing Jenny's face to the side--blonde on ramshackle legs, hands extended out, lips parted in stupor--this is tough to watch. Angi just sailing into Jenny, pulling in her hardest leather, lefts and rights up against the jawlines of the pretty blonde as O'Dell faces into the storm and refuses to go down. It;s bell to bell Angi, but Bridges plainly punches out over the last half of the round--staggery clinches and mouthbreathing from both women at the break.


R9: Angi with a few more swinging haymakers, but she';s shoit and Jenny starts to come forward. O'Dell's face a swollen pulse of hurt, she;s hobbled forward as she advances, but she's jamming short little rights underneath to the breasts and belly of her foe, getting Angi moving backwards and nailing her chin with a smooth hook on the way out. Bridges limp and sullen up against the ropes, covering up and laying in with O'Dell--redhead just soaking it up as blonde paces herself, methodically digs and stuffs away to the hips and body of her foe.


R10: Shutout Jenny O'Dell--Angi's got nothing left--she wilts to the ropes, covers up, fold forward as blonde has her way.. O'Dell too tragically hurt to muster KO power, but she's determined to finish up big on her girl., Angi bending forward gives up her nback and sides--Jenny heartless as she crams away behind the elbows or skids the sides of her fists across the kidneys. Angi lean stiff and straight against the ropes--Jenny's in tough with her head between the mitts, denting Bridges' beautiful body with blind pumping punches downstairs. Work work work foir Jenny, she's on her girl, polishing Angi up to the bell. Comes back a spirited UD10 Angelica Bridges.


After: O'Dell bitterly disappointed--ruinoud damage done by redhead fists in rounds 5 to 8 cost the blonde dearly, but Jenny shows that warrior;s heart with the strong close. Bridges KO streak comes to an end and very nearly in disasterous fashion--hard slugging redhead spent up ALL her money in handing O'Dell a fearful drubbing in an all-pout attempt to get the stop. Great tune up none the less--Bridges springboardng to a date with Heather Kozar as a resulot of a fine string on B.O.B.--don't bet the over on THAT one.


Reposted by Archer 4/16/13.

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