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5 February 2003 Jenny O'Dell vs Karen Cliche

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Boxing on the Beach


Posted by Simguy on 2/5/2003, 6:30 pm.


Before: Battlin' action show babes--Cliche the tall strong brunette from "Adveniure Inc.", talking plenty of smack despite her opponent's credentials, "Jenny couldn't beat me in ANYTHING, let alone boxing. This is just a case of too much athlete going up against some heart and a nice tan. I couldnt ask for a better showcase." Cliche in black bikini, halter style top, slick ponytail, Jenny in baby blue bikini with white froll trim. Fought doors, beach n' bleachers set up..

During R1: Cliche showing long classic lines, right hand at her cheek, left slightly lowered, readyu to jab, but Jenny's not imprssed. O'Dell pressing, hands up, bobbing side to side--shes getting by Cliche;s educated left, inroducing herself to brunette jaw witrh short, rigid lefts and rights out of a high guard. Karen backing uo, startled as Jenny is able to slip in, get off banging and force the tempo with surprising ease.


R2: First minute pressure from O'Dell, but Cliche adjusts. She had been backing straight up, now she's pivoting to the side, turning Jenny--prevent O'Dell from getting into that clubbing upstairs rhythm. Karen using her legs, drawing out the blonde's rushes, tapping her down the jab, slowly imposing some order and keeping Jenny at arms reach. Final minute, Cliche in control, banging away jabs to chest and face, setting down on whistling right crosses at the bell, Scored a draw, but Karen looks to be finding her groove.


R3: Cliche showing her cloass--stiff, straightl, hard jabvs banging away on the upper chest and skull of her opponent--Jenny blocking a lot of shots, but having a tougher time negotiating distance as Cliche sticks and moves early. Karen not fitness fighter though--she boxes to set up her right hand and she starts dialing it in on left side of Jenny's jaw this round, turning blonde head hard to starboard. O'Dell soaks up a great shot this nround--walking through it to land loud against Karen's ribcage, but brunette's getting most of what she needs through 3.


R4: Jenny with her dukes up at her eyebrows, jutting out na stubby jab as she scoots forward, bending in to pull the right hand over top, bending right to club the left hook--she's backing Cliche to the ropes and simply outworking her girl in the trenches. Karen composed against the strands, gloves at her cheeks, bent forward at the waist--she's bobbing punches, trying to come up underneath with little fishhook uppercuts to the chest and chin. Nice banging two-way trade--O'Dell happy to take a shot in order to swing away--she's bashing brunette flank, getting the odd clout to jaw as she keeps Karen pinned to the ropes.


R5: Jenny's been working over the top with chopping strokes--now she mixes it up, coming off the head to dig hooks to the liver on occasion and Karen doesn't like it. Midway through, O'Dell backing Karen up--Jenny jams a short right hand to the jaw, ducks in close oin follow through and gets reefing leverage on a left in under the elbow that has Cliche paralyzed. Jenny muscles up, knuckling her girl in the shoulders to get Karen baby stepping backward wading into her with barroom lefts and rights as the brunette wilts to the ropes. Cliche's right at her left cheek, left across her body--eyes dim. face blank as Jenny goes to work. Big blonde scrub down--Jenny working Karen over in the last minute, fists shaking Cliche upon impact and leaving her destitute at the bell.


R6: Karen shows heart, class in answering Jenny;s fifth. O'Dell storming out to end it, runs into a series of jab/right hands--blonde rejected on repeated attempots inside, growing increasingly ramshackle as she stubbornly tries to kick in the front door. Cliche able to hang back, get her jab on Jenny, line her up and CLOCK her stout right hands on the jaw--by the midway point, O'Dell's wobbly butt, staggering, finally overestimating her ability to ship these clean Cliche haymakers. Karen lean in the outside circling right, positioning Jenny with the jab, and laying into searing rights oin occasion--it's target practice and O'Dell's shabby, lumped up after 6.


R7: Jenny out swinging--only knows one way to fight. Karen using her defense to sap blonde fury. Cliche sidesteppingt, dancing around the perimeter in the first minute, just wants to frustrate Jenny, get her breathing hard. O'Dell keeps coming, hands upo, trying to stepo into Cliche witha  chopping right, spitting out that little jab as she cuts down the ring. Midway through, O'Dell drops a right over Karen's left, startling the brunette on the cheek--Cliche';s front legs gives a shimmy as she covers up hurt. Jenny crowding in close, scrounging in Karen's gut with digging little hooks, joining in with muscular right bhands to the pit of the stomach--brunette groaning to the ropes, scrambles to keep it together. Jenny in hard with her head, then picking Karen up with a short contact right uppercut, back in tough with her head again and a WITHERING left hook harsj ion the liver. Cliche shouting in pain, hands outstretched to Jenny's neck, but brunette's legs are GONE! Karen slides doiwn Jenny's thighs to quake gutshot oin the mat and this one's OVER! Jenny O'Dell KO7 in speactcular fashion.

After: Sweet smile Jenny O'Dell--she takes out a bigger, trash talking brunette with a classic Mickey Ward loiver shot. Cliche giving a nice brawny account of herself--she got outhustled tonight she's got skills, size and a B movie look thyat could get her some work down the road.


Reposted by Archer 4/16/13.

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